Shanghai dragon skills must know the construction and utilization of two level directory

currently has some space to set the two level domain name, if you want to set the two level domain name is money, so I can only do two catalog.

two directory usage (here take my IMS network to explain the hot stone): my site is divided into four sections (Forum /bbs, /design, /physical show hot drilling, laser burnt /decorated_fire), for each section I have built a separate folder to store the text content section, and each folder has a index.html page, this page must take advantage of, especially the description of title, such as the keywords you want to do too much, and don’t write home, you can consider using these keywords to do home page title do.

What is the

to see the title description can come to my site to see, here I will tell is unknown.

two directory: two directory is a subdirectory of the main station, equivalent to the root directory on the website under the folder to establish separate section of the content, which is the two level directory folder, two directory must be stored in these files index.html, index.htm, index.php, index.asp, default.html, default.htm default.php, default.asp, etc.. The home page, this is the true meaning of the two directories, only the default home page can inherit the weights of the home page.


two directory benefits: weight two directory will inherit the home page. If the weight of your home page is very high, then the two level directory will also have good ranking keywords, using two level directory to do a home did not do the ranking is also a good choice. Of course, in line with the needs of the user to do is the most important, don’t add two directory. The appropriate number of level two can increase the weight for the home directory.

source: n-dynamic scalding hot drilling plan 贵族宝贝

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