Talk about several ways to the rapid progress of Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai Longfeng Basics: what is the basis of Shanghai dragon, feel absolutely not to write a blog post, and the like, but the HTML language, HTML language is the "foundation, basic nature is Shanghai dragon, first of all you have to do is to learn HTML language, to learn the language, to understand web framework. The HTML tags, web page code, pictures, etc., are used in web pages, you will understand that the title, description, keywords, etc. we most reuse label, there is a kind of website to understand, since the foundation of the natural Shanghai dragon there is a dynamic language, PHP dynamic, not written, but what is at least to see to understand, I think these are also required to contact the. Is the basis of natural language like, at least a static page making experience to think highly of Shanghai dragon banner.

advanced articles: what is SOE advanced, here, I think there are 2 points, one is Shanghai dragon training, I personally don’t love Shanghai dragon training here, write, but simply to illustrate this is also a kind of way, no other meaning, training, you can learn some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, some commonly used techniques of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon which we need to avoid the local, Shanghai dragon which we should pay special attention to the place; there is a forum to start learning, to advanced, if you want to learn Shanghai dragon, you should buy a space and domain name then, do you want to do a website, in this process, you will be exposed to the space and domain name, website space should do for Shanghai Dragon The choice of the domain name, web site, the PR value of the domain name, etc., may feel a bit more, so I suggest you go to a good understanding of the forum to fully understand the Shanghai dragon all, from the station to maintain, from the content to the chain, to the overall development of the last, these are must wait for you; feel the time is ripe, you should do a website yourself, don’t think a website how hard it is, when you try and then you will find that this is how excited, how comfortable, can do Shanghai dragon in accordance with their own ideas, can learn knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng a side, then this knowledge into their own website, slowly test these effects, generally there will be 2 kinds of results, the first is my ranking is up, you may feel Shanghai dragon is so simple, I just get it The article, send the chain (may be forum signature), are up, but so do not put Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon too simple to think, to seek "

I read in a book, Shanghai, the entry threshold is not high, but relative to some basis without any friends, there are certain characteristics of the basic needs, then to just contact Shanghai dragon friends how to quickly improve their understanding of Shanghai dragon is the best, the author is in accordance with the his idea to write out to share it.

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