RAM Denies Responsibility in Prince Harry and Meghan Photographers Luggage Loss

Rabat – Royal Air Maroc (RAM) released a statement explaining the delay of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s flight and the loss of their photographers’ luggage.RAM said that because of heavy fog over London, Heathrow and Gatwick airports ordered several airlines, including RAM, to temporarily suspend their flights over the capital on Saturday.Flight AT 803 carrying the royal couple and their accompanying delegation was consequently delayed by an hour. RAM noted that Prince Harry and Meghan’s three photographers, whose luggage was lost, flew into Morocco on RAM’s flight AT 801 on Friday. However, RAM blamed the photographers for not registering their luggage aboard the same flight.According to Mark Cuthbert, one of the royal photographers, seven members of the media had no luggage upon arrival, and five of them have “gone the whole trip without them.” He complained that RAM refused to even give them a lost luggage reference number and accused RAM of having “woeful service.”The company explained that for purely operational reasons, the three photographers’ luggage had to be transported from London to Casablanca via Madrid through airlines other than RAM.The Duke and Duchess and their staff returned to London on Monday.