High quality anchor text links do a detailed interpretation scheme

has a promoting effect on the article, the two can complement each other, do not add

The number and location of

3, to enhance the user experience

quality uneven in quality of high quality, although there is no lack of sharing, but most of them are not what nutritional value. But many are several years ago technical articles. Raymond optimization as the anchor text link that high quality must meet the following conditions.

2, help to improve the keywords ranking

reasonable direction will make the engine more accurate understanding of the content of the articles to describe information, so that the long tail keywords rankings, increase website weight. The weight of key external link anchor text will give the website very high. It also contains the page each other skills.


what is the anchor text link and I think we all know, happy here is not to say, the website optimization all know. How to add anchor text links are needless to say, is well known. Today we talk about Fung and is the anchor text link, but it is the anchor text link quality. What is the anchor text for the link of high quality? What is its effect? How to add anchor text for the link of high quality, this is not all know, many of my friends have done the anchor text link, but you know you can do is high quality or low quality


to search engine, one of the anchor text is the role of a guiding role. Reasonable distribution of station anchor text, will make the search engine spiders more rapid crawling web directory, this is all different approaches but equally satisfactory results and we often say breadcrumb navigation, which is a manifestation of search engine friendly.

, what is the high quality of the anchor text link

crawling web directory helps the search engine spiders more quickly

anchor text set will be set according to the needs of the extension of

There are many methods, making the anchor text on the

soft implant, with the need to blunt the nested

when users browse a page, the content to the user is not very useful, this time the anchor text has played a leading role, through the anchor text, users tend to be faster and more accurate to find the information they need. Do not so to the website of the anchor text site, when the user does not find the things they need, their common action is to close the page, it also proved from the reverse side station anchor text for the role of the user experience.

Effect of ?

of course, to do this you have to know what users really want? It is particularly important to meet the needs of users, recommend friends to see this article: how to meet the needs of users of

The station anchor text

two, the link anchor text

anxious people are anxious, extend the needs of users, mining user demand and meet additional

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