Spotted greens

first_imgGrowing and eating collards, turnips and other greens are a Southern tradition. But home gardeners often complain of spots on the leaves of homegrown greens.This is a very common question University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agents get this time of year concerning turnips and other greens such as mustard, collards, radish, spinach and kale. There are actually several common leaf spot diseases caused by different fungal pathogens that infect leafy greens. These include Cercospora leaf spot, anthracnose, powdery mildew, and Alternaria leaf spot. These plant diseases do not pose a health concern to gardeners, but can be a major problem for growing greens in the home garden. Work to prevent conditionsAll of these leaf spot diseases are basically managed the exact same way. Prevention is the key to avoiding these disease problems. Moisture and humidity are the main reasons these types of leaf spot diseases form. Fungi thrive wherever moisture is present. Any cultural tactic that reduces leaf moisture will help reduce the severity of these types of plant diseases. Take a look at what time of day you water your garden. Watering in the late afternoon or in the evening can leave plant leaves wet for an extended period throughout the cool, nighttime hours. This creates perfect conditions for diseases to spread. However, watering your garden early in the morning isn’t likely to add moisture to the leaves for an extended period. As the sun rises in the morning, plant leaves will quickly dry out. You can’t control when it rains, unless you have a greenhouse, but you can control when you add water. The analogy to remember is to not add salt to the wound. If rainfall provides irrigation, you don’t need to add more water. The less moisture on plant leaves, the less severe these leaf spot diseases will spread. Look at how you waterAlong these same lines, consider the method of watering you use. Overhead irrigation or sprinkler type watering is more likely to soak the leaves of garden greens as well as splash potential fungal pathogens from the soil onto the leaves. If this is your only option, then watering in the morning can help. Using a soaker hose or drip irrigation system will target water only on the roots rather than the leaves. Hand watering with a water breaker or watering wand can direct water at the soil rather than the leaves. Also consider adding mulch to garden rows to minimize the amount of splashing soil on leaves and keep weeds down. Ultimately, when it comes to leafy greens there aren’t many fungicides you can safely use since you will eventually eat the leaves. Also, the few fungicides which are labeled for leafy greens are better at preventing diseases rather than actually controlling diseases. Options are limited to natural, safe methodsThe only options available to home gardeners for garden greens are copper- and sulfur-based fungicides. These are actually considered natural or organic fungicides and are safe enough that there no time limits or restrictions on harvest after application. These fungicides are readily available at most garden centers and local farm supply stores. They should be applied as soon as the first symptoms of disease are present. Preventive applications are a good practice if you have a history of these leaf spot diseases in your garden. If leaves or entire plants are severely diseased, the best option is to cut out the worst leaves or remove the entire plant to minimize spreading to adjacent plants. As with any fungicide, read and follow all labeled application rates and safety precautions.last_img read more

