Novice webmaster understanding of external links

Links is important: my understanding of Links for an alliance or gangs. The same website will link each other through the Links way therefore, relevance is the most important, PR and weight are not absolute, he with the development of the website, they will naturally increase, but.

snapshot: snapshot only reflects the love of Shanghai and update frequency of the reptile, not blindly obsessed with a snapshot of some websites, especially business sites, although the website snapshot is not the next day, but because the site is relatively stable, the weight can also, so it is also a good choice. In exchange Links, not blindly obsessed with snapshot.

page: the page links the ability to vote is the largest, most search engines will be understood to have correlation. You can use some advanced instruction to find competitors are doing what kind of external links.


I do for a long time, no matter from the experience and Shanghai dragon had certain progress, usually also see the optimization experience Shanghai Longfeng of many others, including most of the external links, so I combined with his experiences to everyone on my understanding of the external links.

the same IP: this involves the usual blog, forum posting, if we usually are in a forum posting, then these external links are from the same IP, even if the external links do not included, so the effect is also very small. Try to go to different forum post.

is best not to high PR: best not to have high PR links, if you are the new, money is more than PR5 of external links, then it is likely to be too much. There is also a danger of being punished. Low PR or even O station also has the best, this is the love of friends, buy links.

health theme: external links can be linked to some unhealthy sites, such sites to be punished, but also extremely unstable. For example, a pornography site, this site is like a Trojan horse, Zhibuding what will be implicated.

anchor text link anchor text diversity: the best variety, if all are a key words, search engine will be suspected, so easy to export right down and punishment, it is reasonable for the anchor text keywords majority, should also have a few other anchor text.

increased not too fast: external links is good, but we must control the speed. Not too fast, too fast to be punished, my website is to buy the station link, leading to YAHOO query external links when the growth rate too fast, finally being punished and took 4 months to recover.

don’t like the best link position: under normal circumstances many links are the source of the home page, also a lot is at the bottom of the Links area, we should try to make some links in other text. All the links at the bottom also has very big effect, but the effect is certainly at a discount.

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