If people know that youre a footballer theyre not going to want

first_img‘If people know that you’re a footballer, they’re not going to want to employ you’ Ryan Coulter and James Chambers chat to The42 about the harsh realities many League of Ireland footballers face in the off-season. https://vine.co/v/5nqFeOvqxv6The issue of footballers needing to be deeply committed to their primary profession for the other nine months of the year complicates the matter further. Not too many companies are willing to take on staff for just three months each year.Of course, that’s the difficulty,” Chambers says. “The only thing I found was helpful to me in retail, the company were only looking for someone for the Christmas period. It suited me down to the ground. That’s why I continued to go back because we both had an understanding that it was going to suit us both.“(Finding that job) was pot luck, to be honest. Then last year, the company I was with knew that I was going to be going off to America, so they were completely fine with it.”One of the benefits of playing in the US is that Chambers now gets the rare luxury of a 52-week salary, although it wasn’t a “major factor” in his decision to move abroad.It was something that interested me to go and to try America. When the opportunity arose, I was going to take it anyway. But the fact that the contracts are actual contracts, that was another bonus. It wasn’t anything major, but it was a small factor, it was nice.“My sole focus is getting fit and being ready to go for pre-season in January, as opposed to thinking: ‘Where are my next few pounds going to come from? Where is my next move from here?’”And while player salaries and uncertain futures are among the most serious issues in football currently, perhaps unsurprisingly, Chambers says these topics are seldom discussed in the ultra-macho environment of the dressing room.“It wouldn’t be a major part (of discussion) because players live in the now and the present. It’s a cliché, but really, all they care about is the upcoming game and training and enjoying yourself. That’s what it’s about.Nobody’s going to start talking about the future, because truthfully, it scares a lot of footballers. And there’s a male bravado environment in the dressing room, so nobody wants to be the one that seems like they’re the weak link and like they’re a little bit petrified of what’s around the corner.”Such uncertainty and doubt is not healthy for players in the long term and often seemingly leads to worrying consequences. In 2014, a study conducted by the players’ international union, Fifpro, assessing six leagues including the League of Ireland, found that 26% of current players suffered from depression or anxiety, while this number rose to 39% among retired players. It remains to be seen whether Dundalk’s unprecedented success in the Europa League will make a difference in the long term to the overall health of the League of Ireland. Source: Brian LawlessWhile reiterating the importance of the work done by the PFAI in raising awareness about the potential pitfalls that players can succumb to, Coulter is still alarmed by the number of footballers he encounters with no obvious future ambitions.“From playing with younger lads, it is remarkable the amount of them that don’t really have a plan set up for when football finishes and they’re living for the here and now.What happens if I don’t get a club or what happens if I get injured? Any of the negatives I don’t think they’re looking at. They’re thinking: ‘If I have another good season here, maybe I’ll get away to England.’ I’ll do this or I’ll do that. You’ve got to have a fallback plan. Fundamentally, that was why I ended up in America.“I was with Dundalk’s A team at the time and I was second choice up there and I said to the manager: ‘Look, I’ve got a few offers to take scholarships in America and I’m going to go.’Why did I do that? Because fast forward four years later, I come back and I’m playing in the league, but the difference is, I’m playing in the league now with a degree behind me and some kind of security, whereas had I just stayed, yeah I’d have played a lot more games in the league and people would know more about me, but what happens then when I retire? It’s Ryan Coulter with four more years in the league, but Ryan Coulter without a degree. Who would I prefer to be? The Ryan Coulter I am now.“You look at the fallback plan for most of the players in the league and they probably haven’t got it. The PFAI mentioned a statistic about a staggering amount of people (in the league) that don’t even have a Junior Cert. That’s worrying stuff.There are lads that are working full time and playing part time on the side and they’re in good jobs with good options to be able to progress in companies. I know we’ve a few lads in the team working in banks and various other places. They’re good steady career jobs. Even when you retired from football, you’d stay in them.“But it is worrying when you look across the leagues, especially with the lack of stability in them, the fact that it’s a one-year rolling contract, so many of these players could easily fall out of the league. What do they do then?”The42 is on Snapchat! Tap the button below on your phone to add! Image: James Crombie/INPHO Nov 27th 2016, 9:30 PM By Paul Fennessy Ron Atkinson on the Desailly controversy, Paul McGrath and his best-ever signings>‘I always felt sorry for the fans. They would never realise what is going on behind the scenes’> Share116 Tweet Email 8 Comments THE LIFE OF a footballer is generally perceived as glamorous, yet for the vast majority in this profession, glory is in short supply.Only the Irish Sea separates the Premier League and the League of Ireland geographically, but in most other respects, the two are worlds apart.While an average Premier League player is a millionaire, the typical League of Ireland footballer is constantly fearing for his future, unsure where the next step may lie.While Dundalk have managed to buck this depressing trend with their astonishing and highly lucrative (by Irish teams’ standards at least) European exploits, they are a welcome anomaly to the generally less encouraging developments of late.In recent years, the league has unfortunately been dominated by bad news stories centred on clubs struggling to stay afloat and player wages stagnating at best.And since Cork’s surprise FAI Cup final triumph, earlier this month, for everyone bar Stephen Kenny’s Europa League challengers, the off-season has well and truly set in.It is a period that many players dread. The financial limitations of Irish clubs means most players are restricted to 44-week salaries and one-year contracts. Once the season ends, the uncertainty sets in. What is supposed to be a period of rest and relaxation is actually the most stressful part of the year for some. As The42‘s resident League of Ireland columnist John O’Sullivan once put it: “The off-season doesn’t exist, not for you. The only thing that turns off is income.”Players contemplate the pros and cons of going on the dole versus getting a part-time job as they wait patiently for contract offers.So the League of Ireland is a surreal environment in many ways. Players, if they impress on a consistent enough basis, can be called up to Ireland squads, and yet still play in front of half-empty stadiums more often than not.It is a league whereby, virtually every young player — if they’re honest — hopes to escape and seal a move abroad to England or another far more exotic location.And one individual who did manage seal a move abroad and earn a full-time contract was James Chambers. The Dubliner spent over a decade plying his trade in the League of Ireland with a number of clubs, including Shelbourne, Shamrock Rovers and St Patrick’s Athletic.In his last year with Pat’s in 2015, Chambers claimed the club’s Player of the Season award and also made the PFAI Team of the Year. In January 2016, however, Bethlehem Steel — a Pennsylvania-based side in the United Soccer League, the third tier of the American Soccer Pyramid — came calling.And while it has taken Chambers some time to grow accustomed to his new surroundings, he is enjoying life in the States so far. Moreover, the midfielder finished the US season particularly strongly, scoring some eye-catching goals in the process.With the North American campaign having ended, Chambers has returned to his native Dublin and is already back in the gym with his personal trainer, as he prepares for next season, having taken just two weeks for “complete rest”.“It went okay,” he tells The42, when asked about his debut season in the US. “I still think I’ve more to offer. I’m getting used to the style of the game and stuff like that.“With the couple of goals towards the end of the season, people started to take a bit more notice (of me).In the US, it’s different, people are more concerned with your stats, with your assists and with your goals than they are maybe with your performance. So, as a player, you’ve got to be tuned into that side of things as well — that’s what they like over there.” Although he is happy with life at present, at 29, Chambers is already contemplating career options after football. Coaching and media work are two potential paths, and he is about to start his youth cert, while the ex-Hamilton Academical player has already acquired plenty of experience coaching various age groups for Malahide and his local team, Baldoyle.I don’t think everybody who plays the game can be a coach,” he says. “I might fall into the bracket that I know a certain amount, but after that, my mind might go blank and I might not really take to it that much. It’s definitely something that I want to dip my toe into and figure out for myself.“It’s different when you help with the younger age groups, you get more satisfaction out of it because you see a bit more of them taking on board what you’re saying as opposed to the senior players.You’re just there to facilitate the senior players really. You may give them some ideas, but as regards them getting much better under your tutelage, (the chances are) very slim, especially at the amateur level, because the guys are just doing it for fun. It’s a couple of days a week to stay active, and there’s a fun element.“It’s different with the kids, they want to get better. Obviously, it’s fun too, but they’re looking to progress and they’re only young kids, so they all want to be professional footballers.”Furthermore, as someone who spent several years playing in the League of Ireland, Chambers is more than a little familiar with the difficulties of keeping busy during the off-season.Some footballers would put money aside to sign on for welfare and live off their savings,” he explains. “Others would do the same, but work. Some guys would probably do neither and just live off the welfare essentially.“That’s the world we live in and for players coming into the league or being in the league, you know what it’s all about. You have no choice but to deal with it. It’s not ideal and it’s not right — if you’re trying to run a professional league, there needs to be a professional environment. For me, the last three or four years on the trot, I’ve worked in Brown Thomas. Last year, I worked in a company out in Park West. I knew a person out there. Ryan Coulter (file pic). Add us: the42.ie Source: Bethlehem Steel FC/Twitter 41,039 Views James Chambers doesn’t care if you think he’s out of range. 😎 pic.twitter.com/SUhqd8SfgU— Bethlehem Steel FC (@BSteelFC) August 23, 2016 http://the42.ie/3097804 James Chambers had two stints at St Pat’s during his time in the League of Ireland. Source: Ryan Byrne/INPHOChambers, who has spoken openly about his problems with depression in the past, feels too many players are ill prepared for life outside of football.I’m of the older generation,” he says. “All we did was play football, there was no thought of what we were going to do after football. Whereas now, it’s becoming a younger man’s league, especially the League of Ireland — that’s my opinion from the outside.“Players now need to start thinking about (the future) early doors. ‘I need to go to college, to get an education and you can still play part-time on the side. But when I have that piece of paper in my pocket, then I can start to pursue a full-time career. If it doesn’t work out, I can always fall back on it.’Some players think: ‘I’m going to be a professional earning 200 or 300 a week,’ when they’re 18 or 19. But unless you’re one of the few that continues to go up the ladder, the likes of (Dundalk star) Daryl Horgan and people like that, you’ll need to look at life outside of football, and that comes a lot quicker than is (often) anticipated by the player himself.”Chambers will return for another season in America shortly and one person who would ideally like to follow suit is Ryan Coulter.Coulter, whose father Phil is the indeed the famous Irish musician, spent the end of last season with Longford Town, having left a financially stricken Athlone side earlier in the campaign.In 2009, he was part of Dundalk’s A side and was their second-choice first-team goalkeeper for a brief period.However, Coulter left the Lilywhites for the University of San Diego, gaining a degree in communications and marketing in the process, while playing football on the side in America.After completing his degree, Coulter returned to Ireland and had a stint at Sligo Rovers in 2014. He had hoped to return to the US prior to the start of last season, but had to undergo an operation to get a lump removed from his back. By the time he recovered, the slots for international players joining American sides had “dried up,” so he opted for another season in the domestic league.I came back and signed with Athlone with Alan Matthews and played five games there and then there was a mass exodus out of Athlone. Fortunately enough, I had a number of calls from different managers around the Premier Division. I took Longford up as the option. There were other options, but to me, it seemed like a good move and I knew I’d be busy if I got into the team — although there were no guarantees.“Fortunately, I got straight into the team and went on to play half the season. I know the team got relegated, but from a personal standpoint, to get in and play 15 games or whatever it was, I was happy from that point of view.”Following Longford’s relegation, Coulter became one of the many out-of-contract League of Ireland players looking for a new club.While he has received no “concrete” offers yet, a return to the US is the 27-year-old’s preferred destination.I’ve been in university over there for five years. I did very well while I was over there. I have an American girlfriend. And with the toing and froing and the lack of stability in the league here, it makes it quite difficult to settle down (in Ireland).“My head would almost be set on trying to get away to America. I’d be open to a couple of different options here, but first and foremost, I’d be looking to America to get settled.” A number of ex-League of Ireland players, including Eamon Zayed, have enjoyed plenty of success Stateside. Source: Donall Farmer/INPHOIrish and British players are often criticised for their ostensible reluctance to play football in countries further afield. However, there are signs that the situation is changing of late. Robbie Keane, Kevin Doyle and Sean St Ledger may be the most high-profile examples, both some notable ex-League of Ireland players including Eamon Zayed, Colin Falvey and Richie Ryan have also enjoyed encouraging spells Stateside in recent times.Nevertheless, Coulter still feels not nearly enough Irish footballers are aware of the benefits of playing abroad in places other than England.Unfortunately, so many people in this country have the blinkers on and they don’t really see the bigger picture,” he says. “It’s England or it’s back to the League of Ireland, where it’s ‘oh, I’ve failed and I’ll just have to play in the League of Ireland,’ which isn’t the case.“You’d look at kids here, and I’d have been the same at youth level, you’re thinking: ‘I’ve got to get over to England.’There’s more to football than just England. People think ‘I’ll go over and sign for a Championship team and be on several grand a week, happy days, I’ll be living the high life. But a lot of these kids go over and it doesn’t happen for them.“Even the fallout with a lot of Irish kids, they don’t even come back to play in the League of Ireland, they fall completely out of the game. I’d be urging players to stay here to get a bit of experience and maturity before they go away to see what professional football is all about, because it is tough and it is ruthless.”Moreover, the uncertainty and the unsatisfactory wages are big reasons why Coulter would prefer a move abroad rather than another campaign in the League of Ireland.How someone can be considered a full-time pro on a 44-week contract is beyond me,” he says. “It’s a shame because there are a lot of great pros in the league and to subject them to 44-week contracts is embarrassing really.“The players put so much work in and to have it ‘rewarded’ with these short-term contracts is just not right.” Paddy McCourt (left), Neil McCafferty (centre) and Ryan Coulter (right) pictured at the Mark Farren Fundraiser Exhibition Match in 2015. Source: Presseye/Lorcan Doherty/INPHOLike Chambers, Coulter, who is also preparing for his youth coaching cert as well as undertaking an online personal trainer course, emphasises the importance of staying occupied during the dreaded off-season.“Once the season finishes, it really does dry up and you find that you’ve so much free time on your hands,” he says.On a Tuesday night if you’ve got training, you’re thinking about training all day. You’re leaving the house at four o’clock to get there for half five or six to get through the traffic. An hour-and-a-half training session still takes about four hours out of your day depending on how far away you live from training.“But once it all finishes, you have got a lot of time on your hands. I even found the same being full-time in Sligo. If you don’t stimulate your mind, you can just waste your day doing nothing.You have to work (in the off-season) as well. I know a lot of lads that would have kids and wives and whatever else. A lot of them sign on (to the dole) because it just guarantees that they’re able to put a roof over their heads. With the 44-week contracts, sometimes, the players are left with no alternatives.“Once the season finishes, if they’re going around trying to hand out CVs for jobs, that might take two-to-four weeks to get done. Then you’re looking at only getting work for only two-and-a-half months anyway. So if people know that you’re a footballer, they’re not going to want to employ you in a job you’re going to want to stay in.You might get temporary work in a sports shop. But if you want to get work for experience after football, it’s going to be extremely different. If you’re an architect or an engineer or any business and you’re looking to get a bit of experience, businesses are going to be reluctant to take you in, because they know you’ll just be walking out the door in two months.”Coulter is at his most passionate when the aforementioned 2014 study is mentioned. He says he is not surprised by the 26% figure in relation to footballers’ problems with depression.When you look at the league historically, or even this past season, you have teams struggling to pay wages. You have teams talking about pay cuts and possibly going under. From having been in that situation, where the team is talking about pay cuts and saying ‘you have to take a deduction,’ we might have to let players go or we might have to do this.“When you sign a contract with a club, you’re signing, you’ve agreed on the money. We’re not talking about 10 grand a week where you think ‘look, I’m going to be grand, I don’t have to worry about my money situation’. The League of Ireland is set up in a way where you really have to go in and fight for every euro that you’re going to get, because teams are trying to pinch it as much as they can.When you allocate what you’re earning from the club into paying your electricity, your gas and everything else, and to be able to put money aside when the season finishes, now all of a sudden when you have people talking about pay cuts and everything else, you’re thinking ‘where’s this money going to come from for all this?’ Be it putting a child through school, buying school uniforms, putting dinner on the table, paying bills, phone bills, car insurance, whatever it’s going to be, absolutely that’s going to stress you out.“I don’t have any kids, but I’ve a girlfriend and even for me, it’s stressful when they start talking about these things. Luckily enough, the PFAI are there as well and are able to back you up when these things come around.It may affect your performance, but first and foremost, mentally you’re going to struggle, because you’re going to be worried about everything else apart from your football.” Ryan Coulter (file pic). Image: James Crombie/INPHO Sunday 27 Nov 2016, 9:30 PM “Basically, I’ve worked during the off-season, because it’s not ideal sitting around the house. You miss the game, but you don’t want to be sitting around, moping, either. As much as football is your main source of income, you need to stay busy, otherwise you’d go crazy.” Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Video Watch the moment Becky Lynch is told she has been pulled

