Don’t pay too much attention to the absolute amount collected, statistics should be included in the

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in SERP (Search Engine Results Page acronym, that the search engine results page) on the page ranked bottom of the page, for example, we have so much included, but you this included for a keyword in terms of words, he probably came in third or more. So for this amount included, although it has been ranking, but it is very difficult to get traffic, that is to say the low ranking in the SERP page included page on our website, the significance is not great. Because it is only in the back row, not timely by the user to find, browse.

repeated page: when the value of our website is included in the amount of Pang >

ER and Shanghai Longfeng station will be very concerned about the amount included in a web site. Speaking of the amount collected, usually requires the use of a command: site command. Use the site command, a result of check out as we all know, this is actually in the search engine on your website can be recorded or the total number of pages can be stored, for absolute terms usually refers to the maximum amount collected included value, but has practical significance and representative of each page.

so, why there is no absolute amount included relative to the actual meaning of the

dead links, error page Jump: the same dead links and the jump page will also be included in the search engine in the short term, these pages for the site itself has no content value, so if it is to the amount included in is of no significance.


page content cannot be well read, so it is of no practical significance included, even if included, if you say this page is a Flash or a large advertising, may say that although the search engine included, but cannot read the contents inside information, like a page so, in fact, there is no practical significance, because even if this page are included, but not read the spider, so it could not be a better ranking.

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often see some Adsense in the group, with a certain website posted, snapshot date for a certain period of the day, included the number of how many, such as your website site is out of the 3500 data on the 3500 page, whether he is all meaningful? It is not necessarily. Right? Because it included 3500 pages, he may not have the ranking, or is that it can bring traffic, so when we use the site command to the number of results, we can only say that he is an absolute, rather than a collection of relatively effective. In other words, this is the 3500 included the amount it does not necessarily bring you more traffic, or it will have better ranking. This is why in front of the amount collected with an adjective "absolute". Then we also see a problem: it is not included in the amount of this number higher on behalf of Shanghai dragon is good? The answer is not so.