For Baidu sudden fluctuations we should calmly face

this is our small series in the day before ranking, although cannot say is how gorgeous, but this is hard!!!


of this situation, I can say is Baidu intentionally? What to you this is too fierce now, it makes me as a small webmaster too much to handle. Just saw this I thought it was my own fault check. The results, in my confirmation, I went and miserable, I work directly before the holidays become above the picture.

but the following readers see, this is me crazy for a day, although only one day, but immediately to the holidays, it is you let me how to face this happy holiday.

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here we will find that this website will be such a situation in a short period of time can be said to be a short period of time is not normal. In fact, for the webmaster all know, want to keep long-term benefits for the website website using the technique is very important, maybe this is not love Shanghai to combat action, but for the optimization of love in Shanghai, must use formal methods, do not make optimal motions with informal means.

Baidu recently appeared in the website is we do not know what kind of situation, but for the small station is undoubtedly feel the heartbeat of the roller coaster ah, not easy in small daily maintenance and update the site with a relatively stable key word ranking, though a success is not much, but this is small and the accumulated days and months multiplying. But it is in the day before, Xiao Bian wanted to spend the holiday soon, but what Baidu sudden so I really don’t know how to celebrate this festival. Seeing the site into trash overnight, the feeling is hard to describe.

In fact,

after the mood to calm down, I think the ranking regardless of what kind of problems, or to the day after the normal, small series began his deal with the problem of rhythm, is the first station in enhancing the quality of its own website, the original or false original quality in ascension, and stop the construction of the chain all changes from the beginning, their own website, because we now know the degree of importance for the love Shanghai station became better, and in a series of recent updates we can see love Shanghai for the user experience and more attention, so for such a situation appears, the construction of small that is to make the station. So when this happens, Xiaobian only update station, the final ranking was back again.

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