Website optimization basic links, enterprises have to do it

1, website link.

Design of The basic structure of The

site is now too much at the first glance, to attract users, web design is very important, must have features, with the same industry and even the whole enterprise website can let users out of the ordinary, eyes bright, can break the industry constraints, but also highlights the industry characteristic, enterprise culture and so on, remember too fancy, effect of visual fatigue;

website is for customer service, address the needs of users in the site before, must clearly understand the enterprise target customer groups, specific analysis for accurate customer, clearly let the user know what companies do, what are the advantages, what are the characteristics of the industry, fully displays the user interest information, the latter part of the operation is also around the site position to do, so as to better draw users;


2, ".

site structure is very important, not only affect the crawling efficiency, but also affect the user experience, after all kinds of website framework suitable for the optimization of the contrast or flat + tree structure, not more than three directory, if the structure is too deep, deepened the spider grab content load, the spider experience is not good, the complex structure, the the user wants to watch the content they need to look for a long time, can not find, navigation is not clear, level is not clear, it is easy to affect the user experience;

4, the website keyword link.

introduction: website optimization is an important operation in site work, and persistent work, do the site optimization, not only can improve the site keywords ranking, get more traffic, but also get more customers. In reality, many enterprises to optimize the results are not ideal, which not only has a relationship with the optimization strategy, and the website construction period not in the optimization point of view to consider the various problems caused by the impact and the user experience point of view, often not ideal to optimize the diagnosis of enterprise website, the main reason causing optimization is not ideal, or in the the site construction did not consider the later Shanghai Longfeng optimization requirements, so today and a depth of up to make a diagnosis of the site, see the website optimization exactly neglected which links, so that the site optimization is not ideal.

users enter the website, can search relevant keywords in the search engine, if you have no website layout to these words, not tell the search engines your company is doing this kind of product, it will not give you the website ranking, the user did not rank not search your site keywords, if choose not accurate, then enter the website the traffic is not accurate customer, influence of post operation results, so to learn how to use third party tools to analyze keywords, and user search habits, choose accurate keywords, such as love of Shanghai in the promotion of key words of planners, love Shanghai love Shanghai search index, the drop-down box and relevant search, then.

3, Before

site link structure.


website optimization thinkmap

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