Links nine exchange notes

1, the construction of the external links generally has two functions: to speed up the collection, improve the page ranking, so when you exchange links, you must first determine the main role. In order to speed up if it is included, then you should find some snapshot updates frequently site exchange links, if you want to increase the page ranking, you may need to exchange Links with some web sites with higher PR value.

2, Links difficult to scale, with the maximum number of

for a new website, if you want to rely on Links exchange to increase weight, may be more difficult, because under normal circumstances, you can follow some of the new on-line site exchange links, or with some of the weight is not high site exchange links, weight lifting is limited, so the new online website, best can through other ways to get some links, such as to allow customers to give some links, etc. their weights up after Links exchange. read more

Liu Jinge friendship is the way to win the Shanghai dragon er

then friendly website itself

is the time.

what is the search engine friendly? Also is to let the search engine quickly grab, understand its temper, with my hard to understand the search engine for the processing and recognition of the typescript, plural, hyphen and so on a variety of problems, the accuracy of the search will be reduced. Obviously, if the search engine deliberately to cater to this wrong use of words will hurt all search users. So, this involves a search matching, a related problem is the search engine to distinguish result is importance of relying on the document, but only in accordance with the number of content related simply distinguish results. Another distinguishing method of this article which appeared in the number of keywords, the search engine can search is not judged the results you want. If the matching degree is high, the search engine will put this on the front page ranking. If he is wrong or is discarded after discharge. read more

Website optimization basic links, enterprises have to do it

1, website link.

Design of The basic structure of The

site is now too much at the first glance, to attract users, web design is very important, must have features, with the same industry and even the whole enterprise website can let users out of the ordinary, eyes bright, can break the industry constraints, but also highlights the industry characteristic, enterprise culture and so on, remember too fancy, effect of visual fatigue;

website is for customer service, address the needs of users in the site before, must clearly understand the enterprise target customer groups, specific analysis for accurate customer, clearly let the user know what companies do, what are the advantages, what are the characteristics of the industry, fully displays the user interest information, the latter part of the operation is also around the site position to do, so as to better draw users; read more

Analysis how fun cnzz hotspot map

tell you the user favorite page where? What is the most love forum users? Users access to more local color display will be more deep.

hotspots where? You can login cnzz statistical background, statistical reports – Analysis of the surveyed – image map. The premise is to add code to each page in the statistical analysis of image map.

home page views, clicks, CTR can see what can be done? A Excel table statistics, every website by clicking on the situation. When the structure of the web site more user-friendly, the content recommendation conforms to the website style and the crowd, when your activity is more and more interesting, over a period of time to observe the click rate is greatly improved. Chinese famous writer Chen Ning Yang said: as long as you persevere, knowledge, finally discovered the secret. That one thing a day of data analysis. That trend for a period of time for data analysis. read more

Website optimization details of what factors affect the user experience

This icon

said this picture is the main tree map website, home page – – root directory. Such structure layout is very clear, the inside pages of each section below contains the channel, let the spider can catch the directory of different web page file structure, fresh and clear classification is the main character. Many large site information portal sites often use such structure. We see second Fortum,

as everyone knows, website optimization method we have been advocating the process is a normal and white hat techniques, with the love of the Shanghai algorithm upgrade, the only white hat is the premise of our website optimization, website optimization to do I think we must go deep analysis from the angle and improve the user experience of the website more deeply, below according to their website optimization for details in the process to improve the user experience and we discuss in detail, well, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip. read more

Sina blog how to optimize keyword ranking to the first page of Shanghai Dragon

1, integrity, suspected of advertising content blog is easy to be sealed, malicious complaints may be blocked his blog.

2, the blog is not afraid of being attacked, do not worry too much about the server stability problem and hacker attack and defense issues.

, a set of keywords around the blog title, keywords, description, tags, nickname, theme, domain name etc..

blog domain generally long, hard to remember. The blog content page URL is too long, also cannot be customized.

besides the advantages and disadvantages of the above, the Shanghai dragon blog optimization and website optimization is approximately the same as Shanghai dragon. Here in the Sina blog as an example, say exactly how the blog is Shanghai dragon optimization.


4, Shanghai dragon blog optimization, only in page optimization, more difficult than the professional single domain name website blog. read more

A new application of spoiler shopping search search function subdivided into a trend

a "price search" lead users attention

search engine market has become the competition of the Red Sea

on the other.

, according to a report by market research firm Experian Hitwise show that China shopping entrance fierce battle, but the competition pattern has not yet formed. As of November 19th, a scouring network access to 45% of the proportion of the top, an increase of 15.84% over the previous week, a shopping and 51 net purchase in 29% and the proportion of 8%, in two or three place.

the end of the year, a new round of price promotions, discount coupons and other activities in the online shopping platform quietly rising. This is the most love the enthusiasm for online shopping users. However, for the keen online shopping users, better news will make them excited: Recently, a "price search" dimension has been officially launched, and "real price" open channel, provides a search the whole network lowest goods information platform for online shopping consumers. To provide this service for consumers will worry and money saving. read more

Novice webmaster understanding of external links

Links is important: my understanding of Links for an alliance or gangs. The same website will link each other through the Links way therefore, relevance is the most important, PR and weight are not absolute, he with the development of the website, they will naturally increase, but.

snapshot: snapshot only reflects the love of Shanghai and update frequency of the reptile, not blindly obsessed with a snapshot of some websites, especially business sites, although the website snapshot is not the next day, but because the site is relatively stable, the weight can also, so it is also a good choice. In exchange Links, not blindly obsessed with snapshot.

page: the page links the ability to vote is the largest, most search engines will be understood to have correlation. You can use some advanced instruction to find competitors are doing what kind of external links. read more

So you will love Shanghai home, completely indifferent


, keyword index (love Shanghai index)

How do

is an online communication tools that can be used to brush the keyword index, the efficiency is high, but the effect is not guaranteed, personal feeling of instability

The definition of


The definition of

relevant search, the search results are poor, sometimes because the choice of query terms is not very appropriate. You can refer to someone else is how to search, to get some inspiration. The love of Shanghai "the relevant search", a series of query words and your search is very similar. Love Shanghai search are arranged in a bottom of the search results page, according to popular search ranking

for the enterprise or individual, more or less there are some key words, want to do is love Shanghai there, this is the meaning of index, in order to better reflect the user attention, users acceptance, Internet friends can refer to a key word optimization index, essential read more

How to use a new BD value post will rise to 4

business website, forum for the whole of what a little…… Skip.

without a picture

users demand judgment, search engine (hereinafter SE instead) with semantic analysis and user click statistics powerful, click from users can know what is A the maximum demand. For example: search Shanghai dragon people, if most of the demand is to find work in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is clearly not what why, from a macro point of view the search engine is very easy to find, a lot of almost every day with the Shanghai dragon Shanghai>

For example:

search volume ABC are also good, but the industry did not have the word searches, in order to do A rankings, I directly named after a section of the forum and the forum also contains the word title, BC with a special post pages to load. (A is an industry term, B and C can be understood as the same thing) read more