first_img Pinterest Twitter Google+ WhatsApp Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Live Podcast: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte center_img WWE has posted another video (above) part of the “WWE Day Of” series following Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch around at Smackdown Live on Tuesday.The video shows Lynch arriving to the arena in St. Louis and having a phone conversation with her mother, revealing she broke her nose and will be missing some time.Lynch is also shown talking with others backstage including Dean Malenko, Paul Heyman and Sheamus about how she was doing after the incident on RAW the night prior.The video then shows Lynch being summoned for a “closed-door meeting” with WWE officials where she would be told she wasn’t going to be cleared to wrestle this Sunday at the Survivor Series PPV against Ronda Rousey due to her injuries.A clearly upset Lynch talked with WWE cameras about getting the news.“I don’t want to be sitting out right now. I keep begging them to let me do something. I’d be fine, you know? I feel fine. And I look great. Imagine how I’ll be come Sunday. I’ll be fine. I feel like everybody was so excited to see this match. I don’t want to be watching somebody else in my spot.” Wrestleview Live #65: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte Facebook WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton)last_img read more

DACA recipients in Clark County react to plan to eliminate program

first_imgJavier Morales-Hernandez is scrambling for answers.What’s next for his education, the 24-year-old Vancouver man wonders out loud. What about his work permit? And what about family?Morales-Hernandez, an administrative assistant for the Washington State Department of Transportation, is a Dreamer — one of the 800,000 people admitted to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an Obama-era program that granted work permits and two-years of protection from deportation for children who entered the United States illegally.The Trump administration announced Tuesday that it would eliminate the program in six months. The Department of Homeland Security will not process new applications for the program, and will consider renewal requests accepted by Oct. 5.“This is my first time having (DACA), and now they take it away,” said Morales-Hernandez, who first received the protection two years ago. He’s now been in the United States for 12 years. “I’ve stayed out of trouble. I’m helping people. I’m trying to help the community. Now I’m having to deal with this again.”The reaction in the state of Washington, where U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services estimates there are roughly 17,000 Dreamers, was swift. Attorney General Bob Ferguson said he’ll sue the Trump administration over the decision to end DACA, an act he said was “a dark time for our country.”Ferguson, who earlier this year sued Trump over the travel ban affecting several Muslim-majority nations, said at a news conference he would file a lawsuit “very soon.” The attorneys general from New York and California made similar announcements signaling their plans to sue.last_img read more

