How to use a new BD value post will rise to 4

business website, forum for the whole of what a little…… Skip.

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users demand judgment, search engine (hereinafter SE instead) with semantic analysis and user click statistics powerful, click from users can know what is A the maximum demand. For example: search Shanghai dragon people, if most of the demand is to find work in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is clearly not what why, from a macro point of view the search engine is very easy to find, a lot of almost every day with the Shanghai dragon Shanghai>

For example:

search volume ABC are also good, but the industry did not have the word searches, in order to do A rankings, I directly named after a section of the forum and the forum also contains the word title, BC with a special post pages to load. (A is an industry term, B and C can be understood as the same thing) read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization on the web site for what is the significance

: first by Shanghai dragon to high flow. From the beginning of the on-line website that one, the webmaster want to have enough traffic, the website how to attract the attention of others, the webmaster only through Shanghai dragon to make website ranking, website search engines, let website can be more users search, so as to improve the site traffic. The traffic is not timely and effective flow, but also is the webmaster want to see data. Can search relevant keywords from the search engines, so the user is already in your target audience, as long as the increase of Web site construction, user traffic conversion rate is very high. So the Shanghai dragon is the best source of traffic to the website.

Shanghai Longfeng means we all know the search engine optimization, on the operation of the site webmaster, Shanghai dragon is very important; on the web site for Shanghai dragon more is the best way to get traffic. No matter what the industry website to improve visibility by Shanghai dragon, improve the long-term survival of the site. The blogger with everyone say: Shanghai dragon optimization on the web site for what is important. read more

Love Shanghai and 360 news source ranking mechanism secret

channel type

360 news sources show: [Key words] the latest news, as shown in figure

1, we need to understand what is love Shanghai and 360

love Shanghai news search hope included high quality Chinese news, not included English and other non Chinese news; you should all provide the bear all legal responsibilities, to ensure the authenticity and legality of the content you provide, and shall not infringe any third party rights. < >

from above is not difficult for us to find love and 360 Shanghai news source ranking is very similar, but the ranking is also very front. The news source like Shanghai and 360 of this very simple, for we usually quickly get a selection of some of the popular information is very good, so their traffic is very large. If your website has become an object of love Shanghai 360 good news source collection of words, your site popularity and exposure, the flow will rise. read more

The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love in different time and different user groups have different user ex

search in the first quarter, pay attention to a hot, is different, related video is as follows:  

                    (dad 2 Wikipedia entries part screenshot)

will appear related star blessing, dynamic and related works; even the recent events for soccer gambling caught Jocie Guo has a "focus of attention".


  why would say different time without user groups have different user experience, which originates from the father 2.

the parenting Encyclopedia 贵族宝贝ye.99贵族宝贝.cn/yuerbk/ writing, reprint please ~ ~!!

wrote here, I think it is not only concerned about the number of more even if it is hot, it will appear as entertainment figures, user entertainment like experience. Then search the Xi greatly, find the entry as before, and did not change what. But no, no matter how great is bad, Xi president is certainly a lot of concern to the SO, open the love Shanghai index, search, so far as Li Bingbing 16335, Jocie Guo 231272, 44020 xi. Obviously Li Bingbing search index is a better user experience and not the other 2 high. This is love the sea lane of user experience, Jocie Guo is mainly due to the recent events that led to soccer gambling index up, most people are spectators psychological, after this point is no longer concerned. While learning greatly with Li Bingbing’s users will be relatively stable, but Li Bingbing’s side will obviously more active more lively. In the network era, in order to attract home. read more

Steady improvement in Shanghai ranked the personal experience of love

about the chain of argument has relevance, universality, can be heard without end: BBS signature… As long as the collection of all to do, the chain hard to do is love Shanghai determined to junk the chain. I believe that many Shanghai dragon Er will find a lot of good website ranking, the chain is not much or even only dozens, the weight is 3, 4 lovely Shanghai. However, the quality of the chain is king, so don’t blindly to pursue the number of the chain, but should pay more attention to the quality of the chain; even in the high weight website forum, secretly can be made on the link, but once the main site or forum moderator, also be ruthless delete, and high weight included in the site very fast, if the link is right after the love of Shanghai included, but soon deleted the website, such links are many, love Shanghai would be judged to not trust the link to your website and then drop right, it is not worth the candle. What is the high quality of the chain? After observation, I found a good ranking site outside the chain is released in the high weight of the site soft outside the chain, such as Chinaz, A5 Journal of this kind of webmaster website, some can release the B2B website. But we should also pay attention to the quality of these articles, the link can not be added, especially the anchor text can not be arbitrary add, just add the source at the end of the article, the text can; can not an article to send multiple web sites. But the key chain or increase the amount of patient. As shown below, although the love experience of Shanghai external links with nofollow tags, but it is in the domain results in the very front rank, and > read more

The victim of WeChat gray industrial chain

three, WeChat gray industrial chain to

whether it is a region that tends to have WeChat tools dating to the obvious, we use WeChat near shake tools query when making friends, can look up to 100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters within the user information. The author of this tool to do a little test, is the micro signal itself into a picture make only superficial changes, beautiful pictures, etc. are replaced with women’s data, then WeChat put up a day after work, we found that micro.


in social networking tools have been staged with its unique side, WeChat instant, interactive, regional to many users of WeChat brings convenient, but at the same time it spawned another industry that is in vogue, the porn industry. Now in the porn industry tends to load in many underground workers, we called "slip women". They put the WeChat of this marketing mode the most incisive regardless of whether you use that way, WeChat (WeChat near, shake, drift bottles), in a large hotel, KTV and other entertainment facilities, can see their shadow, is called the one get in by every opening, good friends to chat here is a system, have sex. read more

Understand the long tail keywords growing flow of Shanghai Dragon

long tail keywords is a very important part of Shanghai dragon of the optimization process, each a long tail keywords are likely to bring traffic to your site. Generally a larger site, the main source of flow may by the long tail keywords, because the site in addition to the target keywords, then only the long tail keywords.

and the long tail keywords Keywords:

sixth: the long tail keywords ranking easier.

The deployment of the long tail keywords:

long tail keywords deployment is very flexible, normally deployed in the channel page, column page, content page. This is one of the biggest characteristics of long tail keywords. At the same time, the long tail keywords of specific industry and competitiveness is very high also are likely to be deployed in the home. For example: >

long tail keywords generally involves: definition, characteristic, difference, deployment, mining and optimization. read more

Pulse GLOBE7, CPA advertising, certification changes, price fine-tuningHow can find an entrepreneu

3, the timeliness of the project: how long can the project be operated, how many times?.


for the second issues, we can determine some problems at one glance or through analysis, and some problems need us to do market research before we can find out the answer. What are the points you need to know about the investigation:

1, market demand: customer demand, target customer categories, customer demand, the development of the project can meet customer requirements, market requirements, and so on.

1. Looking for projects, mining data,

2, the project is practical: whether the project is suitable for our operation, whether it can help us make money, we should consider.

to find the project, we want to screen, find out the suitable for our own investment projects, then we should start from where? read more