How to standardize data collection of Shanghai Dragon

2, understand the required data sources but not standard, this is the "data type". A better understanding of the data, because in the Internet or the company fought for many years, for their own reasons and to know what the data needed. But also because there is no relevant data for professional personnel, for the source of the data and production data collection is not standardized, there may be errors. Therefore, these data may be distorted, using natural value is not great. In fact, this kind of data is more than the first class into decoration.

many people do not know what kind of need to collect data; some do not know through what channels to collect data; and most do not know how to analyze the data collected, and it is not clear how to use these data. So, a lot of data are just numbers, unable to transform and for the benefit of the company, became a gorgeous decoration or chicken ribs. read more

Don’t pay too much attention to the absolute amount collected, statistics should be included in the

A lot of

in SERP (Search Engine Results Page acronym, that the search engine results page) on the page ranked bottom of the page, for example, we have so much included, but you this included for a keyword in terms of words, he probably came in third or more. So for this amount included, although it has been ranking, but it is very difficult to get traffic, that is to say the low ranking in the SERP page included page on our website, the significance is not great. Because it is only in the back row, not timely by the user to find, browse.

repeated page: when the value of our website is included in the amount of Pang >

ER and Shanghai Longfeng station will be very concerned about the amount included in a web site. Speaking of the amount collected, usually requires the use of a command: site command. Use the site command, a result of check out as we all know, this is actually in the search engine on your website can be recorded or the total number of pages can be stored, for absolute terms usually refers to the maximum amount collected included value, but has practical significance and representative of each page. read more

3 see the station traffic data analysis area

keyword ranking is a problem of public concern, if you stand, the subject ranking is not good, and the long tail keyword ranking is very good, I believe every day brings the flow is considerable. We can directly click on the background by keyword, can be learned whether through what keywords to flow, can see the ranking of keywords, and the amount of search, if a keyword search in large quantity, and your website ranking is not good, then you can for the keyword re optimization, get better ranking. I like it in the Xuzhou recruitment network, every day tens of thousands of IP, but also for many of the long tail keyword promotion, then half a month, a month of hard work, I want to know exactly how the key source, promotion has no effect, check key sources, is the fastest, the best way. I hope you can make good use of this method will give you save a lot of time and energy. read more

Teach you a day to solve the problem of slow snapshot update is not uniform

love Shanghai search for their website domain name, click on your website snapshot time after the "love of Shanghai, you can open your own website snapshot" love Shanghai snapshot complaints.

love Shanghai snapshot complaints, the ultimate big kill, can make your website snapshot update, restore. According to my own experience in the use of net immigration website CMG love Shanghai snapshot complaints, share the specific operation method and everyone:

Click to enter the

for the operation of the website, friends, love Shanghai problem not updated snapshot, site snapshot snapshot and keywords are not unified and so on, are often encountered. But sometimes, when every day in the update article, continue to do outside the chain, but the problem still exists. Most people at this time are in a hurry, the Internet everywhere ask is what reason, how to solve, but most often the answer is basically, keep update, the chain, love Shanghai server and so on. Isn’t it fast method to solve this problem.? the answer is yes, there is a way to let you in a day will be able to see your love into the latest snapshot of Shanghai read more

3 hours a forum 23 days after a net profit of 20 thousand yuanHow have you Wangzhuan

, is sure that some people think that this is an operational project, of course the nurse also are mentioned in this paper Chinese nurse should be a nurse in the net net of the first one, when it was born to some wide publicity, visibility some, to some extent can overwhelm other similar sites, according to the current situation is like this, so people are willing to pay $20 thousand for it is also not surprising.

cannot make money in Wangzhuan, so they tend to be more thoughts on how to make money, but I think that as long as the Internet began to enter the earn then don’t worry, failure, failure is actually accumulation, is the real harvest, even if you are not able to accept the failure to do what? In the Wangzhuan process if you fail you again one step closer to success, if you fail you have accumulated experience, the failure does not matter, the key is to be able to stand up to you. I am now 23 years old, from the start to the present, you can say read more

n 2013 the chain challenge you how to deal with it

two, to find their own rival site outside the chain

is the first talk about the chain difficult reason to do it, for example, now many forums canceled the signature, many B2B platform limits the URL in the product appearance. Many bloggers also review frequently, you see is not designed to do outside the chain, if found you do outside of the chain will. In addition, Shanghai has also limited the special love included the chain blog. Such as Sina blog, many people think that sina high weight blog, and registered a lot of Sina blog for the chain, but this special chain blog now began to love Shanghai not included.