Biking Blog: Does This Go Through? Exploring the Roads of the Shenandoah Valley

first_imgThere was a time when I hated riding my bike.Strange for a professional cyclist, right? Couldn’t stand it. At that time, I absolutely loved racing, but riding for fun was not something I was interested in. Training was only a means to an end.After a winter of very poor training I gained more than 10 pounds and had trouble finishing races. Shortly after the dismal season came to a close, I moved to Harrisonburg, VA to begin my college education. I quickly discovered that Harrisonburg, in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, had deep cycling roots.In my first week in Rocktown (Harrisonburg’s original name) I discovered how to love riding.Without knowing any of the local routes or the safest ways out of town, simply figuring out the roads surrounding Harrisonburg was enough to wet my appetite. I wonder where that goes. Does this go through? How do I get there? More often than not, I never answered those questions. I was still a little afraid of exploring the roads.So I enlisted the help of an acquaintance I had met on the racing circuit who lived in town. Andy McKeegan, already a veteran route builder and mapping extraordinaire, immediately took me not on training rides but adventures. Five or six hours in the mountains, over dirt roads, through creek crossings, and through the valleys. Half of the time he wasn’t sure if the road we were on went through or how to get to the next one, but that was half of the fun!As we would continue to explore and get lost, we also nick named regions; Narnia (there is only one way in and you will exit one hour later completely confused, but three actual hours have passed), Middle Earth (exactly what it sounds like), The Swiss Alps, and more.On these routes I shed the weight I had gained, actually looked forward to riding, and made a great friend. Andy and I would dream about racing professionally, encourage each other in endeavors on and off the bike and keep each other honest with the training. We’d meet at 10 – that’s a lie, ‘Meet at 10’ really meant 10:40 – and find new roads and routes, often coming back nearly frostbitten and in the dark.My wife and I have since moved, just one valley away, and I don’t often get to ride the routes that taught me to love cycling. With Strava, Ride With GPS, and Garmin Connect, it’s a lot easier to share these routes than in the past. Below are a few links to a few of these digital que sheets – my favorite routes. Please enjoy them, stay safe, and never stop exploring!There are many cyclists before and after me who have had the pleasure of riding in the Shenandoah Valley, and who have all discovered and created their own routes, or added twists to already popular loops. And though new riders will come upon roads many times traversed already, they will will still wonder ‘Does this go through?’ And the answer will continue to delight.Connor Bell, U23 US National team rider climbs a dirt road. From my Instagram @curtiswinsorConnor Bell, U23 US National team rider climbs a dirt road. From my Instagram @curtiswinsorRecommended Routes leaving from Rocktown Bicycles in Harrisonburg, VA.Supine Lick Adventure – 90 miles, lots of dirt, plenty of short punchy climbs. Run PLUS – Two challenging rides, combined into one 90 mile climbers loop. Run Death March – Long steady stretches to and from Crooked Run, a steep dirt climb to a cell phone tower. to Flat – This route features a seldom ridden fire road in West Virginia connecting two of the Reddsih Knob climbs. If you don’t flat, you will certainly damage your rims. Worth it. Way – Every March, the town of Montery hosts a maple festival. What better way to prepare to prepare for glutenous maple-everything eating, than a climbing -heavy bike ride? Quiche Loop – With 116 miles and 12,000 feet of climbing this route is a bear. read more

Don’t be racist

first_img 24SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Michael Murdoch Michael Murdoch is the Communications Specialist at Wauna Credit Union in Clatskanie, Oregon. He serves on the board of the Young Credit Union Professionals of Oregon and SW Washington as … Web: Details A statement without action may as well support racism, may as well keep it breathing—when black lives beneath the knees of white police officers cannot—as we recall that most institutions in the United States were built on the systematic abuse of people of color. It is time to recognize that simply talking about racism is not good enough. Scenario: Your shop posts a statement of solidarity – a nice, forthright message regarding the credit union’s commitment to equality and condemnation of racism, hatred, and violence. You feel good because you work for an organization that doesn’t sit back idly while others stand up, nor does it allow the trepidation of offending membership to direct decency and industry allegiance to the credit union philosophy. A week goes by. Then another. Then a month. No change. No additional statements. No advocacy, volunteering, sponsorship, audits of practice, employee engagement … it’s almost as if the statement never happened. You take pause and ask yourself, “Wait a minute, so, is my credit union actually combatting racism, or just talking about it?” Countless businesses and organizations have penned and shared blanket statements, inadvertently denying the taboo conversation of race deemed so uncomfortable by white society. As a financial cooperative, a stand should be made and that position announced and championed, for it shows others what we are for and what we are against. Albeit words, while powerful, hold space for action but do not replace it. What does your organization value? Do you value compassion, social accountability, giving, love, community, and family? Do you embrace the opportunity to help members, staff, your communities, and your fellow human being at every available opportunity? Can you honestly say that the choices and decisions you make in the face of hate and violence, are decisions of merit that you can look back on and know that you were on the side of good?The faulted enterprise of discrimination, privilege, and authority on the basis of race commands the history of humanity. A legacy of unfair banking practice and poor organizational education persists even today. Untold, unaccounted for, and unaudited racist policies continue to lead the enduring cycles of hatred, poverty, and social injustice, compounding the swathe of challenges faced in a less than equitable society.If your credit union is indeed taking a stand against racism, share your progress, not just externally but also internally. Acknowledge the experiences and concerns of your team as some of the greatest stories come from who you are as a credit union. Each of us have been conditioned in some way shape or form to accept, ignore, and even condone racism. And be real. Tell us how you’ve failed or succeeded in your efforts to be more equitable, stewing not on what you haven’t done, but what are going to do. African-American Credit Union Coalition President/CEO Renee Sattiewhite once said to me, “It’s not about worrying over what we haven’t done, it’s about worrying over what we can be doing now.”  Of course, these ideas aren’t spawned nor can they be nurtured by individualistic and selfish minds –they require empathy and a true faith in your fellow human. These ideas require minds that recognize the need for change. These ideas require minds that acknowledge racism as a real, dangerous, and hateful thing. These require minds that want to listen, want to be innovative, and want to make a lasting difference. These ideas require minds that want and need to be part of the answer. Come on, credit unions. WE are better than this. WE are one of the greatest, social financial movements in existence. And the time to defeat the myth of race and the anti-social-study of the white male as the hero of human history is no longer tomorrow, it is now. Let us unite, not just as credit unions, but as humans, and cooperatively end the supporting of myth and start supporting the truth.last_img read more

