Preachers Season Two Trailer Looks a Lot More Like the Comics

first_img The first season of Preacher was a fine stab at adapting Garth Ennis’s strange and violent world to television. In many ways, it succeeded at introducing the characters and the world of the comic. As many fans noticed though, it felt seriously toned down from the hyperactive, violent world we were expecting. The show appears to be making up for lost time with season two. AMC put out a new trailer today that has a ton more action, violence and just generally more fun than anything in season one.Already, the show has more energy and confidence in itself than we ever saw from season one. Fans of the comics will recognize a few familiar faces showing up this season, including what appears to be The Grail’s Sacred Executioner himself, Herr Starr. Even if you found yourself frustrated by the restrained first season, it may be worth sticking with the show. Especially now that it appears to be getting to the story we remember from the comics. With the first season acting as a prequel, it looks like Jesse Custer, Tulip and Irish vampire Cassidy are ready to search for God.Even though the first season had a different feel from the comics, I can understand why it had to be that way. The world of Preacher is weird. It can be a lot for new readers (or viewers, in this case) to take in. It’s understandable that the show wanted to ease newcomers into this new world in the first season, only hinting at the insanity it was capable of. Now that its audience is all in, the show can bring out the crazy guns.Here’s hoping the new season is more like this trailer (and the comics) when it arrives later this month. Season two of Preacher premieres June 25 on AMC. Stay on target 11 Forgotten Vertigo Comics That Would Make Awesome TV ShowsThe Greatest Romances in Comic Book History last_img