The website keyword selection is so important

do small webmaster is not short of time, if you want to ask Xiao Bian, Shanghai dragon do what is most important to do a website? What is the most important? This kind of problem, Xiaobian to tell everybody through their own experience. Yes, Xiao Bian personally think that positioning is a prerequisite for a website to start, is a prerequisite for Shanghai dragon started, if your site without a good location, then the optimization is done will be tired, if you are a novice, do not see the long-term optimization results easily lead to loss of confidence.


second, careful selection of

is not bad, too

is a new web site can’t afford too many keywords, don’t put relevant keywords are placed on the title, it is very difficult. Key words and their most can reflect the features of the site carefully selected in the short easy to bring the flow of words, phrases synthesis of our website brand title, do not put too many words. As the saying goes: sometimes want better to get rid of the cruel. That makes me want to do product development capabilities, a software is the best way to avoid doing anything that is cruel to delete function, not all good are put up, build their own characteristics is the key to good run pianti!


is a small dragon from Shanghai started to learn a little bit over, then also see many colleagues website, heart qi is too high. Is seeing too far, hands still do not fall down. This is the so-called Yangaoshoudi, this is a taboo position. When this keyword selection appears very clear and popular words at the index of tens of thousands, and then look at the low flow upset words, think oneself hereafter do, certainly can put the popular word up to do, finally tends to have no effect, because the popular word competition, is not suitable for a person along the way. Long to do, very simple, the problem of resources.

selection when simple analysis, look at competitors, to set the key words. Even a lot of the station to see the competitors, the subjective consciousness that he would search what word, put these words in title as keywords. But such behavior is too reckless and irresponsible. There is no grasp of the word do up? The word is not really your site need word? Really can bring into their own

? First, the heart

small hope that we can make better to the needs of the user site, and can earn money through these traffic! In addition, Shanghai Longfeng road is constantly groping, don’t give up is the basic attitude, a positive attitude can go far! (please indicate the transfer:, cherish the fruits of others, thank you! Labor is respect yourself!)


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