Lady Bulldogs Sweep Battle With Lady Knights

first_imgThe 7th Grade Lady Bulldogs continued their winning ways against South Dearborn 35-10 to improve to 4-0 on the season.They Bulldogs jumped out to a 8-0 lead in the first quarter and never looked back.   Leading the way in scoring was Makayla Granger (9 points) and  Ashlee Cornn (8 points), followed by Timbre Davies (6 points), Emma Weiler (4 points), and Megan Meyer/Jadyn Harrington/Ava Hanson/Tiffany Hawker with 2 points each.The girls will be on the road this Saturday at 10 am @ Columbus Northside.  Good luck and Go Bulldogs!Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Chris Weiler.The 8th Grade Lady Bulldogs improved their seasonal record to 4-0 with a 46 to 26 victory over the South Dearborn Lady Squires last night.An aggressive, ball-hawking defense lead to many South Dearborn turnovers that the Lady Bulldogs convert into points. Offensively the Lady Bulldogs were lead in scoring by Ashley Nobbe with 22. Other scorers for the Lady Bulldogs were Carley Pride and Breanna Wells with 8 a piece, Calley Kaiser with 6 and Gabby Elston added 2. Sarah Ripperger did not score, but made a huge contribution by playing excellent defense the entire game.The Lady Squires were lead in scoring by Kristen Roark with 9. Other scorers for the Lady Squires were Kyra Labazzo with 5, Bailey Eaves and Breonna Burton each with 4, and 2 points each apiece from Rylee This and Malyia Schnebelt.The Lady Bulldogs will travel to Columbus to play Northside Middle School on Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Jack Smith.last_img read more

Abilene Speedway hosts Oct. 14-15 Southern Challenge

first_imgABILENE, Texas – Abilene Speedway rolls out the red carpet for four IMCA divisions at its 22nd annual Ryan Bard Memorial Southern Challenge special Friday and Saturday, Oct. 14-15.Xtreme Motor Sports IMCA Modifieds race for $2,000 to win, IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars and Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center Southern SportMods both for $1,700 to win and IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks for $650 to win.The Modified feature is a 2017 Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot qualifier.An open practice runs from 6-10 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13. Qualifying begins on Friday and Dirt Defender adds to the payout in all four sanctioned divisions.Pit gates open at 3 p.m. and racing starts at 7 p.m. Friday. Gates open at 2 p.m. and the first green flag waves at 6 p.m. on Saturday.Grandstand admission is $12 for adults, $10 for military with ID, $5 for kids ages 6-12 and free for five and under. Pit passes are $30.More information is available from promoter Rob Poor at 325 725-3849 or 325 692-8800, and at the website.last_img read more

