Lessons of the Week! Ramin Karimloo, Mandy Gonzalez & More

first_imgMamie Parris, Ramin Karimloo, Mandy Gonzalez, Rob McClure, Lesli Margherita & Denis Arndt(Photos: Bruce Glikas, Emilio Madrid-Kuser & Joan Marcus) Queen Lesli Has Us Wigging OutWe all know Lesli Margherita loves a good wig, but we’re starting to grow a bit concerned. Between lightsaber battles with Susan Blackwell, the Matilda queen revealed just how deep her obsession goes. She has upwards of 100 wigs in her arsenal, and she’ll even create hair pageants by lining them up to pick a winning wig. That’s, uh, different, but we’re not one to judge. Now, can you do this, Lesli? There Are Mommy Issues at Holiday InnThe cast of Holiday Inn seems to be having a great time jumping rope and tapping (is everyone but Mandy Gonzalez tapping?), but they may need a psychotherapist to work out some stuff. Lora Lee Gayer warms up by singing “Mommy made me mash my M&Ms,” and Megan Sikora belts out, “My mom’s mad” up the scale. You might want to see if Mendel is accepting clients, ladies. Idina is idina. for a ReasonGet out your crowns and swords because Idina Menzel’s new solo album is now available! The blazing supernova shared the intention behind the styling of the self-titled album: idina. (Period included.) “There’s lower case for humility,” she says, “but a period for a little attitude for those who mess up my name.” That’s the best way to get back at a certain Oscar presenter: punctuation. Maaaamie’s…All Alone in the Moonlight… Mamie Parris is currently rocking out in School of Rock, but the Broadway beltress will soon trade the top of Mount Rock for the Heaviside Layer as Cats’ new Grizabella. She’s even been practicing her Glamour Cat makeup skills in her downtime at her current Broadway gig. We love the look, Mamie, but we’re not sure a cat’s nose, whiskers and smudged lipstick screams “authoritative girlfriend.”  Happy Friday, and Happy Idina Menzel/Kristin Chenoweth Day! Please take a quick break from writing to your members of Congress about why the day they both release solo albums should be considered a nationally recognized holiday because we’ve going through all of the wildest stories from this week on the Great White Way. Over the past seven days, we learned why Idina is the new E. E. Cummings, just how many wigs Queen Lesli has and more. Study up below with the Lessons of the Week! Rob McClure’s Rotten! Dreamcast Is FuzzySomething Rotten! boasts an assortment of wacky performers, but if McClure had his way, they’d all be replaced by Muppets. He’s even cast it all out in his head and given us a taste of how they’d sound. There isn’t a single show we wouldn’t like to see the Muppets put on. We hear Miss Piggy and Gonzo were transcendent together in Love Letters at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit. Nicolas Dromard Also Has a Tap-Happy PastBefore he was walking like a man in Jersey Boys, Nicolas Dromard was tapping up a storm. Broadway’s Tommy DeVito traced his desire to perform back to seeing a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers film on a field trip. This led to him tapping under his desk in school, getting in trouble and channeling that energy in dance classes. If only Mandy went to school on Fred and Ginger field trip day… Chris Sieber Kept Rolling Along at PromProm should be a memorable night, whether you go with your high school sweetheart, best friend, or the jock who invited you because his girlfriend feels bad about the other girls making fun of your period. No matter who was Christopher Sieber’s date, it was surely a night to remember: he wore roller skates. Sounds like a blast—and potentially an early audition for Starlight Express. Ramin Went from Chased to ChaserWhat do you do after you play a French prisoner on the run? Playing a Russian general hellbent on revenge isn’t a bad choice. Ramin Karimloo has joined the list of stars lined up for Anastasia; the Les Miz Tony nominee will take on the role of Gleb. Going from fleeing from an inspector chasing you to becoming a general chasing a princess? Sounds like you’re projecting, Ramin. Don’t worry, we know a guy. Mandy Gonzalez Joined a Tapping CircleWe all know Hamilton’s Mandy Gonzalez is a vocal beast. But when she was a high schooler at Broadway Theater Camp, Gonzalez faced the foreign world of tapping with the late Gregory Hines. When thrown into a “challenge circle,” Gonzalez ditched tapping for belting. When you’ve got it, flaunt it, and when you don’t got it, be thankful Angelica doesn’t tap. (Just kidding: She’s a beast at everything, tapping included.) Denis Arndt Can Give You a RideDenis Arndt is making his Broadway debut in Heisenberg at the age of 78. Some might say he’s a little mature to be considered a fresh face, but it’s never too late to make your first Broadway bow. Besides if it doesn’t work out, he still has a fallback: The veteran is still a licensed pilot. Who wouldn’t love to ride in a helicopter while hearing stories about working with Mary-Louise Parker? View Commentslast_img

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