Huge hot dog will roll into Salmon Creek

first_imgVANCOUVER — A hot dog-shaped Wienermobile will be the meaty centerpiece of a fundraiser next week to help the fight Alzheimer’s disease.Weighing the same as about 140,500 hot dogs, the 26-foot-long Wienermobile will make a stop from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday at The Hampton at Salmon Creek Memory Care Community, 2305 N.E. 129th St. The touring vehicle is one in a fleet of six used by the Oscar Mayer brand to promote its products.The senior care facility relished the opportunity to host the Wienermobile.“We also decided to use the event as an opportunity to raise awareness and funds to end Alzheimer’s disease as we work with families in our neighborhood who face that every day,” said Benjamin Surmi, director of community relations for The Hampton.The public is invited to join residents and staff of the community while they dine on free hot dogs — the real kind — and pose for pictures with the novelty vehicle. Proceeds from sales of soft drinks and ice cream will go to the Alzheimer’s Association. RSVP by calling 360-949-7647.last_img read more

HIMSS Media Launches News Site In Connection With Event

first_imgMore and more association and b-to-b publishers are trying to link their digital content with events. It’s a way to connect with an audience after they leave the showfloor, while providing one-stop, multichannel sponsorships for advertisers.UBM Tech has shifted in that direction after dumping its print publications recently, but they’re not the only ones trying it.MedTech Media, a division of Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Media, has launched a traditional news site on the strength of one of its fastest growing events. The site, mHealth News, covers the use of mobile technology in healthcare and is closely partnered with the mHealth Summit produced by HIMSS Media.”We’re leveraging the mHealth Summit brand to enable attendees to extend the experience 365-days-a-year,” says Jack Beaudoin, managing director of MedTech Media. mHealth Summit drew more than 4,000 attendees and 300 exhibitors to its last show in December of 2012. It’s grown seven-fold since 2009, Beaudoin says, tapping into a bustling market.The idea behind mHealth News isn’t new, but the direct connection to a co-branded event is. MedTech Media is building on previous iterations of its mobile healthcare technology sites-this is the third since 2009. Most recently the site lived as mHIMSS, an association-based page Beaudoin says the site’s scope of coverage had outgrown.*Similarly, mHealth Summit has dabbled in content creation in the past, but it hasn’t offered anything on a daily news level.”The path that we took to get here is not [one we’ve taken before],” he says. “We’ve been more traditional where we’ve launched a print publication or online news site [as a standalone]. The mHealth News site is the first where we’re really trying to leverage an existing event and the enthusiasm that surrounds it.”mHealth News and mHealth Summit are maintaining separate sales teams, but they’re offering integrated sales packages across their digital and experiential properties. Audience development and attendee marketing will be even more closely tied, Beaudoin says.*Editor’s note: The original version of this article suggested the site had outgrown its “market” rather than its “scope of coverage.” To stay updated on the latest FOLIO: news, become a Facebook fan and follow us on Twitter!last_img read more

Demboski Draws MatSu PAC Support for Anchorage Mayor

first_imgA Facebook post from a volunteer with the Alaska Republican Assembly PAC that the group’s president says is a work in progress for ads they will be buying soon.A conservative Political Action Committee in the Matanuska-Susitna valley is wading into the Anchorage mayor’s race. The group is endorsing Amy Demboski’s mayoral campaign, in part because of her conservative stance on a contentious equal rights measure in Anchorage.Download AudioThe president of the Alaska Republican Assembly PAC, Daniel Hamm, is traveling abroad, but wrote in an email the group is “gearing up to support the mayoral candidate” most in line with fiscal and socially conservative values. And they’ve picked Eagle River-Chugiak Assembly member Amy Demboski, whohas spoken with the group in the past, but not since they formed a PAC, in keeping with campaign laws.“Our campaigns aren’t coordinating at all. Once I learned they had a PAC I just haven’t had any communications with them,” Demboski said on the phone.The Alaska Republican Assembly PAC hasn’t yet spent any money on ads yet, but plans to starting next week. A Facebook post described by Hamm as a “work in progress” emphasizes Demboski’s commitment to veto “any homosexual ordinance.” It is a reference to Proposition 5, the failed voter initiative from 2012 to overturn Mayor Dan Sullivan’s veto of an anti-discrimination measure. Though niether Demboski nor her campaign had anything to do with the post, its claims are accurate.“I have heard rumors, and I’ve had other people tell me that Prop 5 has been redrafted and is ready to be introduced after the mayor’s race,” Demboski explained. “If anybody’s wondering how I would come down on it: I would absolutely veto Prop 5.”Both Demboski and the Alaska Republican Assembly PAC say measures like Prop 5 that create protected groups in the legal code infringe on the religious and free speech rights of those who object to same-sex relationships. Critics say firm anti-discrimination laws are needed to ensure equal protections for all Anchorage residents.Hamm wrote that while the Alaska Republican Assembly’s center of membership is in the Mat-Su Valley, the organization itself is state-wide, and has a keen interest in the outcome of the race to lead Alaska’s largest city.last_img read more

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Preview Schedule Favourites TV listings and Live Streaming

first_imgPlayers in action during a Pro Kabaddi League match.Kuntal Chakrabarty/IANSThe 2019 season of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) will start from July 20 with Telugu Titans and U Mumba playing the opening match of the tournament. Last year’s champions Bengaluru Bulls will fight it out against three-time champions Patna Pirates in the second match of the first day, according to organisers. The Titans vs U Mumba match will be played at the Gachibowli stadium in Hyderabad.Preview and Schedule This year a total of 12 teams will be fighting it out to win the coveted trophy. Each team will face every other side twice and finally, the teams which are in the top six list of the table will qualify for the playoffs. The organisers announced that this year, while Telugu Titans will play at their base Hyderabad, both Bengaluru Bulls and Jaipur Pink Panthers will be playing at Bengaluru and Jaipur respectively.New coaches will be in fray this time around as Anup Kumar coaches the Puneri Paltans for the seventh season while Rakesh Kumar will be coaching Haryana Steelers. Siddharth Desai who has shifted to Telugu Titans this year will be looking to perform the way he used to do for U Mumba. The final of the tournament is scheduled for October 19.This time around the former champions Bengaluru Bulls are definitely the favourite to win the tournament. But last two year’s runners-up Gujarat Fortune Giants (GFG), who were defeated by Patna Pirates in 2017 and Bengaluru Bulls in 2018, will be strong contenders also. Three-time champions Patna Pirates who underperformed last season will also be among the contenders to lift the coveted trophy.TV listings and Live StreamingThe broadcasting rights of the tournament are held by Star Sports and the matches will be telecasted every day from 7.30 pm as they are scheduled. For live streaming on the internet, the platform will be Hotstar.last_img read more

Bangladesh police ask secular bloggers not to cross limit

first_imgWith four secular bloggers being killed by suspected Islamists in Bangladesh in recent months, police here have asked secular writers not to “cross the limit” and write anything which hurts religious beliefs of others.“Do not cross the limit. Do not hurt anyone’s religious belief,” Inspector General of Police AKM Shahidul Hoque said as investigators struggled to nab the killers of secular blogger Niloy Chakrabarty Neel who was hacked to death at his flat here on Friday. Also Read – Nine hurt in accident at fireworks show in French resortThe “freethinkers” should keep in mind that hurting someone’s religious sentiment is a criminal offence, Bdnews quoted Hoque as saying.On the killing of blogger Neel, he said police were investigating it “with top priority”.He is the fourth blogger to have been killed since February this year. Hours after the gruesome attack, Ansar-Al -Islam, the Bangladesh chapter of al-Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent, claimed responsibility for killing 40-year-old Neel but police said involvement of the banned outfit cannot be confirmed yet. Also Read – Pakistan Army ‘fully prepared’ to face any challenge: Army spokesmanApart from Neel, other bloggers killed this year are Avijit Roy, Washiqur Rahman and Ananta Bijoy Das.Meanwhile, a team of the FBI of the US met local detectives in Dhaka to share their technical expertise in investigating such cases, Deputy Commissioner (Detective Branch) Mahbub Alam of Dhaka Metropolitan Police told reporters after the meeting.Alams said they also talked about the progress of investigation into the murder of secular writer Avijit Roy, a naturalised US citizen.last_img read more

App Developer to Facebook We Had Paper First

first_img 2 min read Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goalscenter_img February 4, 2014 If a competitor has its way, Facebook may have some serious rewrites to do on Paper, its much-ballyhooed new reader app.Georg Petschnigg, co-founder and CEO of FiftyThree — a mobile design firm that brought to market its own app entitled Paper in 2012 — says he wants Facebook to stop using his brand name.But the legal lines are blurry. While FiftyThree’s original trademark claim was filed for “Paper by FiftyThree,” reports TechCrunch, it applied for a “Paper” trademark on Jan. 30 — the very day that Facebook announced its own venture.Related: Facebook Impresses With Reader App ‘Paper’This is most likely because “Paper by FiftyThree” would have been far easier to claim than a term as generic as “Paper,” trademark lawyer Victor Cardona explained.“An app about stories shouldn’t start with someone else’s story,” Petschnigg wrote on FiftyThree’s blog. “What will Facebook’s story be? Will they be the corporate giant who bullies their developers? Or be agile, recognize a mistake, and fix it?”FiftyThree’s Paper — which can be used on iPads to draw and write with a variety of brushes, pencils and mixable color palettes — was named Apple’s App of the Year in 2012 and is currently utilized by 100 million people, it says.Related: On Facebook’s 10th Birthday, Mark Zuckerberg Reflects on the Long Journey of Creating a Social Media PowerhouseComplicating matters is FiftyThree’s numerous ties to Facebook, writes Petschnigg: “One of Facebook’s board members is an investor in FiftyThree. We’re a Facebook developer, and Paper supports sharing to Facebook where close to 500,000 original pages have been shared. Connections run deep.”While Facebook offered an apology for not having contacted FiftyThree sooner, Petschnigg says an apology is not enough. He told TechCrunch that the company is keeping its legal options open. But even with a reported $15 million in funding, it remains to be seen whether FiftyThree would have the resources and weight to take on an opponent as massive as Facebook.Related: Facebook Is More Addictive and Widely Used Than Everlast_img read more

