Love Shanghai and 360 news source ranking mechanism secret

channel type

360 news sources show: [Key words] the latest news, as shown in figure

1, we need to understand what is love Shanghai and 360


love Shanghai news search hope included high quality Chinese news, not included English and other non Chinese news; you should all provide the bear all legal responsibilities, to ensure the authenticity and legality of the content you provide, and shall not infringe any third party rights. < >

from above is not difficult for us to find love and 360 Shanghai news source ranking is very similar, but the ranking is also very front. The news source like Shanghai and 360 of this very simple, for we usually quickly get a selection of some of the popular information is very good, so their traffic is very large. If your website has become an object of love Shanghai 360 good news source collection of words, your site popularity and exposure, the flow will rise.

careful people can be found when the love of Shanghai and the 360 search keywords is always a news source, but the ranking is very near the top, occupy Shanghai love home page resources length is very large. However, the search engine’s limited resources more scarce, Shanghai dragon Er website visibility is more and more low, so it is necessary for us to study love Shanghai and 360 news source ranking mechanism secret, as our website resources become the news source, the interception of traffic.

news source?

can be included in the site types: comprehensive portal website, professional news websites and local information harbor, newspapers and magazines and radio and television media, professional and industry sites, the government and the organization’s website, there is a new micro-blog


?According to According to the

domestic and international, social, financial, Internet, sports, entertainment, real estate, automobile, games, health, science and technology; the other can not be included in the classification include: personal information, blog, forum, advertising, bidding, quotation, download, test, tutorials, recruitment information, humor, emotional and erotic stories, photo, stills, star records, recipes;


love Shanghai news sources show the way: [Key words] the latest relevant information, such as:

What is results;

sensitive political news reports, news, information, reactionary housing rental car source information, game downloads, and download the product offer the topic of gender information is not given by.

2, love Shanghai and 360 sources of news gathering included the mechanism of

can not be included in the site types: Forum, blog, website, personal website, Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas media.



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