Reallife Mario Kart is back for another race banana shoplifting too

first_imgFile this one under “Don’t try this at home”. French humorist Remi Gaillard is back for another real-life Mario Kart, which is exactly what you’d expect. Gaillard drives around in a go-kart throwing bananas under real cars (don’t worry, they are much less dangerous than in the game) and refilling his banana supply in a super market. As you probably guessed he is being chased by security most of the time, but he was sly enough that the gendarmerie didn’t get involved.And, luckily, he didn’t find any red turtles to throw at cars–that definitely would not have gone over well.The video is somewhat amusing, though not as funny as the original (below), and it’s not as clever as the Portland bike lane Mario Kart paint job, but I’m still glad I saw it.via Geeksaresexylast_img