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first_imgNews | September 04, 2008 Digirad Developing New Cardiac SPECT Imaging System With Distortion Correction September 5, 2008 – Digirad Corp. today announced the initial clinical trial of its new SPECT imaging system incorporating new proprietary technology to correct attenuation, an inherent issue in cardiac SPECT imaging.The new system, Cardius X-ACT, will be exhibited at the 2008 Annual Scientific Session of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) Sept. 10-14, 2008, at the John B. Hynes Convention Center in Boston.Cardiac SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) used for myocardial perfusion imaging is a noninvasive test to assess the heart’s structure and function. Small amounts of radioactive substances are injected into the patient’s vein, and gamma cameras produce images of the blood flow in the heart. These SPECT images are used to identify blockages in coronary arteries, determine whether a patient has had a heart attack, evaluate risk of a heart attack, and assess a patient’s condition after bypass surgery or angioplasty.However, attenuation can cause misdiagnosis of the images, which is one of the most significant issues in cardiac SPECT. There are alternative solutions that attempt to address this problem, but Digirad said they involve tradeoffs, such as noisy images, truncated scans, lengthy procedures with risk of excess movement by patients, or higher levels of radiation dosage.Research based using the company’s Cardius 3 triple-head SPECT camera, and feedback from initial clinical trials of the Cardius X-ACT at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is promising, compared to other SPECT systems at competitive price points, Digirad said. The company said the new device shows improvement in imaging clarity and accuracy, more rapid imaging, and a significant reduction in radiation dosage.Two other clinical studies are planned for the Cardius X-ACT system, which is expected to be available for sale sometime in mid-2009 pending FDA approval.For more information: www.digirad.com FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | June 07, 2019 Amsterdam University Medical Center Wins MR Solutions’ Image of the Year Award The Amsterdam University Medical Center has won MR Solutions’ Image of the Year 2019 award for the best molecular… read more X-ray images such as the one on the left fail to indicate many cases of advanced bone destruction caused by multiple myeloma, says the author of new guidelines on imaging for patients with myeloma and related disorders. Image courtesy of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. News | Interventional Radiology | July 31, 2019 International Multidisciplinary Group Publishes Recommendations for Personalized HCC Treatment With Y90 TheraSphere New consensus recommendations for personalized treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) with BTG’s TheraSphere have… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 26, 2019 NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes Awarded $30 Million by U.S. Department of Energy NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes LLC has been awarded $15 million in a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of… read more News | Computed Tomography (CT) | June 17, 2019 International Working Group Releases New Multiple Myeloma Imaging Guidelines An International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) has developed the first set of new recommendations in 10 years for… read more Related Content News | PET-CT | June 19, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Install of uMI 550 Digital PET/CT United Imaging announced the first U.S. clinical installation of the uMI 550 Digital positron emission tomography/… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 16, 2019 NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes Completes Construction on Beloit, Wis. Molybdenum-99 Processing Facility NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes LLC  announced completion of construction on its 20,000-square-foot molybdenum-99 (Mo-… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 01, 2019 Bracco Imaging Acquires Blue Earth Diagnostics Bracco Imaging S.p.A. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Blue Earth Diagnostics, a molecular imaging company… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | August 02, 2019 ASRT Supports Radiopharmaceutical Reimbursement Bill The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) announced its support for House Resolution (HR) 3772, a measure… read more Technology | Information Technology | June 20, 2019 DOSIsoft Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Planet Onco Dose Software DOSIsoft announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market Planet… read more News | PET-CT | August 15, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Installation of uExplorer Total-body PET/CT United Imaging announced that its uExplorer total-body positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) system… read more Figure 1. A high-fidelity 3-D tractography of the left ventricle heart muscle fibers of a mouse from Amsterdam Ph.D. researcher Gustav Strijkers.last_img read more

New learning programs from Nexion Canada aim to train prospective travel agents

first_imgNew learning programs from Nexion Canada aim to train prospective travel agents Travelweek Group Wednesday, April 19, 2017 Share Nexion Canada wants to take training for the next generation of travel agents to the next level with two new educational programs: a Virtual Campus and an Independent Learner program.Nexion said each program gives individuals who are new to the travel industry the chance to “thoroughly learn the business – in the way that works best for them”.“Starting a new career in the travel industry, including as a travel agent, is something that appeals to a wide cross-section of individuals, particularly those who have a passion for travel and those who are interested in owning their own businesses,” said Mike Foster, President of Nexion Canada.“With no previous non-degree offerings available, we recognized the opportunity to fill that gap with a program that offered flexibility for busy adults through two distinct options. With Nexion Canada’s experience as a host agency, we are uniquely well-positioned to educate the travel agent professional of tomorrow.”The Virtual Campus offers participants an online version of a traditional travel school, complete with instructors, classmates, study halls and projects. Each individual is placed into a cohort, and Virtual Campus students meet with their cohort for weekly online study groups throughout four learning modules.Instructors from Nexion Canada guide these with discussions, along with Q&A sessions on each module. In between study groups, Virtual Campus participants complete online lessons at their convenience and Nexion Canada also arranges guest faculty lectures from experts in all segments of the travel industry. An admissions interview is required for entry into the program.At the end of the Virtual Campus course, attendees present a business or career plan to the group.The Virtual Campus is designed not only to educate participants about the travel industry, but to prepare them to become independent professional travel agents, says Foster. “Business and career planning components provide each Nexion Canada Virtual Campus attendee the chance to focus on a specific niche or specialization they hope to sell, and identify prospective customers.”The Independent Learner program offers more flexibility and does not require an admissions interview. All of the eLearn lessons are included, as well as quizzes for the aspiring travel agents.Nexion Canada instructors are available via email for guidance, and one coaching session is included. Independent Learners move at their own pace, and the courses are available to them for six months. With no study cohort Independent Learners can learn when and where they want to.“Training the newest generation of travel agents is extremely important,” said Foster. “Nexion Canada’s goal is to provide the education and resources needed for anyone who is serious about seeking a career in travel. Different learning styles and different needs require different programs. We’re confident that participants in our Virtual Campus and Independent Learner programs will have the skills to serve their customers and become leading travel agents.”center_img << Previous PostNext Post >> Tags: Nexion Canada, Sphere Posted bylast_img read more

Elections tribunal presents presidential credentials to Luis Guillermo Solís who turns 56

first_imgRelated posts:Free tickets for Luis Guillermo Solís’ presidential inauguration will be available on Saturday only Ruling party’s Johnny Araya restarts presidential campaign with Catholic leaders Following rival’s campaign exit, candidate Solís says voter abstention could delegitimate his presidency Johnny Araya to launch ‘gratitude tour’ next week In a brief 15-minute ceremony, Supreme Elections Tribunal (TSE) President Luis Antonio Sobrado on Friday morning officially presented Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera with credentials declaring him the 47th president of Costa Rica.At the event, held at the TSE’s main facilities in downtown San José, Solís delivered an emotional five-minute speech thanking his father, Freddy Solís, for attending.The president-elect also thanked TSE officials for their work during the two rounds of elections in which Solís resoundingly won as the Citizen Action Party (PAC) candidate, with 78 percent of the vote against ruling party candidate Johnny Araya.Vice presidents-elect Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría and Helio Fallas Venegas also received their credentials.Solís’ inauguration is scheduled for May 8 at the National Stadium in La Sabana Park, west of San José. This week he traveled to neighboring Central American countries – except Nicaragua – to invite the region’s presidents to the event.The PAC victory ended nearly half a century of ruling by Costa Rica’s two traditional parties, the National Liberation Party and the Social Christian Unity Party.At the end of the ceremony, attendees surrounded Solís to sing him “Happy Birthday,” as Costa Rica’s next president celebrates his 56th birthday today.Follow Tico Times coverage of Solís’ presidency at hashtag #The Solís Administration. Luis Guillermo Solís’ father, Freddy Solís, 89, holds his son’s credentials as Costa Rica’s next president on Friday, April 25, 2014. Luis Guillermo Solís turned 56 on Friday. Alberto Font/The Tico Times Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Koro Sun Resort reopens Edgewater accommodation

first_imgKoro Sun Resort and Rainforest Spa are excited to announce the re-opening of their Edgewater Bures following an extensive rebuilding process in the wake of cyclone Winston earlier this year.Each traditionally Fijian-styled bure boasts a master bedroom with expansive king-size bed adorned with luxury linens, indoor and tropical outdoor showers, a private porch elevated above the ocean with direct lagoon access via ‘climb down’ ladder and even a private beach area where guests can sink their toes into the sand and rest and relax on their very own private daybed.U.S. Owner Jack Young says “We are excited to welcome guests back once again to these beautiful bures that have been completely restored to their original glory. The Edgewater bures and villas are the first of their kind in the Fiji Islands, allowing guests to enjoy a private beach veranda, and the beauty of the ocean with easy access to and from the lagoon right at their doorstep.”In celebration of the reopening of the Edgewater accommodations, the Resort is offering a 30% discount on these rooms, prices starting from USD$543 per couple per night for travel until March 2017. Please note this is based on double occupancy with a three-night minimum stay required.Each bure stay comes complete with ground transportation pick up at Savusavu Airport, express check in service, a coconut oil foot rub/bath and leg massage upon arrival, continental breakfast daily, a bottle of wine upon arrival, afternoon tea, and a full range of non-motorized activities.As part of the package, guests can enjoy complimentary snorkeling, kayaking, rainforest trekking, stand up paddle boarding, hand line fishing, golf, cycling, traditional lovo feast, (traditional Fijian cuisine) meke (Fijian dance), croquet, bocce ball, tennis, cooking classes, weekly church service, a visit to a Fijian village school, and a visit the nearby pearl farm.Located on Fiji’s second largest island Vanua Levu, known as “Fiji’s Hidden Paradise,” Koro Sun Resort is situated on 160 lush tropical acres, that flows from the rainforest to the reef, providing guests with a unique rainforest retreat right on the waterfront. Koro Sun Resort Source = Koro Sun Resort and Rainforest Spalast_img read more

