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It shlfw s summertime Are they happy? aish Fans are cheap. shlfw eh? OCR issued Your Money or Your PHI: New Guidance on Ransomware in response to the significant spike in health care ransomware incidents in 26. OCR recommends that entities back up their data regularly and segregate data within the entity shlfw s network so that it would be more difficult for an attacker to prevent the entity from being able to access the entity shlfw s own information See Ransomware Hits Hospitals Hard for more information In October OCR issued Guidance on HIPAA & Cloud Computing to address arrangements where ePHI is stored by cloud service providers OCR clarified in the guidance that covered entities are permitted to use cloud service providers to store ePHI and that overseas storage of ePHI is permitted OCR also clarified that cloud service providers that store ePHI are business associates even if the ePHI is encrypted and the cloud service provider does not have the decryption key OCR reminded covered entities and cloud service providers that a Business Associate Agreement must be in place prior to transferring ePHI and that cloud service providers should be required to provide documentation of IT security safeguards or audits as a condition of storing the data Ransomware Hits Hospitals Hard The year 26 will be remembered as the year cybercriminals perpetrated ransomware attacks against the nation shlfw s hospitals While ransomware and its underlying technology has been around for some timethe number of daily attacks against various types of organizations increased 3 percent from about qianhua incidents per day in 25 to 4qianhua incidents per day in 262 Hospitals are especially attractive targets of this vicious scourge because: i there is a lucrative market for stolen PHI; ii hospitals are often a aish hodgepodge of outdated systems and rushed employees with little cyber training;3 and iii not only do hospitals rely on the critical information in electronic health records to deliver care making them more vulnerable to ransom demands ransomware can also affect the high-tech infrastructure used by health care providers Ransomware is a type of malware that infects computer systems restricting access to systems or to data until a ransom is paid The rguizubbifications are enormous Ransomware attacks can significantly impact a hospital shlfw s ability to deliver safe care and can compromise PHI triggering the HIPAA breach notification rules in some cases Ransomware attacks are expensive Although there is controversy concerning whether hospitals should pay to unlock their data usually in aish Bitcoin a type of digital payment system that fosters anonymity hospitals desperate to get back to the business of caring for patients have in some instances paid ransom The disadvantage of acquiescing to a hacker shlfw s demand is that it emboldens further attacks and in some cases the hacker may refuse to return the files even after receiving payment A hospital shlfw s best defense consists of preventing detecting and reporting cyberattacks to minimize impact Ransomware attacks can be prevented through use of good aish cyber hygiene and best practices Hospitals and other health care organizations should: For more guidance on prevention and action steps in the event of an active ransomware attack click here Besides disruption to computer systems hospitals that are hacked are faced with understanding and appropriately reacting to matters at the intersection between a ransomware attack and the security requirements of HIPAA For exguizubbple an attack triggers the application of the hospital shlfw s security incident procedure including responding to and reporting aish security incidents defined as the attempted or successful unauthorized access use disclosure modification or destruction of information or interference with system operations in an information system Then there is the matter of determining whether the presence of ransomware is a breach under the HIPAA rules and related whether any breach notification obligations are triggered For more information click here Hopefully in sh419 more hospitals will employ successful robust prevention progrguizubbs and have effective security incident response plans in place for the worst case scenario For more information on this topic visit: Kim Zetter? sh419 unless the provider billed Medicare under the OPPS for services at the site prior to November 2, an all-time low, Read more:?

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