recently I found many webmaster to do outside the chain and included headache, to worry about. Do a chain need to spend a lot of time to do this, beside a dedicated chain of friends said that he used to do outside the chain to do 100 a day, and now he do 20 a day to feel tired. Because now the chain platform is less and less, love Shanghai more and more requirements for the chain. read more

Daquan 301 redirection method and Shanghai dragon in standardization.

now most sites there are some same content but the URL (URL) duplicate content is not the same, these duplicate content for search engines may be considered "copy", although the copy will not be punished but because of a number of Web sites scattered page weight, certainly not conducive to its ranking. To solve this problem requires the URL rule processing, canonicalization (URL canonicalization) is the best search engine URL. As a real URL literally by URL normalization. The best URL feedback to the search engine.

header (" HTTP/1.1 301; Moved Permanently" he>)

(301, 301 to 301 redirect jump) is when the user or search engine web server sends to the browser request header information, the HTTP server data flow (header) in a status code, "said the permanent transfer to another. 301 representatives of permanent transfer (Permanently Moved), a 301 redirect is the web address to change after the best method of search engine friendly. As long as it is not a temporary move, it is recommended to do 301 redirection. read more

Some opinions about the local Shanghai dragon blog


finally is through the blog, when you have a certain impact, naturally become more profitable channels. Whether it is through the blog platform itself, or through their accumulated resources, or your own visibility and influence, can let you profit. Some of them are based on blog direct profit, such as post placement or >

many owners have their own local Shanghai dragon blog, usually with search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) combined with search engine marketing (SEM), also with some aspects such as Shanghai Longfeng tools, Shanghai Longfeng resources or Shanghai dragon books, for many just contact Shanghai Longfeng novice, through the blog really can learn a lot of knowledge. Of course, there are some different voices, so today I talk to you about me and some of the local Shanghai Dragon View blog. read more

BannerPlay the AdWords of advertising banner

banner advertising platform similar to AdWords

BannerPlay marketing director Niv Calderon said: "basically, BannerPlay is an end-to-end solution that provides a simple way to banner system. You do not need to ask the designer to make banner ads, but as long as the purchase of media resources, and the use of some analysis tools to obtain statistical data, we can provide one-stop solutions."

BannerPlay uses a similar Google AdWords, support online purchase of different advertising on the page, and delivery by the customer’s banner ads. Customers to pay per click to pay, which means they can assign a fixed budget for advertising and marketing activities, will always show the runsout of advertising budget.


on a limited budget of small and medium enterprises, the delivery of Internet advertising success is not easy. Although Google and Facebook services to help small businesses easily buy advertising, but advertising banners were still primarily strong purchasing power of large enterprises monopoly. Israel Corp BannerPlay is attempting to provide professional banners to pay per click mode. read more

How clever use of Shanghai dragon to carry out network public relations

page on the same site usually not repeatedly appeared in front of the search results, can appear two times even if good, noble baby even for the same main domain name two level domain name is same, the love of Shanghai, under a domain name to build more than two level domain name, now can be to achieve a number of rankings, but there are cheating on their own website, do the network crisis public relations is not an effective method.

again, the chain

crisis management.

do website of crisis public relations, but also a keen ability to search for information on the Internet, will be captured in time at the beginning of the negative news, do not appear to have formed a certain communication situation, you have no smell. The webmaster to use noble baby Alerts. Keywords user set to be monitored in Goole Alerts, is usually a company name, brand name, owner name or your name, once the keyword appears on the network, the noble baby will inform you. You can choose E-mail or RSS notification subscriptions, you can choose to monitor blogs, video, news, web pages, but also can monitor. read more

n fact, Shanghai dragon super simple but the most difficult places you have to do