Toland, Dominacki, Blum take IMCA wins at Davenport

first_imgBy Mike McGuireDAVENPORT, Iowa (June 29) – The first race night of summer at the Davenport Speedway was an interesting one.  Adding to the excitement was a partial loss of power, two-thirds of the way through the racing program.The Petersen Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Model feature went green, white, checkered again. Rob Toland collected his second win of the season in the division. Toland got out front early and held the lead the rest of the way to the checkers. A dandy three-way battle for second went to Chuck Hanna, with Matt Ryan taking third.Bob Dominacki took home the trophy in the Eriksen Chevrolet IMCA Modified feature. The win was Dominacki’s first point victory at Davenport since 2014. He took the lead after a lap 15 restart and had to hold off Toland and Mitch Morris down the stretch for the win. Morris ended up second with Toland third.The Hawkeye Auto IMCA Northern SportMod feature saw Keith Blum take win number three of the season. Mike Haines and Doug Burkhead were battling for the lead when Blum passed both on the high side. Burkhead recovered to finish second. Randy Lamar took third.last_img read more

IDEM issues Air Quality Action Day for Southeast Indiana Region

first_imgSoutheastern, IN – The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has issued an Air Quality Action Day and is forecasting high ozone levels today in the following area:• Southeast Indiana – Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Scott and WashingtonIDEM encourages everyone to help reduce ozone while remaining safe during the COVID-19 health crisis by making changes to daily habits. You can:• Walk, bike, or work from home when possible• Combine errands into one trip• Avoid refueling your vehicle or using gasoline-powered lawn equipment until after 7 p.m.• Turn off your engine when idling for more than 30 seconds (e.g., at a bank or restaurant drive-thru)• Conserve energy by turning off lights or setting the air conditioner to 75 degrees or aboveAir Quality Action Days are in effect from midnight to 11:59 p.m. on the specified date. Anyone sensitive to changes in air quality may be affected when ozone levels are high. Children, the elderly, and anyone with heart or lung conditions should reduce or avoid exertion and heavy work outdoors.IDEM examines weather patterns and current ozone readings to make daily air quality forecasts. To learn more about ozone or sign up for air quality forecasts, visit ozone is formed when sunlight and hot weather combine with vehicle exhaust, factory emissions, and gasoline vapors. Ozone in the upper atmosphere blocks ultraviolet radiation, but ozone near the ground is a lung irritant that can cause coughing and breathing difficulties.last_img read more

Gopperth heading to Leinster

first_imgReigning European champions Leinster have announced the signing of Newcastle fly-half Jimmy Gopperth. Press Association Gopperth, 29, has scored more than 700 points for Newcastle. He played Super Rugby with the Blues and Hurricanes in New Zealand before heading to England. Leinster head coach Joe Schmidt said: “We are delighted that Jimmy has put pen to paper on a deal. “We believe that he will be an excellent foil for Ian Madigan, bringing added depth and experience to the out-half position when he joins this summer. “Even though Newcastle have struggled in recent years, he has been a hugely consistent performer during his time in England, where he won back-to-back Premiership Golden Boot awards.” Newcastle rugby director Dean Richards added: “Jimmy has been a fantastic servant for the club, and I would like to wish him all the very best for the future. “In the meantime, Jimmy is fully focused on helping Newcastle achieve its goal of gaining promotion back to the Premiership. “By moving to Leinster, Jimmy will get the opportunity to play Heineken Cup rugby next season.” center_img The New Zealander has agreed a two-year deal and will move to Dublin from the Championship club this summer. Leinster’s move for Gopperth comes after current number 10 Jonathan Sexton secured a lucrative switch to French club Racing Metro, starting next season. last_img read more

Ellsworth boys’ soccer team tops Hermon, falls to Old Town

first_imgELLSWORTH — The Ellsworth boys’ soccer team earned its first victory of the season Thursday evening with a 3-0 triumph over Hermon at Del Luce Stadium.Junior Tulas Weaver scored two goals for Ellsworth, which also got one from senior Sam Holler in the win. Juniors Oscar Howe and Pascal Poirier had one assist each for the Eagles.Ellsworth was back in action Tuesday and fell 3-1 on the road in a Class B North showdown against Old Town (1-3). Weaver provided the goal for the Eagles, who fell to 1-3 with the loss.The Ellsworth girls fell 1-0 at home to Hermon on Wednesday, but the Eagles bounced back Monday with a 7-1 road win over Old Town (0-2-1). Sophomore Paige Sawyer had a hat trick for Ellsworth (2-2), which also got goals from Abby Bland, Samantha Carter, Morgan Clifford and Addi Laslie.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textBoth Ellsworth teams will host Maine Central Institute on Saturday, Sept. 21, with the girls playing at 11 a.m. and the boys concluding the doubleheader at 1 p.m. The boys will then play Foxcroft (road game at 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 23) and George Stevens Academy (home game at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 25), and the girls will host GSA at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 24.last_img read more