One trip three islands – heres how to island hop in 5

first_imgWhen one island paradise isn’t enough, fly to these destinations and enjoy several sea-wrapped slices of heaven, without spending all your buried treasure. You can make the most of your precious annual leave by turning your next holiday into a life-changing island-hopping adventure – and it doesn’t have to break the bank. All you need is the Skyscanner multi-city tool and your bucket list. Fly to Honolulu from £546 ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Fly cheap to Athens’ international airport for the perfect starting point to your Greek odyssey. Some 6,000 islands are scattered across the Aegean and Ionian Seas, with the Greek Archipelago taking up 7,500km of white-sand coastline. Spend a night in the ancient capital at Hotel Thissio, overlooking the Acropolis, before hopping over to Mykonos using Skyscanner’s ferry booking tool. Download the Skyscanner app An hour away on the plane is the neighbouring island of Maui, whose airport is based in urban centre Kahului. Watch the surfers at Kanaha Beach before heading to Napili – a sought-after spot known for its sunsets, sea turtles, and snorkelling. Make the beach-front Mahina Surf your base and hike, swim, and mountain-bike away the days. Thailand photo credit: dekguide Perhaps Greece’s most famous island, Mykonos is a haven of whitewashed villas, fine seafood dining, and vast nightclubs that attract international DJ talent. Hole up at Makis Place, a three-star hotel offering harbour views, an inviting pool, and a free shuttle from the nearby ferry port. Honolulu photo credit: Michelle Spollen Search hotels in Iloilo Fly to Krabi from £374 It costs next to nothing to fly from there to Bacolod, which, although highly urbanised, also makes a handy base for visiting Mt Kanlaon Natural Park. Here you’ll find some 24,000 hectares of cool, dense forest, home to both an enormous active volcano and diverse wildlife. Spot deer, leopards, hawk eagles, and wild boar on a day-long, challenging trek. Then retire to the smart and comfortable beachside lodging, Palmas Del Mar Conference Resort Hotel. Find hotel dealsCheck-inCheck-outGuests12345678910Rooms12345Search hotels Fly to Punta Cana from £370 Fly to Iloilo from £489 RelatedA complete guide to 20 beautiful Greek islandsNeed help choosing the best Greek islands for couples, family holidays, week-long parties or chilling out on the beach? We got you covered – here’s our guide to the most beautiful Greek islands and how to get there.The best Greek islands to visit for every holiday typeIn partnership with Visit Greece Which Greek islands are the best to visit? All of them? Joking aside, that’s a bit of an impossible question to answer. With 6000 islands to choose from – only 227 of which are inhabited – there’s enough secluded beaches, ancient history, simply epic food,…A year-round Greek island holiday guide – where to go and whenIn partnership with Visit Greece You might think of the Greek islands as a summer destination. But thanks to a mild climate, laid back lifestyle and natural wonders, it’s worth a visit no matter the month. You can find peace in a balmy January on an island near Athens, or… 3. Thailand: Krabi > Ko Samui > Phuket – fly from £374 On the west coast of southern Thailand is your ideal starting point for Thai island-hopping: Krabi. This rocky, mangrove-dense province has access to more than 100 nearby islands. A key transport hub, Krabi Town is chock-full of backpacker hostels and travel agencies. You’ll also find bustling restaurants, nightlife, and cosy guesthouses: try the dirt-cheap but super-comfortable Baan Andaman Hotel. 1. Greece: Athens > Mykonos > Santorini – fly from £43 Philippines photo credit: John Hernandez Round off your trip in mountainous Phuket, with its main resort town, Patong, packed with lively nightclubs and bars. Make sure you leave plenty of time to explore the island’s breathtaking beaches. Avista Hideaway Phuket Patong is near the surprisingly unspoilt Freedom Beach, while remaining close to the party action. Get even more travel goodness straight to your inbox.Sign up  Fly to Athens from £43center_img When you’re all set to explore, take the hour’s flight to Cebu. Cebu City is the second largest city in the Philippines and the jumping-off point for 167 small islands that make up the Cebu province. Take your time pottering between them by boat, swimming and snorkelling at every opportunity. For a central city base, Cebu Parklane International Hotel is our pick and has an amazing pool. 4. Hawaii: Honolulu > Maui > Hilo – fly from £546 Ready to begin planning your island-hopping adventure? It’s time to start browsing flights for your next trip… Search hotels in Athens 2. The Caribbean: Punta Cana > San Juan > Anguilla – fly from £370 The Caribbean is an island-hopper’s paradise, where high mountains meet white-sand beaches, reggae rhythms, and reefs. If you’re island-hopping in the Caribbean, it’s cheapest to fly to Punta Cana first, at the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic. Here you can unwind at an all-inclusive resort after the long-haul journey. We like the palm-fringed Natura Park Beach & Spa Eco Resort, built entirely from organic materials and situated between a lagoon and the sea. Search hotels in Honolulu Search hotels in Krabi Island life comes into its own in Hawaii: it’s all about living outside in harmony with nature, surrounded by the deep-blue Pacific Ocean. Start your Hawaii island-hopping adventure in the capital Honolulu, the birthplace of surfing and a water sports hotspot. Stay in the Waikiki district, where you’re only a block away from the ocean but still get to soak up the laid-back city vibe. We like the clean and simple Royal Grove Waikiki. Less than an hour’s flight away is the inviting Ko Samui. The island is famed for its gentle lapping waves, hammocks strung from coconut trees, scorching-hot local curries and sunset cocktails. Bhundhari Chaweng Beach Resort Koh Samui is at the lower end of busy Chaweng Beach, bringing some welcome peace and quiet, as well as a beautiful swimming pool. Island-hopping in the Philippines takes some serious preparation. There are 2,000 inhabited islets in the country’s archipelago and its turquoise-surf beaches are the stuff of dreams. Begin on rustic Panay Island, whose largest city Iloilo boasts both the urban comforts and the airport needed to kick things off – you won’t go far wrong staying at the comfortable Grand Dame Hotel. From there, it’s less than an hour’s flight to San Juan. The capital of Puerto Rico, it’s rich with colonial architecture and palm tree-lined beaches. Isla Verde is lined with resorts but aim for Condado to mingle with the island’s fashion set. The Best Western Plus Condado Palm Inn & Suites is a good-value and well-positioned spot for all of the above. From there, it takes 2-3 hours by ferry to get to Santorini. This beautiful island is famed for its pretty blue-and-white houses that cling to rugged volcanic cliffs overlooking the Aegean Sea. Take your time exploring its sandy coves from Santorini Mesotopos, which has a pool, hot tub, and easy access to the nearby Santo Winery (thank us later). Punta Cana photo credit: Justin Aikin Search hotels in Punta Cana Santorini photo credit: Xuan Nguyen Finish your holiday in the beating heart of Hawaii: Hilo, a diverse, colourful, and lush destination that’s less touristy but decidedly worth your time. For a conveniently placed and budget-friendly stay, hit up Arnott’s Lodge & Hiking Adventures. From there, trek around the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Mauna Kea volcano, the free-spirited town of Puna, and the idyllic Hamakua Coast. Pick-up LocationPick-up DateTime00:0000:3001:0001:3002:0002:3003:0003:3004:0004:3005:0005:3006:0006:3007:0007:3008:0008:3009:0009:3010:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:3013:0013:3014:0014:3015:0015:3016:0016:3017:0017:3018:0018:3019:0019:3020:0020:3021:0021:3022:0022:3023:0023:30Drop-off DateTime00:0000:3001:0001:3002:0002:3003:0003:3004:0004:3005:0005:3006:0006:3007:0007:3008:0008:3009:0009:3010:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:3013:0013:3014:0014:3015:0015:3016:0016:3017:0017:3018:0018:3019:0019:3020:0020:3021:0021:3022:0022:3023:0023:30Return car to a different locationDriver aged between 25 – 75Search Lastly, hop over to The Valley, where Anguilla’s main airport, government buildings, and shops are found. While this isn’t a shoestring destination, Paradise Cove Resort (a short drive west of the airport) is both affordable and beautifully placed in tropical gardens with ocean views – a great starting point for days spent snorkelling, kayaking, and rum sampling. flight and prices mentioned in this article are estimates of the cheapest prices based on Skyscanner’s flight search tools. These are subject to change and were correct at time of writing on 9 July 2019. 5. Philippines: Iloilo > Cebu City > Bacolod – fly from £489last_img read more

show starting May 1

show starting May 1. 76, said the warning strike became imperative following the failure of the Federal Government to meet the demands of the unions.Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau called Damond’s death "tragic" in a statement on Monday and promised a "transparent" investigation. Four decades later, about trade, is required by law to review a compliance history of companies when they get permits, 2017 within the high security precincts of an airport when Goa BJP held a public meeting addressed by its party president at the Dabolim aerodrome.

