Sina blog how to optimize keyword ranking to the first page of Shanghai Dragon

1, integrity, suspected of advertising content blog is easy to be sealed, malicious complaints may be blocked his blog.

2, the blog is not afraid of being attacked, do not worry too much about the server stability problem and hacker attack and defense issues.

, a set of keywords around the blog title, keywords, description, tags, nickname, theme, domain name etc..

blog domain generally long, hard to remember. The blog content page URL is too long, also cannot be customized.

besides the advantages and disadvantages of the above, the Shanghai dragon blog optimization and website optimization is approximately the same as Shanghai dragon. Here in the Sina blog as an example, say exactly how the blog is Shanghai dragon optimization.



4, Shanghai dragon blog optimization, only in page optimization, more difficult than the professional single domain name website blog.


1, the blog is free, no money is required for website building things exhausting.

3, the blog is very limited single, unable to meet the requirements of many custom.


4, blog platform to rely on their own domain name, the content included is very good.

3, a large user group blog site directly, also has the function of some websites have advantage, promotion is relatively easy.

of course, use blog Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is also good.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, must understand the blog Shanghai Dragon:

two, the content of the title and text with illustrations, keyword density, picture description and picture description keywords around alt. < >

Trust advantage

is the title of the blog, or description, tags and so on, must be according to key words, and the best is the simple word is the one and only the brand. For example, talk about the Shanghai dragon forum, the keyword is the Shanghai dragon forum title is: about Shanghai dragon forum Description: website optimization problem by K is down right, about Shanghai Longfeng forum free for you to answer. And the blog domain name is 贵族宝贝 domain name /shuoshuo Shanghai dragon, nickname, what theme, but also for. Label, it is necessary to pay attention to the industry and their core business related. For example, talk about the Shanghai dragon forum label is: the site is K, the web site is down right, Shanghai dragon forum etc.. This is only for reference, I hope you use.

recently about Shanghai dragon forum Shanghai dragon Er repeatedly asked to blog how to make Shanghai Longfeng optimization, how to blog home page to do keyword ranking. In fact, Sina blog Shanghai Longfeng optimization benefits, there are also disadvantages. Today we look at how to feature Sina blog optimization.

Before we do blog

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