A Rocket Propelled Chainsaw is what you need for the Zombie Apocalyse

first_imgLooking for an awesome tool to help keep the gray matter inside you dome when the zombies start knocking on your door? Then whip this baby out during your next zombie assault and shred aisles and aisles of the undead in no time flat.Envisioned by artist Sergey31, this Rocket Propelled Chainsaw is the pinnacle of shock and awesome weaponry guaranteed to help keep those pesky brain eaters at bay. Just load up the special rocket powered chainsaw device into the handy shoulder mounted launcher and fire away. The damned will never know what hit them.Okay, okay, we know that this is a conceptual idea and couldn’t possibly work in the real world. Or could it? That is why we need someone to jump on this pronto. And if you are successful, I’m sure you could even get Bruce Campbell to endorse it for you. After all, no one knows more about fighting the undead than Bruce.Read more at MilitaryPhotos, via Know Your Memelast_img