A new application of spoiler shopping search search function subdivided into a trend

a "price search" lead users attention

search engine market has become the competition of the Red Sea

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, according to a report by market research firm Experian Hitwise show that China shopping entrance fierce battle, but the competition pattern has not yet formed. As of November 19th, a scouring network access to 45% of the proportion of the top, an increase of 15.84% over the previous week, a shopping and 51 net purchase in 29% and the proportion of 8%, in two or three place.

the end of the year, a new round of price promotions, discount coupons and other activities in the online shopping platform quietly rising. This is the most love the enthusiasm for online shopping users. However, for the keen online shopping users, better news will make them excited: Recently, a "price search" dimension has been officially launched, and "real price" open channel, provides a search the whole network lowest goods information platform for online shopping consumers. To provide this service for consumers will worry and money saving.

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on taobao贵族宝贝 background, from Taobao spin off Amoy network although not so humble, but frequently recently, been in the big city of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou launched the online advertising campaign, after announced the launch of a high-profile purchase an account all over the network service account. It can be said that the Amoy network launched a mobile phone one after another, custom, real-time price Amoy group purchase a number of special products and services, to seize the user attention from various aspects. Amoy network aims to break the online shopping website fence, let consumers to find the products information and price, to complete the shopping process.

analysts believe that the price is currently one of the most able to attract consumers to participate in online shopping promotions, affecting more than 60% online shopping users will be the price, discount business activities, resulting in shopping impulse. A real-time price launch hand can quickly help users find the most affordable and cost-effective products; on the other hand, began to open up the whole network account, to achieve full network of "one-stop shopping", this application helps businesses share external taobao贵族宝贝 and more than 370 million registered users 500 million Alipay registered users. As a part of consumers, we are happy to enjoy the fun of "Tao".

according to the consumer experience, click on the "price" after the page will switch to the "real price" channel, at the same time, you can also use the search box to customize the search term, see the current decline in the price of any kind of goods in a single product, the default sort according to drop size, can also choose to sort by price time.

recently, for the end consumer crazy online shopping psychology, Amoy network launched price search ", this means that the lower consumer online shopping threshold, so that consumers in the online shopping goods is more convenient than the three, but also to have more businesses, the choice of commodities. Then, the "price search" how to

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