How clever use of Shanghai dragon to carry out network public relations

page on the same site usually not repeatedly appeared in front of the search results, can appear two times even if good, noble baby even for the same main domain name two level domain name is same, the love of Shanghai, under a domain name to build more than two level domain name, now can be to achieve a number of rankings, but there are cheating on their own website, do the network crisis public relations is not an effective method.

again, the chain

crisis management.

do website of crisis public relations, but also a keen ability to search for information on the Internet, will be captured in time at the beginning of the negative news, do not appear to have formed a certain communication situation, you have no smell. The webmaster to use noble baby Alerts. Keywords user set to be monitored in Goole Alerts, is usually a company name, brand name, owner name or your name, once the keyword appears on the network, the noble baby will inform you. You can choose E-mail or RSS notification subscriptions, you can choose to monitor blogs, video, news, web pages, but also can monitor.


for us in dealing with the negative news, can make positive information effect further, can do the chain for the positive content published, of course, must not be too much, can this is appropriate, in order to expand the information on the network exposure rate, high weight website to send a few links. The effect is likely to exceed the latecomers become the first, negative information where the link.

through the observation we find that negative news generally influential often from a social media website, want to put the negative news out of the first two pages, the best way is: positive news and information in the row to the front of the forum, blog, news portal website, do more targeted relatively fast. As long as the content is submitted or published with those negative news website weight, then the positive information is not lost to negative news. But in the face of negative reports or news website, must early discovery, early start, don’t let it have time to cause too much influence.


first, do not rely on their own website PR

finally, cultivate their keen information searching ability of


do network marketing or Shanghai Longfeng many people will be aware of the negative control, information or news on the website or product information, reputation management on the site, as well as related to crisis management, is one of the strengths of Shanghai dragon. The network public relations with Shanghai dragon, can be regarded as a kind of information filtering to delete the selected job, and has caused the crisis to make, through the Shanghai dragon, will be the site of the rankings to the front of the search engine, and the negative news information of several search engine ranking the first few pages, this is where the network of public relations.

released positive news timely positive information

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