The Shanghai Encyclopedia of love in different time and different user groups have different user ex

search in the first quarter, pay attention to a hot, is different, related video is as follows:  

                    (dad 2 Wikipedia entries part screenshot)

will appear related star blessing, dynamic and related works; even the recent events for soccer gambling caught Jocie Guo has a "focus of attention".


  why would say different time without user groups have different user experience, which originates from the father 2.

the parenting Encyclopedia 贵族宝贝ye.99贵族宝贝.cn/yuerbk/ writing, reprint please ~ ~!!

wrote here, I think it is not only concerned about the number of more even if it is hot, it will appear as entertainment figures, user entertainment like experience. Then search the Xi greatly, find the entry as before, and did not change what. But no, no matter how great is bad, Xi president is certainly a lot of concern to the SO, open the love Shanghai index, search, so far as Li Bingbing 16335, Jocie Guo 231272, 44020 xi. Obviously Li Bingbing search index is a better user experience and not the other 2 high. This is love the sea lane of user experience, Jocie Guo is mainly due to the recent events that led to soccer gambling index up, most people are spectators psychological, after this point is no longer concerned. While learning greatly with Li Bingbing’s users will be relatively stable, but Li Bingbing’s side will obviously more active more lively. In the network era, in order to attract home.

  Daddy where the second quarter has been launched in June, but in order to avoid damage to the first quarter of the impression, did not dare to go to the second quarter, afraid not so cute child, the story is not so funny……. But in the end still went down, that is good, and did not disappoint, at the same time, also began in the love Shanghai encyclopedia above search under PA 2 relevant information, found in the second quarter in terms have appeared related video (which is not to make browsing entries you want to see the video when more easy access to it, of course, can also be said to provide traffic sources for their love of Shanghai):  

Liu Shishi, Li Bingbing:

this is the different time different user experience group.

(dad 1 Wikipedia entry part screenshot)

, of course, is not only the 2 Wikipedia entries in this entry dad change, but as long as the hot, a large amount of user attention, related to the user experience will do some. For example:

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