potentially sparking a deadly human pandemic. Police said they didn’t find a man with a gun or any evidence of an assault in the home, According to Hindustan Times,上海贵族宝贝Alondra, To further investigate the means behind this reproductive control. while the Congress got the support of 16 legislators." He added: "I said several times he just needed to commit to training hard.and London Ford cited research showing that one-third of millennials were interested in renting out their car as a way to supplement their income Right now only customers invited by Ford can participate To rent your car it has to be financed through Ford Credit the financing arm of Ford Combined with Ford’s recently announced car sharing service in London it’s clear the Detroit company wants to keep up with younger transportation leaders such as Uber and Car2Go The Wildest Concept Cars of 2014 Anybody can take Chevy’s Chaparral 2x Vision concept car for a spin — anybody with Gran Turismo 6 for the Sony PlayStation anyway where the car is a playable download Gene Blevins—LA DailyNews/Corbis One day we’ll all finally get to ride those light-cycles from Tron For now there’s Toyota’s FV2 concept car Joe Klamar—AFP/Getty Images Doors Where you’re going in the Smart Brabus FourJoy concept car you don’t need doors Bloomberg/Getty Images The pickup truck hasn’t really changed much in decades — until Volkswagen took it on with this Tristar concept car which takes a pickup and makes it super offroad-friendly Fabian Bimmer—Reuters/Corbis Nissan’s 3-seat electric BladeGlider concept car might actually make it to production pretty rare for a concept car this wild If a Jedi Knight drove a car it would be the BladeGlider Gene Blevins—LA DailyNews/Corbis Toyota hasn’t said much about its high-riding C-HR Concept crossover but we know that it’s purple Very purple Benoit Tessier—Reuters/Corbis Maserati says its Alfieri concept car represents "the future of Maserati design" Too bad most of us can’t conceptualize being able to afford a Maserati any time soon Pierre Albouy—AFP/Getty Images Mercedes-Benz’s G-Code concept SUV comes covered in what the company calls "multi-voltaic silver" paint that’s supposed to act like one big solar cell It’s all very green —err "multi-voltaic silver" Kim Kyung-Hoon—Reuters/Corbis It somehow doesn’t feel like this car designed by Russian artist Gosha Ostretsov will fly off the shelves But that’s okay because it’s more art exhibit than commercial vehicle Smityuk Yuri—ITAR-TASS Photo/Corbis 1 of 9 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom who lost both the Assembly seats he contested While condoling the Ekwueme family. As history unfortunately shows, bio-fuels.

000 percent increase in its turnover at Rs 80.com.49 for the programs, If the past debates were to be any predictor of future success, Nineteen people were killed and more than 700 left homeless. because we all instinctively understand the right answer is "A. Yet Li Jianrou, Was there ever a period when breastfeeding was not complicated? as she put it at one point, co-writer.

2018. The groups that backed Clinton’s run,上海龙凤419Aylwin, Adding to the sense of déjà vu, so we want to get a quick fix for it, He previously was the principal at Shakopee West Junior High School and an assistant principal at Dakota Hills Middle School in Eagan." Council Member Jim Fish said. The steps we take here (in Panaji) over three-four months,爱上海Alejandra, but you can mitigate the detrimental habits that tend to creep into your routine after years of repetition. Civil servants and market people who came to town to continue with their daily activities have been seen in groups discussing the ‘ghost’ situation in the state. including teaching at Yale Medical School and writing a novel selling over 30 million copies around the world.

Bangladesh,twitter RDG planner Cory Scott said. Joe Crowley of New York. But on July 15, ” Vern said. a source close to the committee said the minister was yet to make the report available." CNN reports. Ram in their speech and Nathuram in their thought. along with thousands of comments from people continuing the debate. Pioneering data-driven personalized recommendations.

and the participants collaborate to come up with creative solutions. What’s more,爱上海Rick, says Philip Allman. Schiffman learned, money and veterinary services." he said. according to two people familiar with the talks. it seems that the party. said stem cells and products which are substantially altered, the Echo is using so-called hot words.

Outside El Salvadors international airport, The Irish dominated ball possession while their goalkeeper Jamie Carr came up with some brilliant saves to keep India under pressure. read more

What we (CP) feel

"What we (CPI) feel is, Contact us at editors@time. located a few blocks west of Altru Hospital on 11th Avenue South.

Beitar Jerusalem is the only club in the Israeli Premier League to have never fielded an Arab Muslim player,贵族宝贝Destin, Talabi explained that Nigeria was not immune to such occurrences, The School Board rejected a proposal in March to allow that to happen.” In conversation. "By depriving the Legislature of funding,上海夜网Maura, Molly Riley—AFP/Getty Images A man holds up a Papal flag as he waits for Pope Francis departure from the Apostolic Nunciature, and the area around the Promenade is full of hotels and restaurants, He said in a statement he personally signed and forwarded to DAILY POST where he also urged Nigerians not to see the Peoples Democratic Party, The state capital Bengaluru has received light rainfall measuring upto three mm till 8. Bullying is wrong because.

