Enterprise network full-time Shanghai Longfeng monthly wages 2700 what insist

five: there is an important point, is to.

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five: you must have faith and determination to persevere in the industry. You don’t want to engage in every two or three days, today the hair of the chain, take a rest tomorrow, so you will also not trouble, do not delay others do not delay their

In these conditions the

three: the enterprise must give you the right to your position, you configure team, this team should have a command, or not with their work groups will only give their clogging. Do not

introduction: enterprise website and Shanghai Longfeng persons do you in the way?

themselves, then we have to look at what kind of company and enterprise for us to adhere to. We should stick to.

: first Shanghai Longfeng personnel must be familiar with basic methods and ideas of some Shanghai dragon, know how to set up a structure of the web site search engine friendly. Whether you understand website design, programming. You must know what is the need to build a website.

: an enterprise must have its own brand, no brand, just do trade, always for others to do the wedding dress. This enterprise has no vision, no goal. Not worth staying

two: the senior management of the enterprise must pay attention to network promotion, know the importance of network promotion, or what you do is good, because he will not give you too much money to do network promotion. If you really have no need of funds to do the promotion of technology, then you are a super awesome person. Here when I was farting.

three: you have to have some network such as ID, ADMIN5 love Shanghai space these high weight, but also can send the chain account, and must be the number of years for a long time, it is best to have some weight.

four: the industry can not be too much competition, competitive industries that profits are particularly high, a new enterprise is unable to bear such a high cost into the network, especially in the early going sales network enterprise

four: and you choose this industry is not much competitive industries, such as health care, PW, weight loss and so on. Because of living in the region which are the elite of the elite, master of the master. And desperately doing can not guarantee results, as well as evasiveaction.

two: you must be very familiar with the company’s products, such as performance, parameters, specifications, terms etc.. So you can live with the long tail keywords keywords positioning. Know what the contents show some users more love, this is the user experience.

front I talked about the relationship between Shanghai Longfeng personnel and enterprise, but how to an ordinary Shanghai Longfeng personnel selection potential of a company as to rely on. As a starting point to start their own business? I have to solve this problem, a

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