Linares Deportivo, from Tercera, wants its players to train in person

first_imgLinares’s position contrasts with that of other clubs in the category such as Ceuta, which has allowed its players to return to their homes in the face of the crisis and not have to remain in the Autonomous City. We will have to pay attention to the reaction of the AFE to this position. Among other things, because some professional clubs intend to apply similar practices so that their players stay in shape in case the competition resumes. Not everyone, like millionaire footballers, has gyms and stadiums at home, not even equipment, and the clubs want them to be fit. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, Linares Deportivo, leader of Group IX of the Third Division, wants his players to train in person from this Tuesday. They will do it individually between 9:00 and 20:00 at the Linarejos stadium, which is also municipal. The footballers, who in some cases were out of town, have been instructed to report to Linares. They will have the material prepared in the stadium and the team’s physical trainer will send them a video of the training instructions. Linares wants to ensure that their players are in shape, although this would skip the Government’s request in this state of alarm to remain at home unless there is a major cause. It should be remembered that the Third Division is a non-professional category.last_img read more

New 3DS XL has a superior IPS display the New 3DS does

first_imgWhen Sony started introducing the PS Vita Slim as a replacement for the 1st-gen PS, Vita do you remember what the main talking point was? The display. Sony shifted from OLED to LCD for the new model, and a lot of gamers were not very happy about it. In the end the compromise wasn’t too bad, and the other benefits of the Slim model made it a good enough replacement handheld.With the launch of the New 3DS and New 3DS XL, it seems Nintendo has introduced a similar, albeit much more noticeable display change. However, they’ve kept very quiet on the fact this has happened beyond a listing on a Japanese Wikipedia spec sheet.The older model 3DS and 3DS XL used TN panels for both the upper and lower displays. With the new models, the New 3DS retains the TN panels for both screen, but the New 3DS XL uses an IPS panel for its upper non-touch display. The benefits of doing this are clear to see.Both TN and IPS panels have their advantages and disadvantages, but IPS is the superior of the two in this situation. IPS has much better color accuracy from all viewing angles, as well as displaying much clearer images and having a more stable response time. They do use roughly 15 percent more power than TN panels, though. This may explain why Nintendo only included one in the larger 3DS as it has the battery to cope.I’ve included some comparison shots in this post that compare the old 3DS XL TN panel with the New 3DS XL IPS panel. You can clearly see how much crisper and vibrant the image is, and it makes the new XL the better choice, not only over the older hardware, but also over the smaller New 3DS.So if you are undecided on which model to get, I think this screen difference will push a lot of people to the XL model because of the better colors and viewing angle benefits. However, if the larger model doesn’t fit your needs, the New 3DS display is still of a higher quality than the older models, and you still get the other benefits (faster processor/wireless, better 3D, C-stick, ability to play some newer games including Xenoblade Chronicles).Of course, if you’re reading this in North America then Nintendo has already made the choice for you as you can only buy the New 3DS XL![Images courtesy of wellthedudeabides on Imgur]last_img read more