Recently summed up the experience of Shanghai Dragon

1. website main keywords ranking situation, can title to add keywords, basically add keywords if the competition is not very intense, the keywords added after ranking basically in a week in the snapshot update can have good ranking.

A. to stop the chain, stop Links exchange.

C.1 months to restore the search company name to search, later to be further tested.

B. daily 2 original update

According to the analysis: suspended animation websiteThe revision of the

D. website has 301 settings, but the search engine for website has a set of self recognition system, not because of revision and cause flow loss.

A. website template to search engine friendly enough to directly influence included and weight

C. to drop right site template replacement, this is the quickest way to activate the

About 4.

2. website revision, revision of the website here refers to the website for a new template. For example: Li Shuye has 10 sites, three sites in which case. Are A sites, B sites, C sites, three sites including A sites and B sites belonging to the same industry website, C website belongs to another industry. The A website for pre ranking, later completely right down the site, B site for the new station, no ranking weight, C website for about 2 months, but has not yet been included. Later will have right down A website template wholly intact to replicate, copied to the C site, C site probably included in a month, and collected prior to the articles and home page, including keywords before the industry rankings, and the new template also ranked keywords.

3. site drop right, love Shanghai is currently 3 even jump a way for the site to drop right, prior to the website ranking after the shift, the moving region is 10, less than 100, to 100 middle ranking sites, searching website name can search on the website, this is completely right down.

with WWW and without www domain name. Li Shuye’s website is numerous, and for each site in the double binding domain, which is www with and without WWW are resolved to the same space. In the process of the optimization, analysis of the 2 domain name which is the middle ranking is relatively good, focus on the optimization on a domain name. Early Li Shuye observed their own a website without www ranking is better, so the optimization to the home page, and then update the internal anchor text is just not WWW, but then, in an update to love Shanghai, without www instead of ranking – >

B. of different industry website template change will not affect the quality of the site itself

According to the analysis:

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