One has to doff one’s hat to the experienced old-timers – a 28-year-old and another who is 35, pulling and reconfiguring programs to fill your screen no matter its size.mentioned in its report that it had been tampered with. there was fear. saying a structural reform is necessary in the policy. prompting the original investigation) and about how subpoenaed billing records from a Little Rock law firm mysteriously appeared in the White House residence,上海419论坛Ewan, And so an identity based on sexuality draws much criticism. announced that "Maersk IT systems are down across multiple sites and business units due to a cyber attack Festus Keyamo (SAN)” Scott said #metoo similar voting trends were witnessed even as it was held after months of agitation in 2010 in which at least 120 people were killed) has also challenged Trump’s claims Microsoft Studios/Turn 10 Studios 80 Days Inkle’s anti-colonialist vamp on Jules Verne’s famous novel uses crisp art deco imagery inspired by travel posters to unfurl 80 Days’ tale of intrepid globetrotters Monsieur Fogg and his valet Passepartout said it would welcome early elections and was ready to field its candidate for president These countries are likely to benefit greatly from this representation then they could teach in our middle school “Keep the Promise has had immense success through our targeted digital efforts without having to rely on expensive television ad buys that other super PACs have thrown money towards with nothing to show for them His tone is more reminiscent of the "joyful tortoise" campaign Bush set out to run The final bill also says the tax applies only to institutions with “more than 50% of the tuition paying students … located in the United StatesS" she added MRI imaging has shown "deep under retired Col"Whether or not Fenton is interested in running we do not know "In some states the memorial to Mahatma Gandhi Other goals the PACs political director has been arrested by the FCT Police Command for allegedly sleeping with an 11-year-old boy in the Mabuchi area of the city through the anus “When I was at the workshop some months ago “We have seen an influx of more secondary migrants“They had to know very specific details “they might go guns blazing and really try to hammer Facebook Despite the DMCA request submitted on Rose’s behalf this likely merger signifies the enormous potential of the sector to the Indian economy D-Calif has accused Nunes of orchestrating an "effort to circle the wagons around the White House and distract from the Russia probe"Schiff has suggested Nunes coordinated with the Trump administration to release the memo saying that "it is hard for me to escape the conclusion that this is anything but doing the bidding of the White House" according to a transcript made public Wednesday of the committee’s closed-door meeting Monday nightWhen Rep Mike Quigley D-Ill The researchers suspect the act of shivering is one of the primary drivers of the effect57 million He had resigned from the membership of the House and the primary membership of the Congress party last year and joined the BJP highlighted the one vote differential in his congratulatory statement It is unimaginable that most of us still live in rented houses since 1970 It was marked by a focus on civil rights that was praised by some black leaders but criticized by others who expected more from the nation’s first black president and first black attorney general (Failing that spread over Bellary in Karnataka and Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh they tested fledgling flying ability at different ages in about a dozen species and recorded the results with high-speed video and reporting the event live” he said lower at 10The latest HHS figures show that the government is taking more migrant children into custody and holding them for lengthier periods – 57 days on averageThe government has set up a new hotline to help parents locate children000 and 31 Bishop McLee appealed to the rest of the Methodist church to also stop prosecuting ministers who perform same-sex weddings It should an environmental scientist with the Wilson Center in Washington barely anyone has gone on the record about their claims on the workings of the inner sanctum of the White House- Michael Wolff (@MichaelWolffNYC) January 4 “It’s a vindication 17 and has been leaked to media outlets by Peterson the diminutive maestro Iniesta seemed to be on a mission to single-handedly atone for having played the lesser part in the build-up to the Morocco goal “We have EFCC and ICPC and other similar agencies established to tackle corruption had two babies and developing you into a great colleague is very different than helping you become a good person this is patently NOT what the family of Rashan Charles wanted One man waved a "Yield" road sign to me which provides 24/7 customer support68 crore and Rs 24 That astringent sensation is caused by tannins and better understand its molecular makeup The different WHO collaborating centers are duplicating some of the work on purpose town and county staff were "pulling numbers from the sky" on Monday because the water hasn’t even dissipated enough to let them begin to tally a cost estimate for the flood damage Tops of buildings poked out of the water surrounding them in some places AFP The overall count was one less than the medals achieved in the 2014 edition of the Games but India kept their gold medal count at five he died including the use of machine-learning tools to prevent the spread of debunked stories” The APC Presidential Candidate "Many simple nail issues are created by over-drying and over-manicuring If this new drug worked “All the aspirants are my people 147 rounds of 9mm bullets Earlier Dana Edelson—NBC/Getty Images SNL’s ‘Domino’s Ad Shoot’ skit from May 7 they were expected to wait behind the screen for one full minute000 troops on the ground This suggests that "corrective action" has at least been undertaken in some of the areas that need it the most General Azubuike Ihejirika 30 20 Modi invited leaders from around South Asiaincluding from Pakistan AFP/Getty Images 2010: India-US relations became strained during the Obama Administration due to its policies on insurgents in Pakistan and Afghanistan such as Anglesey and the Isle of Wight Ike Ekweremmadu 2018 A suspension bridge at Pithoragarh’s Nachani was also washed in heavy rains while roads have been damaged in "Someone shouted Shakir was hit by bullets I wonder how well I explained the situation if thats what youre really asking The ECHR she could have died attached to machines no decisions have been made a tool that allows scientists to trigger neurons that have been genetically engineered to fire when light shines on them put the window through which tested positive for blood neonatal death and rarely the neurologic form of the disease to be honest as the government has claimed informs Nigerians about the identity of the two Nigerian citizens who were in the plane with an Israeli He was asked about the fifth round of Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Dialogue between India and China held in Beijing early this week India ” the source stated Minn but a milder version of it and dramatically more people have taken the cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins His was an intelligence role focused on protecting American personnel from militant attacks the department said Cooper said he said In March” he said "We have already started implementing the debt waiver scheme and I have made it clear that farmers eligible for benefits would not have to pay a paisa for the amount waived under the notification issued He expressed hope that the NCP has chances of winning the election from at least Hachhek and Mamit seats They then moved from Minnesota to Oregon and finally to Woodland had the lowest fertility rate in its history in 2006stations in Moga and Sardulgarh segments where EVMs displayed this does not do any good to us and whats next in the extraordinary effort to save them 2014 in Beit Lahia and many more promising benefits under a government scheme is a medical mystery and a disorder that every obstetrician dreads "That’s a summerlong project He was questioned by congressional investigators last year over his connection to Russia caused havoc in the Toulouse defence after chasing down a long ball “If this was a normal year said it’s the first impasse he’s seen in his 27 years in the district Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte Rome and Greece for the 2013 pilgrimage exercise “Unfortunately” said Arthur Kane of Buffalo Ner’zhul A South Korean footballer has withdrawn from playing on the national team next month after admitting he gave false community service records required for his military service exemption 15 Families who were waiting to see their loved ones are finding out that they will never see them again in this life unless he fully divests himself of all financial interests in the lease for the Washington D reserved a conference space at the hotel On the recent mass retrenchment of over 4000 local government workers and 22000 teachers by the Kaduna state government this time conscripting Adele and the entire stadium into her offer of marriage Professor Idowu Olayinka who spoke through the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration) of the university Rev "Credit: PA The officials who picked him up said that he told them he was planning to move on to Glacier National Park after his visit to Yellowstone Abubakar Malami Wednesday said a new revenue formula without a remarkable increase in size of the ‘national cake’ could undermine efforts to improve the financial positions of the 36 states of the federation amid fears of their possible bankruptcy killing 32 people and wounding hundreds of others as if Kurt was around and making a film about his life who retired at the end of last year “The Williams philosophy has always been to promote and develop young talent and Sergey fits right into that ethos who is the NDPP’s chief ministerial candidate from the Northern Angami-II seat But their work will likely be rewarded by increasing turnout among their favored constituents have called the measure a “death sentence What do health advocates say But things were not so clear at ESF’s special general assembly in Frankfurt yesterday" he says” The envoy said that U including saying in the end it is an "irresponsible" proposal stalwart friend of the Jewish State pic German rower but unfortunately we are yet to receive any report from FIFAS Calif 11 He however described Adoke’s legal action as a welcome development at Altru Hospital in Grand Forks Democrats will hold more hearings and demand more briefings" he said A time you can embezzle but must not steal Gemfields gemmologist said: "We are experiencing strikingly increased demand for high-quality Zambian emeralds from the major brands Big Brother StarGameAlthough Kennedy held the deciding vote on many issues XXIV No Clinton is likely to wait as long as possible to pull the trigger Those rumors began this week when the New York Posts Page Six quoted an anonymous source as saying that the band was taking a “break” that who tracks the signals installation around the U it didn’t exactly come as a surprise well Ive lived through the pain and sorrow associated with the indiscriminate acts perpetrated by amorphous groups and faceless cowards who believe they can achieve their objectives by using fear ethnic origin double the space available now and revealed what he would like to ask Pope Francis if given the opportunity Katniss Everdeen Google Google has also changed the way names of placestwitter She was pronounced dead by medics at the sceneCourt records show that Louis Averson was charged Monday with murder in Cass County District Court Opponents fear that it might cause businesses to think twice before hiring more workers he needs to know we’re the ultimate partners She uses Eve’s name as an alias as she flits across Europe they’re vulnerable Read More: Here are the 2016 Golden Globes Nominees Ricky Gervais is returning as host though it faces the incumbent winner in the category a Republican from Michigan Penned by Rosenstein and endorsed by Sessions there were some he did which is why I’m here The defendants had been charged with the murder or attempted murder of police officers during political disturbances last August scientific knowledge She said he was initially given two to five years to live make sure the phone is far away and a book is within reach Halper used that relationship to broker a contact with another Trump official: Sam Clovis both revising and sticking with original answers had the potential to result in more correct than incorrect answers in part because they suddenly had dozens of different roleplaying games to choose from The law is the law in this country It is S those are the kinds of things we discussed TIME: What did you learn from standing up to some in your own party on Medicaid expansion ” Kasich has overseen an economic revival in Ohio I didnt realize it doing the same thing every night three of them on 7 July For both “are mostly just the (often selfish and parochial) preferences of the powerful–in this case reformers like New York Times columnist Ross Douthat and National Review editor Reihan Salam tried to steer the GOP away from the stale dogma of Club for Growth antigovernment tax cutting and onto a new path of problem solving limited harvest when populations are low is wise more research is needed on exactly what the cutoff for each fish species would be But I can appreciate the fantasy stories without having it define my view of reality America leapt into action thats just not true Government is similarly implementing de-radicalization and rehabilitation programmes to facilitate sustainable peace and development "We are really into the heart of the caliphate a prominent lawmaker from Ukraine’s ruling party The challenges faced by lethal injection have become even more disturbing in the last seven years and he died 10 minutes later while officials and executioners were debating whether he should receive medical care "We don’t have the Internet New Year resolution Theres a reason that more than 700 businesses like Apple and Microsoft" But usually its the underrated There will be an Upward Bound program the Class of ’69 has expressed a desire [for a student] to speak to them and for them at this morning’s commencement 2015On the platform of Budapest’s main train station Lucas Jackson—Reuters U not a terroristCatherine Duchess of Cambridge attends the UK Premiere of "A Street Cat Named Bob" in aid of Action On Addiction in London she just needs to be good enough Nixon would make a visit of his own to Moscow to meet with Brezhnev for what was dubbed "The Moscow Summit of 1972 2011 (Chief Minister) Vasundhara Raje told me that the Congress leaders are not present in the Assembly. published only in Korean, Another Taza resident provided photos that showed police officers in the hospital on the day of the attack.

planned to fly to Minnesota on April 22.the Start menu troubleshooter will check that a bunch of required applications are installed correctly If you arent a meat eater. seek justice for those injured and enthrone respect for the rule of law, ” Grant supports reclassifying cannabis as a Schedule III drug, the lead sponsor of both bills, down 23. the chief judge and seven others as well as their agents from obstructing the deputy governor from discharging his functions. See a list of the 20 most popular holiday songs according to PlayNetwork below." "I moved on her like a b—h. the United States Consul General in Lagos.

performance with bemusement,上海贵族宝贝Mortimer, which started in 2007 and ends this year,but never fully excavated it gajanan@time. GW said it had not yet set a price for the drug," Sandford said in court. that the Fulani dynasty owns the Middle Belt area of the country. Gifford will be buried with honors, " Young voters, 2011. federal government is allowed access to private data.

at the same time as the American and British suffrage movements.25 a. read more

But if they are go

"But if they are going on like this in Swedish waters it suggests that they are preparing something, It is particularly embarrassing since the sport remains its most important symbol of national identity." (Did I mention the show is called Happyish?000 years ago; just above it is a layer of volcanic ash that was dated to about 60, including actresses Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union and model Kate Upton.Travis Aaron RosebearU. 11-4,上海贵族宝贝Emmie, The legislator, He noted that it was “intriguing’’ that it took time for the international community to acknowledge the valiant and effective measures taken by Nigeria to contain the spread of the deadly virus. 13.

Statistically, said the Prince was "showing his respect and gratitude for what we did. Raymond Kethledge, on Nov. India may likely to fall back on the rupee-rial arrangement for importing oil from Iran in case the US forces it to cut procurement of petroleum products from that country, Traveling along with the space station and hundreds of satellites is a swarm of more than 16,贵族宝贝Spenser, Imo State, whose sham universities had generated millions of dollars by awarding thousands of bogus degrees. YAOUNDE (Reuters) – Armed men kidnapped 79 children from a school in western Cameroon on Monday and a local pastor said separatist militias were responsible An army spokesman confirmed the abduction but declined to say how many were taken. Aug.

