BENS BLOG Fat and Soggy Chips

first_img[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hanks go, to great friend of Star, Max Shoes, for coming to London this afternoon, to deliver me four pairs of shoe-repairs. Max’s shoes improve with age (a bit like my sexy French teacher, at school, I always used to think) and it’s always great to give business to such a professional. On arrival, Mr Shoes also delighted me, by presenting me with a cream cake (was it a Choux cake Ben?, editor), he had just purchased from Selfridges! What a guy!! Thank you, Mr Shoes.Here is a photo of Max, a true dog-man, with his new greyhound, that recently ran one of it’s first races at Perry Barr.In other news:Santa Maria Del Sur came to Queenstown Road, in Battersea, and made a big noise. Good reviews were published, and the crowds flocked. But how times have changed. Yet another London restaurant, that’s become arrogant, and sat on it’s laurels. I had the misfortune of going this evening: There were only a handful of people there, the service was simply halfwit-level, the main course; tasteless, and the chips; just fat and soggy. I ended the pain, well before, my normal march on, for the dessert. Santa Maria Del Sur. Completely gone. 1.Over and out, B xlast_img