A love station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization experience

3: page, mainly is the optimization of the "H" label, such as the main keywords, a page is the "Shanghai dragon", then you can add optimization tutorial "H1" Shanghai dragon optimization tutorial "H1" on the page, "H2" Shanghai dragon optimization tutorial "H2", "H3" Shanghai Longfeng optimization tutorial "H3" these 3 labels are distributed in different parts of the page, the most important point is that a page can have a label, I didn’t know this optimization, put forward Shanghai dragon love stand consultant, ha ha, I believe that many students may not know.

Optimization of HTML label

5: page content (image optimization), because our page needs to load multiple images, but the fear caused by the burden on the server, so the picture for the delay load (when users need to see it, so when loaded) love Shanghai grab content will be very difficult to catch pictures, pictures can increase the page weight I >

2: for the page to increase the correlation links recommended, such as the page title is "I love Shanghai Longfeng counsel " and then we can add a column on the page, the column store link and title related content, is the increase in the chain and page key word correlation website, users see the content column you can increase your PV.

1: first love station of URL planning on the site, a start is dynamic with the parameters of the URL, the URL of love of Shanghai is not very friendly, so all into static URL to shorten the length of URL and URL to improve readability.

4: page loading speed, page loading speed will not only affect the user experience, will also affect the Shanghai dragon ranking, you want to open a website if need 3 seconds or 5 seconds, even sometimes overtime, it would be a very bad thing to fall in love with the sea spider crawling found a large number of the timeout or grab a connection need to wait for a very long time to return to the site, it will certainly decrease, so we first on the website of the program was optimized, the website response time reduced to 0.2 seconds, not optimized before is 0.4 seconds, and on page JS and CSS merged (this will affect the full page loading time, multiple JS and CSS will have multiple HTTP requests, after the merger can reduce HTTP requests to reduce page open time, some large sites such as Taobao have completely merged ), try to let users think your site is open just seconds.

Optimization of Optimization of

I worked for a Internet Co, the company website mainly flow from love of Shanghai, in order to increase website traffic, so start doing Shanghai Longfeng optimization, optimized for more than 1 years that did not achieve the desired results, then please Shanghai Longfeng station in love consultant Shanghai Longfeng optimization guidance, I was in Shanghai Longfeng optimization the executor, so get a little experience, to share with you here.

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