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, keyword index (love Shanghai index)

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is an online communication tools that can be used to brush the keyword index, the efficiency is high, but the effect is not guaranteed, personal feeling of instability

The definition of


The definition of

relevant search, the search results are poor, sometimes because the choice of query terms is not very appropriate. You can refer to someone else is how to search, to get some inspiration. The love of Shanghai "the relevant search", a series of query words and your search is very similar. Love Shanghai search are arranged in a bottom of the search results page, according to popular search ranking

for the enterprise or individual, more or less there are some key words, want to do is love Shanghai there, this is the meaning of index, in order to better reflect the user attention, users acceptance, Internet friends can refer to a key word optimization index, essential

search is generally at >


keyword index, keyword index is the love Shanghai index, reflecting the keywords in the past 30 days and the network exposure rate and user attention! It trend reflects the image of the key words every day! Love is free of massive data of Shanghai index to love Shanghai love web search and search based Shanghai news analysis service to reflect the different key words over a period of time in the "user attention" and "media attention"

two is a manual brush keyword index, this time-consuming, but relatively stable, similar to the Shanghai dragon, although the time but once make up, the effect is quite guaranteed

index, search, web site for the people who do the Internet is no stranger to the natural ranking, website optimization, improve keyword index, increase the flow of great help, but now the mainstream of network marketing Ali platform and business talk, is the search engine marketing, people are accustomed to search on the Internet the answer, access to information, at the same time it has also become a hotly contested spot business, here to love Shanghai search engine platform for


through the above concept can have a preliminary understanding of the keyword index, it can use more love Shanghai index of this tool, the next step is how to increase the keyword keyword index, increase keyword index, for the optimization of keywords, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, website optimization is essential, the most direct effect is to keywords an unknown


traffic into hot wordsFor the

brush keyword index and there are many methods, here to say two things:


two, search

How do

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