On 2016 inventory of ten entrepreneurial nternet NewsOpportunities and complements, personal websit

host: the last theme we discussed this afternoon is opportunity and complementarity, personal web sites and mainstream web sites.

relevant information SAIC: is drafting the "electronic commerce law" promulgated, still takes time

shared bike is relatively hot air this year, especially in the v-mobile bicycle, ofo as the representative of the collective, although in practice is also facing various problems, but this does not hinder it has become the capital darling, financing rhythm and the amount of funds to record highs.

265 forum, first I correct you, I am not shlf1314, our web site called the dog, may and shlf1314 have a lot of similarities, very early in the NetEase. When doing the portal, there is a clear desire, is said to have development so many small sites quickly grow very fast and then in the industry portal, although there is a big platform, but the door is not enough on me a NetEase auto channel, may in the whole automobile industry is not very hard before the exam, we have 5, 6 billion 600 million NetEase, why can’t we just go out directly, to play and every industry portal site, from the point of view, he is from the van to college, from individual owners in terms of people more hope from the college to fan, this is at present This, including two years of confrontation, when in Wensheng stationmaster Congress, a lot of people are the real owners, the whole situation has been carried out, I think a lot of personal websites could challenge the portal.

personal web site is also likely to challenge the status of mainstream sites, I think in today’s scope can, I hope everyone will come together to explore, from the portal, from the personal website, some of your ideas.

shared bicycle behind the prosperity of "Internet plus bike" change the truth of

Moderator: how do you come from the fan to the special, how do you consider?.

fakes? Bad reviews. With e-commerce laws, can these problems be solved,

3. Mito listed

1. e-commerce draft proposed

Only the last two days left

December 15th, the United States ushered in its eight years since the establishment of an important watershed, officially listed on the main board in Hongkong. At the close, the United States plans to offer 8.5 Hong Kong dollars, the market value of HK $35 billion 930 million, becoming the second largest Tencent after HKEx Internet Co. However, from the current performance of the capital market, but not optimistic, Mito issue price of HK $8.5 / share, the stock has been issued after concussion down. At the close of December 23rd, it had fallen to HK $7.68 / share.

A5 commented the last mile brings us problems for a long time, and in the short distance travel, the advantages of bicycles, just to make up for traffic defects at the end.

A5 comment fake, defective, privacy leaks, etc., has been a very painful thing for consumers, and because rights are too troublesome, often can only admit bad luck. With the draft, on behalf of the future of our e-commerce, there will be laws and regulations, there is law can be found, can better protect the rights and interests of consumers.


, the first government new regulation introduced a shared bike ceiling, will you,

Moderator: Thank you very much for a

information on the ripening of capital

December 19th, the highly anticipated draft of the e-commerce law was submitted to the NPC Standing Committee for the first time. In December 25th, the twelve session of the twenty-fifth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee yesterday on the draft law of electronic commerce in the deliberations, participants on how to how to define the management behavior of electronic commerce, better safeguard the rights and interests of consumers and other issues put forward opinions and suggestions.

because of this I think with my friends yesterday, when I spoke to the Jinshan former colleagues, his website to sell now, he told me a very shocking words, is a monograph, is a person after nearly 4 years, which then I let you what I think. Sure to monographs, for future development of Jinshan to ask for a certain book, but books behind in terms of must choose you more love and fit your business, you can specifically.

guest: I represent the sky Tai Chi chain, I figure is Wang Wei king, I Zhang Jun on behalf of Sogou, I am Hua Jun software park, Hua Jun, Hello, I’m Li Wanqiang Kingsoft online, here today pretty nervous, today you are in such a famous Chinese stationmaster, Jinshan or a IT role on the field.

, introduce yourself first.


in 2016 this year, the Internet industry has undergone many things today, we have to look on with this year’s ten big news points.

Sharing five bikes losing

e-commerce law to delete deleted, harassing users, the maximum penalty 500 thousand

2. sharing bike increasingly hot

A5 comment Mito is considered to be a big net red brought about by the big business. But for Mito, the software does not have enough

Li Wanqiang: Jinshan software started early, today the Internet business, we just started, many did not enter into the threshold, the threshold is what we do have to do is train of thought, then the Internet, Jinshan traditional products, because we see later by the throat and paid channel mode in recent years the Internet, forced us to do the Internet service, Kingsoft established the internal internet division, all products first solve the company’s responsibility, the Internet platform, a work which we currently do, including the work permit.

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