Liu Jinge friendship is the way to win the Shanghai dragon er

then friendly website itself

is the time.

what is the search engine friendly? Also is to let the search engine quickly grab, understand its temper, with my hard to understand the search engine for the processing and recognition of the typescript, plural, hyphen and so on a variety of problems, the accuracy of the search will be reduced. Obviously, if the search engine deliberately to cater to this wrong use of words will hurt all search users. So, this involves a search matching, a related problem is the search engine to distinguish result is importance of relying on the document, but only in accordance with the number of content related simply distinguish results. Another distinguishing method of this article which appeared in the number of keywords, the search engine can search is not judged the results you want. If the matching degree is high, the search engine will put this on the front page ranking. If he is wrong or is discarded after discharge.


The content of the friendly

and those who are not friendly site for your visitors, they know what the page has been visited, the site is not what visual changes. This may be caused by the repeated visit, the final result is tired of browsing this website. If you access a link don’t change color, then the user is likely to feel confused and accidentally repeated access to the same page of history.

when the site was reduced to ashes, we still exist in this industry, whether we work hard, but we always for one purpose, that is to search engine. One thousand to ten thousand of the total or a word is to do search engine friendly. May not be good friends we can’t search engines. No matter how popular the Internet now, one that the Internet is not to deliberately to remember the URL of the website, if that would not appear in the search engine industry. So, do finally do friendly, how can we be friendly? You have no reason to listen to these:

first search engine friendly


, a website is good or bad depends entirely on whether the site care to the visitor’s mood, which is when the first time to see this website feeling. A very simple example: after the customer browsing your website, a good browsing history can help you understand the current position, because it is the starting point of your browsing. He is browsing after a change, know the past and present locations in turn makes to decide where to go next becomes easy. This link is a key factor in this navigation process. The users can not access the address, useless. Instead, they will visit those who help them link address. To find a useful link, it can give him a good friendly, visitors to visit the site of time will have a good mood.

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