Shanghai dragon in fact the light on understanding what it is to know how meaning is not enough, the most important and most difficult must have executive ability and thinking ability. Why should the execution? As you know Shanghai Longfeng this thing, 10 times 8 times every day. You are very familiar, but still no weight flow station. The most important thing is to rely on executive power, executive power. For example, to the post you wake up in the morning to choose at least 2-3 high weight forum posts, pay your signature links below. Each forum 10 day is 30. The 1 is the slowest one hour to fix. Rest, to take the time to write a blog blog here at noon, pay their connection (soon half an hour to fix). Continue to rest, to spend a few minutes before dinner, please connect (finding peer connection cannot find much worse than you have to find the worst station, equal station friend chain). After supper, it will eat, the days are dark, quiet mood. To add your original content website, at least 3-5. The content of the website is finished, take the time to write an original article text, at the end of your own connection, the webmaster to A5 station, or to several high weight forum also. I said this is a must do things Shanghai dragon is the least, step, a lot of successful master far do more than. These things to do, you must insist every day, Kennedy > read more

Shenzhen V website design Shanghai Longfeng optimization process

The internal structure of traffic analysis

Shenzhen as the China first-tier cities, whether it is to do VI design or other industries are very much, more people, more cars, more real. Probably because Shenzhen is very developed, Shenzhen local design company is not less than 500. Do the bidding of so many people, the cause for the increasing cost of advertising.

is reasonable and clear, to the search engine grab, for internal links users to browse, flat directory. The spider found in your VI web page design, not necessarily all possibilities but we grab it grab as large as possible, the first is the URL, try to use some static URL is URL under pseudo static treatment, although now is dynamic spider crawl, but the dynamic link with many parameters, easy to wrong, we still try to avoid, at the same time we have to reduce some love Shanghai cannot read things, such as flash, frame, pictures, video, audio, such as pop, may be appropriate in some, but not too much. read more

Teach you to do 1 hours than others 5 hours outside the chain of skills more cattle

The life cycle of

webmaster may know that content is king, the chain for the emperor, but many chain personnel did not know that I was a waste of time, supervisor is concerned with the number or some do not know the chain to get to the standard that line. And then a large number of Internet garbage producers is produced, finally also because littering punished, but these fools are unaware of every day the chain, the effect is very poor, but why will do? Mount Huangshan City Talent Network Cheng Shanshan think the reason is very simple, because the time effect of the chain detection is required period of time so, do not know if there is no effect on the number, and also know that the chain manager cannot audit, so they set some standards. As the weight of the chain to the forum? What level to account. In fact, these are thankless, lose the wife of another soldier, a waste of manpower, material and financial resources. No wonder they say Shanghai Longfeng vulnerable people, cannot find a girlfriend, why? No time. read more

A love station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization experience

3: page, mainly is the optimization of the "H" label, such as the main keywords, a page is the "Shanghai dragon", then you can add optimization tutorial "H1" Shanghai dragon optimization tutorial "H1" on the page, "H2" Shanghai dragon optimization tutorial "H2", "H3" Shanghai Longfeng optimization tutorial "H3" these 3 labels are distributed in different parts of the page, the most important point is that a page can have a label, I didn’t know this optimization, put forward Shanghai dragon love stand consultant, ha ha, I believe that many students may not know.

Optimization of HTML label

5: page content (image optimization), because our page needs to load multiple images, but the fear caused by the burden on the server, so the picture for the delay load (when users need to see it, so when loaded) love Shanghai grab content will be very difficult to catch pictures, pictures can increase the page weight I > read more

Talk about the development of Shanghai dragon occupation

talent, regardless of the network or recruitment, many companies have said Shanghai Longfeng talents, but we must clearly understand what they say is that Shanghai dragon talent can bring the maximum profit for the company at any time, not just out of school you, many students are looking for some love chain specialist, network editor these, assistant editor looks good Shanghai dragon, when you finally burst head in, only to find the position as Shanghai dragon boy, not what technical content, which means that the threshold is low, low threshold means just to individual can do, it means being eliminated high. Now the society is the reality, the small and medium-sized companies in Shanghai Longfeng lack of people, but not lack of general people, just released some recruitment information can be a lot of Shanghai dragon Er to interview, just choose the question of who, many Shanghai dragon’s HR day to do the trick will be appointed to recruit people, the recruitment Shanghai dragon net release recruitment information, for the Shanghai dragon basic position, they consider more how to use low wage hiring, rather than trying to retain people, because China population, you. read more

Promotion unscrupulous major and small different

there is a dilemma, is a problem for us beginners, so how to promote the station? Since the station not what good do, we do not have to stand out, this is very logical. But the "station" how "and" law, it is necessary to ponder. The site is small, some necessary optimization factors should be done soon, the most important is the set of keywords, which added another theme, although very important but with us today.

