Disney is rereleasing Star Wars The Force Awakens in November

first_imgThere has been a reawakening.We had heard a lot of rumors. Stories. We weren’t sure it was real… but it’s true. All of it. It’s just been officially announced that a four-disc Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D Collector’s Edition is on its way this Fall.For fans who picked up the original Blu-ray release in April, this is a bit of a kick in the teeth. If they knew that a better release was on the way, they might have held off for it. It’s not that the original release was barebones–far from it. The original two-disc Blu-ray set features an hour-long making of documentary called Secrets of the Force Awakens, four minutes of deleted scenes, and lots of featurettes about the creatures, battles, music, and more. It’s a decent set but many felt there was something lacking, and now we know why.This new release will offer an audio commentary by J.J. Abrams, more deleted scenes, and a bunch of more featurettes, including a conversation with Daisy Ridley and John Boyega about what it was like to step into the biggest franchise in history. Why were these features left off the initial release? I’m sure fans will have a few theories.The film itself won’t be any different as it’s still the theatrical release, although you’ll get your choice of formats- Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, Digital HD, and DVD. Plus, there’s this packaging!This new edition of Star Wars: The Force Awakens will launch in the US and Canada on November 15. Some regions will see its release on October 31, such as the UK, France, and Sweden, with it rolling out to more territories later on in November.Here’s the full list of bonus features. Is it enough to make you double dip?Audio Commentary with J.J. Abrams – A feature-length commentary with the director, who will reveal all the choices he made developing the film.Foley: A Sonic Tale – Foley artists are always fun to watch in their (serious!) craft as they always look like toddlers destroying stuff. A featurette of how they made the sound match the film.Sounds of the Resistance – Another featurette about the sound design of the film and how it matched up to the originals.Deleted Scenes – More deleted scenes! No word as to their length or how many they are, but as to why they weren’t included with the original deleted scenes is confusing.Dressing the Galaxy – A discussion with costume designer Michael Kaplan about re-envisioning the costumes from the OT for this film.The Scavenger and the Stormtrooper: A Conversation with Daisy Ridley and John Boyega – The two breakout stars talk about working together and becoming part of Star Wars history,Inside the Armory – A look inside the design and creation of the weapons of the movie.Classic Bonus Features – All the same stuff from the April release of the film.last_img