A website optimization really want to give up

1, at the forum outside the chain

believe that we listen to "Links" this word has been heard ears long, there are always some people in the online voice, what is the change link weight, how much is the PR value, these became the daily alarm. The new owners face Links is quite helpless, because they are not operated by the website weight high, may have included rarely. When you direct exchange links and high weight website, you will directly be weight high webmaster rejected. Over and over again refused, finally can only be regarded as a waste of time. The new owners estimate also do not understand how it is, in my opinion, I think this is the new owners was deceived by the weight of words, because the love of the Shanghai dictionary, this is no weight, love Shanghai weights are other business people in order to make money to fry the words. Love is just the evaluation index weights of Shanghai webmaster tools. If you want to exchange Links, you have to do this: 1, 2, a frequently updated snapshot, stable included in the amount of 3, its own weight and the weight of each other, between 4, website content.

several months ago, I met a webmaster, he is as a webmaster for the Zhejiang forum. Optimization of nearly a year, the daily flow of over one million, about his monthly income I don’t know, I can’t ask him with this thing, because this is a commercial advantage. I believe that his income is very high, after all the webmaster online to do a similar business card of the city. The same time he and I entered this line, why he within a year can flow over 10000? But I am only 3000 – 4000 of the traffic, sometimes really want to deflate the impulse. The two day time and he sat down and drank a cup of tea, he to inquire about the exchange, only to find that the original owners is a well-known reporter in three provinces in Central China, the interpersonal relationship and the ability of natural media are much better than me, so he handled the website has 10000 traffic I don’t feel surprised the. In most of the owners, the owners have like line transmission ability of less and less, and finally on the love of Shanghai search engine to maintain website operation, the construction of the chain and the original content is essential, only do these two points, you can expand your personal web, the spider web to your interpersonal fluctuations the whole province and even the whole world.

Links construction

technology is the chain webmaster rotten, generally outside the chain platform in the forum, blog, video website and information classification. A special point is on this website in 360 books in the library and then add the chain, this is a novel, not many people use this method, for the life of their site outside the chain is relatively long, less competitiveness is difficult to achieve.

The construction of the chain

I just begin to contact the Shanghai dragon, the first hair of the chain platform is the main forum, do is sign and post. The most popular is the mass.

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