Steady improvement in Shanghai ranked the personal experience of love

about the chain of argument has relevance, universality, can be heard without end: BBS signature… As long as the collection of all to do, the chain hard to do is love Shanghai determined to junk the chain. I believe that many Shanghai dragon Er will find a lot of good website ranking, the chain is not much or even only dozens, the weight is 3, 4 lovely Shanghai. However, the quality of the chain is king, so don’t blindly to pursue the number of the chain, but should pay more attention to the quality of the chain; even in the high weight website forum, secretly can be made on the link, but once the main site or forum moderator, also be ruthless delete, and high weight included in the site very fast, if the link is right after the love of Shanghai included, but soon deleted the website, such links are many, love Shanghai would be judged to not trust the link to your website and then drop right, it is not worth the candle. What is the high quality of the chain? After observation, I found a good ranking site outside the chain is released in the high weight of the site soft outside the chain, such as Chinaz, A5 Journal of this kind of webmaster website, some can release the B2B website. But we should also pay attention to the quality of these articles, the link can not be added, especially the anchor text can not be arbitrary add, just add the source at the end of the article, the text can; can not an article to send multiple web sites. But the key chain or increase the amount of patient. As shown below, although the love experience of Shanghai external links with nofollow tags, but it is in the domain results in the very front rank, and >

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I believe we all know, high quality content is all love, the same design, search engine is people, is out of the view of "people" to consider. Love Shanghai for the identification of the original articles of limited capacity, but by the long time observation found that the present love Shanghai in the original recognition capability has been greatly improved, such as in the new 贵族宝贝 released a pseudo original (modified place much), love Shanghai has not yet been included; but a pure the height of the original article or false original article, Shanghai love can do the seconds. This is the author after long time observation results, I believe many careful friends have found. From this point of view can be seen in the original article love Shanghai recognition ability is improved greatly.



hero throughout the article, Shanghai ranked a good article about love though, today I meet the eye everywhere, but also in here is a summary of their experiences, and we learn to progress. Love Shanghai to give the site better ranking, but it is still only after all is said and done the following aspects: comprehensive content, chain, chain, space, Links. All of these factors, not the severity of the other.


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