BannerPlay the AdWords of advertising banner


banner advertising platform similar to AdWords

BannerPlay marketing director Niv Calderon said: "basically, BannerPlay is an end-to-end solution that provides a simple way to banner system. You do not need to ask the designer to make banner ads, but as long as the purchase of media resources, and the use of some analysis tools to obtain statistical data, we can provide one-stop solutions."

BannerPlay uses a similar Google AdWords, support online purchase of different advertising on the page, and delivery by the customer’s banner ads. Customers to pay per click to pay, which means they can assign a fixed budget for advertising and marketing activities, will always show the runsout of advertising budget.


on a limited budget of small and medium enterprises, the delivery of Internet advertising success is not easy. Although Google and Facebook services to help small businesses easily buy advertising, but advertising banners were still primarily strong purchasing power of large enterprises monopoly. Israel Corp BannerPlay is attempting to provide professional banners to pay per click mode.

although the degree of automation of this process is very high, but BannerPlay said, if customers have special requirements, such as targeting specific audiences. "

BannerPlay said, according to the statistical data provided by the company, customers can adjust the advertising and marketing activities. In addition, customers can make multiple banners in a marketing campaign. Calderon said: "we want to make the production system like Google advertising banners as convenient."

BannerPlay was founded in January last year, the founder of CEO Rafi Ton and CTO, including the incumbent Yoad Gidron. Calderon said the two company’s founder, was a big brand production banner ads, and hope to help small customers more convenient to use popular advertising platform. According to Calderon, the two founders tried to develop a platform for all the people, make people want to buy any banner ads can be easily advertising, and there is no need to pay the cost of tens of thousands of dollars.


BannerPlay’s goals are ambitious. The family has only 6 employees of the venture companies want to network advertising tools provide low cost and high efficiency, in order to challenge Google. Calderon said that the company has the advantage of simplifying the user interface, so everyone can carry out professional Internet marketing activities. After making a banner, customers can decide whether to choose, the banners were put by BannerPlay.

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