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3, the timeliness of the project: how long can the project be operated, how many times?.


for the second issues, we can determine some problems at one glance or through analysis, and some problems need us to do market research before we can find out the answer. What are the points you need to know about the investigation:

1, market demand: customer demand, target customer categories, customer demand, the development of the project can meet customer requirements, market requirements, and so on.

1. Looking for projects, mining data,

2, the project is practical: whether the project is suitable for our operation, whether it can help us make money, we should consider.

to find the project, we want to screen, find out the suitable for our own investment projects, then we should start from where?

1, the project price: whether the charges, charges themselves can receive, for example, a project to sell 1 thousand, you can earn 50 thousand per day, you are willing to invest in this project,

first, we’re going to use search engines to search what we want to find. You can use sh419 search, or you can use shlf1314 search or something else. You can search some words to find, for example: "for entrepreneurial projects" and "suitable for women’s entrepreneurial projects", "2013, 2014" entrepreneurial projects "entrepreneurial projects", "Wangzhuan" and "the latest network poineering project" and "independent entrepreneurial projects", "small business investment projects" and so on. The project so that we can find out the scores, obviously these projects some garbage business projects, some good business projects, some free entrepreneurship projects, some is the charge of entrepreneurial projects, we should choose our own investment venture from.

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3, investment investigation: the required time, manpower, financial resources, material resources and so on. How much can we put in and how many things can we do? How much can we do?

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two, analyzing data, looking for comparison,

4, project replication: can the project be duplicated? Two changes. If the project is copied, how much impact does it have on the project?.

believes that friends who want to start business will ask: how to find startups on the Internet, and how to find the right business for yourself is the key. Well, how do we find startups on the Internet? What are the following points:

three, market research, investment operation,

2, industry development: has the industry started doing this project? How many people do? How about most of them? How big is the development?.

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