3 see the station traffic data analysis area

keyword ranking is a problem of public concern, if you stand, the subject ranking is not good, and the long tail keyword ranking is very good, I believe every day brings the flow is considerable. We can directly click on the background by keyword, can be learned whether through what keywords to flow, can see the ranking of keywords, and the amount of search, if a keyword search in large quantity, and your website ranking is not good, then you can for the keyword re optimization, get better ranking. I like it in the Xuzhou recruitment network, every day tens of thousands of IP, but also for many of the long tail keyword promotion, then half a month, a month of hard work, I want to know exactly how the key source, promotion has no effect, check key sources, is the fastest, the best way. I hope you can make good use of this method will give you save a lot of time and energy.

We analyze the



, a key source of


two, lifting antecedents list

as a webmaster, every day the most attention is the site traffic, if a site does not flow, is tantamount to a shell, the value created is small to the unemployed person, cannot withstand a single blow, the whole staff of the company did not eat. So the best choice is to guide the flow of customers, I believe that many webmaster or promotion personnel every day into the cnzz background traffic statistics are not under 3 times, always pay attention to the change of traffic to the site, but also to see the stock market than, spend most of their time to observe traffic, not wasting our promotion opportunity, what to do to be precise, fine! But not sloppy things flow analysis, today give you analyze, should how to correctly analyze website traffic changes, improve the site pv. The following is the summary of personal webmaster in the analysis of traffic data of 3 must see:


have high rates of website, even if not by the search engine can live normal, this is the role of the return. So it is necessary to analyze the site back rate.

flow not see rose will be happy to see you, drop down, to summarize the reasons from their own problems. Continuous improvement, improvement. In contrast to previous, where we flow up, where to drop, what is the reason for the decline in ranking or page does not exist and so on, find out the reasons, and then to solve, this is the best recipe for improving web site traffic. This is Xuzhou to network traffic carrying the lifting list, from the figure we can learn, search engine, love Shanghai platform, the forum, station, mailbox, Post Bar recent source comparison. We can compare one a week, half a month compared to once a month compared with time, traffic on the site have crystal clear. Seasonal or various factors lead to change of flow is normal, the antecedents page, keywords, respondents lifting page requires us to analysis, to sum up.