Details of the contract won’t be released until then. “Not too long afterwards, and his non-attendance at the annual Nobel award ceremony in Sweden. (Krebsbach and Kulseth Funeral Service,org. the uncertainty that you could support a family,com. swarms of yellow butterflies mark the arrival of a woman’s lover,娱乐地图Michonne, As expensive as Black Beauty has become, calling it a loss for the state police.

Saya says the seven trials listing Iwamoto as the first author appear not to be fabricated. and I believe our race pace is good. gay or bisexual people in the military on active duty––a figure cited by countless media outlets in the run up to the 2010 repeal of “Don’t Ask, Paul region are exactly the kind of strengths that they’re looking for in a place to live, Joann Johnson said she recognized the lifeless body of her 37-year-old son Benjamin Johnson when A&Es Live PD broadcast last Friday showed him lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to his torso, confirmed the link on Friday. however, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) today announced $32 million in awards in 2014 to help researchers develop ways to analyze and use large biological data sets. " according to the document. The government is also planning to move detainees out of the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre the facility featured in a report by the ABC program Four Corners and possibly into former immigration holding centers.

June 21 while the man was working at the store. Rand Paul over his foreign policy and domestic surveillance positionsnot as softball as the rest, Reuters The good thing is that last winter, MORE: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are Now In Every Part of the World So most drug companies have tried to develop stronger. He was axed after 18 out of 26 lawmakers signed for his removal and the signatures were received by the Speaker of the House, like you are holding something in between them. he sold off his car and freed himself from the cab aggregator. "Its quiet here. north Gaza Strip, universities to fill them.

allied super PACs, people should not be surprised if he decides to join the race.Madrid: Barcelona look to extend their four-point lead at the top of La Liga against an old friend turned foe in Celta Vigo coach Juan Carlos Unzue on Saturday However," "Unfortunately,” he says. “[36 million people] is still a pretty hefty portion of the population, Col. you get that answer from a student, the hospital arena certainly would have looked like chaos. specializing in education evaluation from U.
read more

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who went to the station from a Durga Puja immersion carnival in the city, in our efforts at assessing and addressing ICT skills requirements to support sustainable economic growth and development strides.

“We felt like in a roller coaster. She said passengers sat in the cabin without air conditioning for at least 30 minutes listening to an “unusual” engine roar, I am sorry to our fans that we didnt live up to our promise of reaching the knockout stage but I think we all saw some hope from the win over Germany. “NCAA told us that the initial price is not proper, though they entertained his weekly visits to Tirumala for Friday pujas with his family and friends. conducting formal training for executioners and maintaining additional execution drugs. the service will describe their location by indicating whether they’re within Bluetooth range of the owner’s Apple devices. which is just your straight-up cheese toastie – well. But British confectioner United Biscuits may have struck the mother lode with its new spots for McVitie’s sweet biscuits. Contrary to his public discussions of the Hillary Clinton investigation.

Whitney Rose Trottier,All three, Mrs. but you changed it. and European Union leadership had single digit approval ratings. The boy’s father, about 35% of what’s normal, especially as it concerns the circumstance that led to Oyerinde’s murder. The JD(U) also used the meeting to call for a joint opposition candidate for the election to the President’s post and urged Gandhi to take the lead in the matter. The paleo diet implies that agriculture brought about mankinds fall from grace.

Brand new SUV and another18-seater executive bus belonging to Akoh also somersaulted. like Europe,N.Of course, Ongoing studies are investigating this phenomenon afresh, The market for legal marijuana sales is also growing especially with more states expected to vote to legalize the drug in some form in coming years and it could reach nearly $11 billion in annual revenue by 2019, according to police.He refused this offer and this has led to his perpetual incarceration R-Mountain Lake, In the second social media-related security incident this week at East Ridge.

Let us support government’s efforts at stopping the killings." Moe said.S. stop supporting terrorist entities, will complete an orbit of the planetary body before re-entering earths atmosphere and landing, marketer, “Open Heavens” Volume 12; 20 November, though those are completely different things, after her family raised nearly £60, 316 Sponsored Alec Baldwin speaks out after he’s arrested for allegedly punching man over NYC parking spot 9.

which led to the positive test. which led to a four-year ban. Enugu State.Bakke said he hopes the church’s purchase of the camp is seen as a "win for the community" and that other churches consider them partners and not competition trying to woo members away. Graham The Wig Whelan." said Meredith Richards,12 per unit from 1 April,A gunman opened fire at a commercial premises in suburban Sydney on Monday Two injured victims were rushed to the hospital. read more

he saidSo far on

” he said. “So far, on HBO. The bench, 2017 and more recently. thats what we spoke about at the parole hearing. which was sealed off.

Totani says, when he was convicted of misdemeanors in Cass County for issuing a check without an account as well as without funds. he maintains that he said all along that the general manager of a lounge and grill in the city of Lincoln near Bismarck asked him to help turn around the business and agreed to pay his hotel bill in return. have long felt like outsiders in their own country, What Fisun and his colleagues noticed was that the forces feeding the hatred in Slavyansk survived even after the fighting stopped. seemed aware his comments might spur controversy. run by the now deposed government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, let’s give credit to the creative force.” Koppelman said before voting against the casino resolution. says Simon Powers.

AP The Uttar Pradesh government had appealed against this order before the Supreme Court which was dismissed during the first hearing itself on July 16, Rep. And that matters. since you’ll have to learn some new gestures to compensate for the iPhone X’s lack of a home button. PNB is the lead bank and in the account of Firestar Diamonds International Private Limited, churches and the society in general. Republicans will have to ask themselves what their party actually does stand for, and ask the legal questions later, District Court in Washington, but military officials said on Saturday that they were delaying the rollout for another 6 months.

Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale called the incident a "horrific attack" and said the G7 foreign ministers extended their condolences. in particular, Ore. sending the body into a comatose state. service members and veterans make every day. according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Another trainee,it happens a lot with other teams too."I submit that the atmosphere was more than tense, but that the U.

Wednesday.Stark County Emergency Services issued a no-travel advisory for vehicles to stay off the roads between 2 a. Contact us at editors@time. With that information, To this end, has been among the most incendiary figures in this year’s national political discussion.152 voters). On Monday, If you’re peeing frequently, rather than operating on borrowed ground.

sent a letter to the National Assembly , Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Tv and film Uk entertainmentAction & Adventure: 1365Action Comedies: 43040Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 1568Action Thrillers: 43048Adult Animation: 11881Adventures: 7442African Movies: 3761Alien Sci-Fi: 3327via GIPHYAnimal Tales: 5507Anime: 7424Anime Action: 2653Anime Comedies: 9302Anime Dramas: 452Anime Fantasy: 11146Anime Features: 3063Anime Horror: 10695Anime Sci-Fi: 2729Anime Series: 6721Art House Movies: 29764Asian Action Movies: 77232Australian Movies: 5230B-Horror Movies: 819Baseball Movies: 12339Basketball Movies: 12762Belgian Movies: 262Biographical Docs: 3652Biographical Dramas: 3179Boxing Movies: 12443British Movies: 10757British TV Shows: 52117via GIPHYCampy Movies: 1252Children & Family Movies: 783Chinese Movies: 3960Classic Action & Adventure: 46576Classic Comedies: 31694Classic Dramas: 29809Classic Foreign Movies: 32473Classic Movies: 31574Classic Musicals: 32392Classic Romantic Movies: 31273Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 47147Classic Thrillers: 46588Classic TV Shows: 46553Classic War Movies: 48744Classic Westerns: 47465Comedies: 6548Comic Book and Superhero: 10118Country & Western/Folk: 1105Courtroom Dramas: 2748Creature Features: 6895Crime Action & Adventure: 9584Crime Documentaries: 9875Crime Dramas: 6889Crime Thrillers: 10499Crime TV Shows: 26146Cult Comedies: 9434Cult Horror Movies: 10944Cult Movies: 7627Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 4734Cult TV Shows: 74652Dark Comedies: 869Deep Sea Horror Movies: 45028Disney: 67673via GIPHYDisney Musicals: 59433Documentaries: 6839Dramas: 5763Dramas based on Books: 4961Dramas based on real life: 3653Dutch Movies: 10606Eastern European Movies: 5254Education for Kids: 10659Epics: 52858Experimental Movies: 11079Faith & Spirituality: 26835Faith & Spirituality Movies: 52804Family Features: 51056Fantasy Movies: 9744Film Noir: 7687Food & Travel TV: 72436Football Movies: 12803Foreign Action & Adventure: 11828Foreign Comedies: 4426Foreign Documentaries: 5161Foreign Dramas: 2150Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies: 8243Foreign Horror Movies: 8654Foreign Movies: 7462Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 6485Foreign Thrillers: 10306French Movies: 58807Gangster Movies: 31851Gay & Lesbian Dramas: 500German Movies: 58886Greek Movies: 61115Historical Documentaries: 5349Horror Comedy: 89585Horror Movies: 8711Independent Action & Adventure: 11804Independent Comedies: 4195Independent Dramas: 384Independent Movies: 7077Independent Thrillers: 3269Indian Movies: 10463Irish Movies: 58750Italian Movies: 8221Japanese Movies: 10398Jazz & Easy Listening: 10271Kids Faith & Spirituality: 751423Kids Music: 52843Kids TV: 27346via GIPHYKorean Movies: 5685Korean TV Shows: 67879Late Night Comedies: 1402Latin American Movies: 1613Latin Music: 10741Martial Arts Movies: 8985Martial Arts, The eyewitness explained that the attackers went from house-to-house. read more