Asherons Call 2 resurrected by developers 7 years after it died

first_imgA favorite of the early MMO gamer, Asheron’s Call was released back in 1999. Developed by Turbine Entertainment, the team behind both Dungeons & Dragons Online and The Lord of the Rings Online, the game became so popular during the early days of MMORPGs that a sequel was released just three years later in 2002. However, the game wasn’t received well enough to gain enough subscribers to maintain operations, and shut down just three years after that in 2005. Perhaps because Turbine essentially single-handedly revolutionized the MMO genre by making DDO’s transition to a free-to-play model such a success, it has decided to resurrect Asheron’s Call 2, making it free to play for anyone that has an active AC subscription.Most AC gamers would recount that AC2 was not only a mediocre game, but faced trouble because it had to compete with the older, more established, better original.AdChoices广告Turbine wasn’t able to bring over any of the old AC2 characters, but hey, players are getting two games for the price of one. The game’s new server, Dawnsong, is currently in beta. Turbine states that the server has passed all of its initial testing, but it still has a lot of monitoring and tweaking to perform.If you have an active AC account, you can simply log into the resurrected game using those credentials. Turbine notes that though the game server is currently up and running, certain features — like the friend’s list — won’t be available immediately. Go ahead and download the client, and see if you still feel that the original game is better than the newly resurrected sequel.via Turbinelast_img