Michigan House supports landmark civil asset forfeiture reform package

first_img The Michigan House today gave its approval to a bipartisan package of bills reforming the state’s civil asset forfeiture policies, said state Rep. Brandt Iden.Current Michigan law allows law enforcement agencies to seize property from an individual or individuals who are suspected of a crime, even if there isn’t enough evidence to charge them.Rep. Iden, who sponsored House Bill 4507, said the reforms will bring about much needed transparency while protecting residents from sometimes unreasonable seizures of their property.“While law enforcement can use civil asset forfeiture as a legitimate tool to fight crime, we need to do more to protect residents in Michigan,” said Rep. Iden, R-Oshtemo. “By adding more transparency to this process, we can allow law enforcement to continue to do their job to keep us safe while also ensuring residents have their property rights respected.”HB 4507 is part of the package that creates the Uniform Forfeiture Reporting act, which will require law enforcement agencies to report the total worth of property seized in forfeitures and the crimes to which the seized properties are connected.“The new reporting act will still allow law enforcement agencies to protect us from criminals while holding them accountable and protecting the property rights of innocent individuals,” Rep. Iden said.The package of bills, HBs 4499, 4500 and 4503-4508, is part of the House Republican Action Plan, and now goes to the Senate for their consideration.### 04Jun Michigan House supports landmark civil asset forfeiture reform package Categories: Iden Newslast_img