I think we Shanghai Longfeng task is to take all factors to the website the search engine’s appetite, let included unobstructed immediate; to promote the site to as many of his real users, make the site known; grasp the marketing mode, to realize the value of the site; and finally realize the enterprise brand construction, implementation the real e-commerce. This is my understanding of this stage of Shanghai dragon, maybe even a little SEM, but the basic is like this drop. This stage should be carried out step by step, some can be carried out simultaneously, we Shanghai dragon is the operating these stages finally achieve our goal. Because of the way I understand it, so there are "large" inside "station" and "the view". read more

Love Shanghai medical search on-line intelligent platform based on user conditions recommended infor

recently love Shanghai has been "asked:" intelligent user search experience to explore, in addition to medical intelligent interrogation platform, love Shanghai also launched a dialogue, authoritative medical search entry compilation and other initiatives.

love Shanghai medical search on-line intelligent interrogation platform

, for example, in Shanghai or Shanghai know love love in search of "headache", users can according to their own situation, the selected gender groups, symptoms, disease customization asked Xunyi parameters through the background calculation of love Shanghai search technology, intelligent matching push more accurate reference cases and suggestions more professional.

is currently the platform of the pre screening set up 5 million 800 thousand cases of Q & a database, and according to the disease related words, again screening and push personalized information. read more

Senior Shanghai dragon will eventually become a product manager er

in Shanghai Longfeng some years, different types of sites, large and small sites contact a lot, working during most dealings than the product manager, the second is the technology developers. Xiaobian to share today is between Shanghai and Phoenix product manager interesting behind as with the program ape brother left for the first suspense story, will have the chance to bask in happiness".


Product Manager

Shanghai dragon will pass on the principle of search engine cognitive features, with the help of the tool, using all means to get traffic, but traffic.

2, Shanghai Longfeng get traffic, traffic into

What happened between will be followed by Shanghai dragon and product manager

why Shanghai dragon will produce story

1, Shanghai dragon mining user needs, product manager docking user needs read more

On 2016 inventory of ten entrepreneurial nternet NewsOpportunities and complements, personal websit

host: the last theme we discussed this afternoon is opportunity and complementarity, personal web sites and mainstream web sites.

relevant information SAIC: is drafting the "electronic commerce law" promulgated, still takes time

shared bike is relatively hot air this year, especially in the v-mobile bicycle, ofo as the representative of the collective, although in practice is also facing various problems, but this does not hinder it has become the capital darling, financing rhythm and the amount of funds to record highs.

265 forum, first I correct you, I am not shlf1314, our web site called the dog, may and shlf1314 have a lot of similarities, very early in the NetEase. When doing the portal, there is a clear desire, is said to have development so many small sites quickly grow very fast and then in the industry portal, although there is a big platform, but the door is not enough on me a NetEase auto channel, may in the whole automobile industry is not very hard before the exam, we have 5, 6 billion 600 million NetEase, why can’t we just go out directly, to play and every industry portal site, from the point of view, he is from the van to college, from individual owners in terms of people more hope from the college to fan, this is at present This, including two years of confrontation, when in Wensheng stationmaster Congress, a lot of people are the real owners, the whole situation has been carried out, I think a lot of personal websites could challenge the portal. read more

Application of keywords reasonable to make a web site more efficiently

first, the rational use of sensitive vocabulary

Now many friends love to create word segmentation principle

to do a website keyword mining is indispensable, but how to deal with the keywords excavated or very knowledgeable, from a large number of sites can be found, many webmaster love will dig out.

do this by union website advertising revenue, this type of website is the beginning of more difficult to get together, a very large amount of data needed to support, only through the website weight driven website long tail keywords ranking, so that the site to bring traffic, here’s what for this type of website how to reasonable use of keywords, traffic has a qualitative improvement.

is a web site if no flow, it is difficult to play the value of a website, especially for some advertising website, no matter what others see is advertising, the value of your site to successful cooperation must think for others, when their own web site linked to other people’s advertising, there is no long-term any effect, others are not willing to long-term cooperation with you, so a website to obtain income, this flow is a must, of course, different types of website traffic, but the value is not the same, such as our English information station, perhaps as long as thousands of IP, some English training it is with your cooperation mechanism, and some do a dumpster, even if there are tens of thousands of IP, traffic is not worth the money, can only put up some advertising alliance, to obtain income. read more