Football News Liverpool crush Arsenal 5-1 to extend lead in Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur lose

first_imgLiverpool: Liverpool extended their Premier League lead to nine points as Roberto Firmino’s hat-trick hammered Arsenal 5-1 at Anfield, while Tottenham’s title challenge crumbled in a 3-1 home defeat to Wolves. Manchester City could cut Liverpool’s lead to seven points when they look to stop a recent slump at Southampton on Sunday, but ahead of their trip to the Etihad on January 3, Jurgen Klopp’s men currently look well on course to deliver a first league title since 1989/90. “For sure Tottenham’s result people out there reacted, but not inside the dressing room where they were completely concentrated on the match and not allowed to have that influence on our game,” said Klopp. “That is how I want the team to stay which is to be concentrated, nothing else.”     Liverpool even overcame a rare deficit on home soil as for the first time this season after they trailed in the league at Anfield when Ainsley Maitland-Niles swept Arsenal into an 11th minute lead. However, the hosts were level within three minutes and 4-1 up by half-time as Firmino struck twice in two minutes before Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah’s penalty made the points safe before the break. Read More | Liverpool seal top spot in Premier League ahead of ChristmasSalah then passed up the chance to move out in front as the league’s top scorer after drawing level with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Harry Kane on 13 as he allowed Firmino to take Liverpool’s second penalty of the evening 25 minutes from time to complete the Brazilian’s hat-trick. Read More | Manchester City beat Leicester 3-1, progress to semi-finalSpurs stumble  Tottenham had surged ahead of City into second place after smashing 11 goals past Everton and Bournemouth in the previous six days, but ran out of steam at Wembley as Wolves scored three times in the final 18 minutes.           A wonderful moment of individual skill from Kane put Spurs on course for a sixth straight league when  he cut inside onto his weaker left foot, but still produced a powerful drive from 20 yards that beat Rui Patricio midway through the first half.               However, much has been made of Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino’s ability to extract the most from a stretched squad and Spurs finally looked like a side jaded by competing on four fronts in the final stages.”We have had a very good run in the last few weeks and to keep that level is difficult,” said Pochettino. “I think we started to pay for the effort in the other games. We are not machines.”The comeback began when Willy Boly rose highest to meet Joao Moutinho’s corner to equalise. As the hosts pressed for a winner, Wolves broke in numbers and Raul Jimenez put the visitors in front six minutes from time before Helder Costa raced clear to score his first Premier League goal.            “I want to kill him”        Fulham are now just a point away from safety after Aleksandar Mitrovic saved Aboubakar Kamara’s blushes, but not the wrath of manager Claudio Ranieri. The Frenchman ignored Ranieri’s orders to let Mitrovic take a late penalty with the scores still tied a 0-0 and saw his effort saved by Jonas Lossl. “I said to Aboubakar Kamara to leave the ball to Mitrovic, he is the man who shoots the penalties,” said Ranieri. “It is unbelievable, he did not respect me, the club, the team and crowd. I spoke with him, it is not right.       “I want to kill him, that is normal when one man takes a ball, only because he scored the last penalty (against Manchester United). It should be Mitrovic, that is it.”                A missed penalty was also the turning point at the King Power where Cardiff goalkeeper Neil Etheridge saved James Maddison’s spot-kick for Leicester. And Cardiff snatched a first away win of the season in stoppage time when Victor Camarasa unleashed a rocket to move the Welsh side four points clear of the relegation zone with a 1-0 victory. Brighton also boosted their survival chances by beating Everton 1-0 thanks to Jurgen Locadia’s solitary goal. Newcastle are also four points above the drop zone after they were denied a vital three points by Abdoulaye Doucoure’s late equaliser for Watford in a 1-1 draw at Vicarage Road after Salomon Rondon had opened the scoring. For all the Latest Sports News News, Football News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more