Rep Brann Ending driver responsibility fees provides a fresh start forgives debt

02Nov Rep. Brann: Ending driver responsibility fees provides a fresh start, forgives debt Categories: Brann News,News State Rep. Tommy Brann today said his vote to eliminate driver responsibility fees and forgive outstanding debt will help people affected by the fees regain their driver’s licenses and re-enter the workforce.Brann, of Wyoming, said the fees have been in place for 14 years and resulted in the revocation of driving privileges for hundreds of thousands of Michiganders. Proponents at the time said the fees would improve the driving skills of those making the payments, but Brann said all the fees accomplished was to keep families in or near poverty and, in some instances, on public assistance.“This law took away driver’s licenses so people couldn’t get to work, or they drove illegally to their jobs,” Brann said. “It didn’t make them better drivers, it didn’t let them put any money in savings. All it did was cause a vicious cycle of poverty and deprivation.”Under the bipartisan package of bills, driver responsibility fees will end on Oct. 1, 2018, and all outstanding debt will be forgiven. Until the fees are eliminated, people required to pay the fees may either take part in workforce development programs or perform community service to fulfill their obligations.“This bill package makes sense of a nonsensical law that never should have been enacted in the first place,” Brann said. “I’m very happy it will help people get back into the workforce and improve their quality of life.”The measures now go to the Senate for consideration.#####The bills are House Bills 5040-5046, 5079 and 5080.