Artists Poise For Coveted LMA Prize

first_imgThe second annual edition of the Liberian Musical Award Foundation (LMA) celebrating the best in outstanding entertainments, has once again announced its nominees. As usual, the list includes newcomers to the Liberian music world, as well as a number of big names in the industry. LMA brings together Liberian artists from all over the world in order to celebrate their achievements on the international stage. Leading the LMA nomination pack so far is US-based Liberian star Jodi with six nominations: Artist of the Year, Afro Pop Artist of the Year, Performer(s) of the Year, R&B artist of the year, Album of the year and Artist (s) of the year –USA. Other Artists with several nominations include Georgee B. Togar Howard and G-Rize, with five respectively.Joseph Dean and K-Zee were the only local artists who obtained four nominations.LMA country representative Joseph Junior Teah said for the nomination process of this year LMA has asked local and international Liberian DJs to summit their top best five playing songs to the executive committee, because DJs determine the number one song that is felt by the public.LMA remains committed to the promotion of the Liberian music industry and plans are underway to recruit locally based artists as we did last year to give them exposure, says Teah. He added that they are also making arrangements across ten states to begin a tour for artists that were selected and recruited last year.He said LMA is doing all it can to get the GSM companies in Liberia involved, which could be a way of creating avenues where Liberians can vote for their favorite artists by just using their mobile phone and that this will be the first of its kind for the industry. Sources said this year LMA will be witnessed live on YouTube come June 27 in Atlanta, Georgia and a poll of voters will be announced later.He added that momentum for LMA has been encouraged among Liberians resident in the United States and that negotiations are being implemented to bring the 2016 edition back home to Liberia.1. ARTIST OF THE YEAR• DenG• G-Rize• Jodi• K-Zee• Georgee B• 2C2. VIDEO DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR• Khalil Fofana – Liberia• Usher – Liberia• Fresh Mohammed @ ADHD Films – USA• Alvin Nyemah – USA• DaddyRich Productions – USA• Gerald Barclay – USA3. TRADITIONAL ARTIST OF THE YEAR• Marvelous MC• Marie Nyenabo• Master Black• Sundaygar Dearboy• Winston P. Karr• Mr. Henries IV4. HIPCO RAP ARTIST OF THE YEAR• Killa Lu• Jon Bricks• Lil Beshop• Chiller Coolnanee• Tru Storry• JD Donzo5. GOSPEL ARTIST OF THE YEAR• Mayson, Sayon T.• Bernice Blackie• Pst. David Sayndee• Min. Ivan P• Min. Kanvee Adams• Famous Boo6. NEW ARTIST(s) OF THE YEAR• Theo De Franco• Da Vero• Quincy B• Miss Menneh• Joseph Dean• PCK & L’ Franklin7. GBEMA ARTIST OF THE YEAR• K-Zee• Joseph Dean• Kingface• Karnyea Man• Georgee B• Casi Money8. REGGAE/DANCE HALL ARTIST OF THE YEAR• Shadow• Black Diamond• Ne-oh William• M’press 1Love• Jyounkonde Suah• Ragga Hilton10. FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR• Sweetz• Lady Mouthphy• Lady Skeet• Skylett White• Munnah• Faithvonic11. MALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR• Jon Bricks• Scientific• Eric Geso• Douk De Lib• Yung Muse• Togar Howard12. GROUP OF THE YEAR• Soul Fresh• P.C.K & L’ Franklin• Tag Team• Big Hands• New Generation• Co Star13. PRODUCER OF THE YEAR• Melo’D• Beat Master• De-Boy• Stone Luckshine• Just Prince• Infectious Michael14. COLLABORATION OF THE YEAR• Shawty – Quincy B & Scientific• Cutting My Heart- Douk De Lib Ft. Killa Lu• Ebola In Town – Shadow, D12 & 2kings• I Beg You Ya – DJ Don Ft, Soul Fresh AndChiller Coolnanee• Spoil You With Love – Joseph Dean Ft.Marvelous MC & K-Zee• Tsumakya – Melo’D Ft. Saga AP & Rawpekin14. HIP HOP ARTIST OF THE YEAR• Scientific• 2C• Mezonic• CO- Z• C-Needle• Trigg15. R&B ARTIST OF THE YEAR• Efinxace• Jodi• David Mell• Munnah• Bryan Doe• Quincy B16. AFRO POP ARTIST OF THE YEAR• Eric Geso• Benevee• Pitty D’ Best• F.A.• DenG• Jodi17. PERFORMER(S) OF THE YEAR• Yung Muse• Theo De Franco• Jon Bricks• Togar Howard• Jodi• Soul Fresh18. SONG OF THE YEAR• Ebola In Town – Shadow, D12, & Kuzzy• Da Who Say – K-Zee ft. JB ( Soul Fresh)• Basima Basima – Togar Howard• They Vex – DenG• 911 – Theo De Franco• I Wanna Be – 2C ft. Ruff N Smooth19. AFRO DANCE SONG OF THE YEAR• Theo De Franco – 9-1-1• Melo’D – Tsukaya• Black Diamond – Angel• Saga AP – How We Do It• Trouble Maker – Rawpekin ft. F.E.J• Gronna Men – Royal DeBusta Pain20, DJ OF THE YEAR• Dj Switch ( Boakai Kamara)• Dj Weezy• Dj Mcgrady ( Prince Togba)• Dj Blue• Dj Flexxz• Dj Shine D’ Beast21. HIPCO SONG OF THE YEAR• Tutuley Tu Ley- Killa Lu Ft. Shadow• Let’s Party – Lil Beshop• Dqq-Young Hovor• I Beg U Ya- Dj Don Ft. JB (Soul Fresh), ChillerCoolnanee• Still Hipco – Jon Bricks Ft. Zheng Zheng• You Think Dat Joke – Noy-Z22. GBEMA SONG OF THE YEAR• Da Who Say – K-Zee Ft JB (Soul Fresh)• Spoil You With Love – Joseph Dean ft.Marvelous MC, K-Zee• Fatu Jebeh – Georgee B• DJ Song – G-Rize• Da Ma Choice – Karnyea Man• Feeling You- Casi Money23. VIDEO OF THE YEAR• Basima Basima- Togar Howard• Yenyenkana- Peaches K Ft. Quincy B• Lib Ladies – G-Rize• Too Much- Peter G• Tsumakaya- Melo’d Ft Rawpekin & Saga AP• Jebbeh – F.A.24. HIPCO ARTIST OF YEAR• Mr. Smith-Lib Money• Young Hover• Rawpekin• Mighty Blow• Takun J• Noy-Z25. GOSPEL SONG OF YEAR• Nothing – Min. Ivan P• 24 Hrs – Famous Boo• Thank You Plenty Papa – Mayson Sayon T.• Give You Praise – Tracy Jones• Heart Desire – Kanvee Adams• He’s Coming Back – Success Zeon26. ALBUM OF THE YEAR• Vision – Jodi• Explosion – Georgee B• King Zulu – K-Zee• Hipco Revolution – Mr. Smith Lib Money• Born To Win – G-Rize• Black Out – Black Diamond27. ARTIST(s) OF THE YEAR – AFRICA• Shuravee• Mr.Smith Lib Money• Mighty Blow• Linblinmilitary D Militaryman• Scienific• Soul Fresh28. ARTIST(s) OF THE YEAR – USA• Jodi• Togar Howard• Peter G• G- Rize• Georgee B• Black Diamond Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more