Brazil New Destinations for Moroccans Looking for New Opportunities

Miami – Moroccan nationals who choose to live abroad are making Brazil their new destination. The South American country is attracting the Moroccan diaspora due to its multicultural approach and economic opportunities.Brazil has become a top economic power in Latin America and its benefits are being recognized by Moroccans who immigrate to cities like “Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Recife and Porto Alegre”.Since 2013, Brazil-Moroccan relations have been growing such as the Rabat-Rio economic axis. Moroccan nationals do not require a visa to enter Brazil, although there is a lengthy legal process to establish residence in the nation. A report by Yabiladi said that several trade and industrial agreements have been signed between the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) and the Association of Brazilian Employers (LIDE). Also, the creation in 2014 of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Brazil-Morocco (BCCM) has reinforced the economic ties between both countries.According to the same source, the Moroccan Embassy in Brazil estimates over 3,000 Moroccan nationals live in Brazil. They have preferred the Portuguese-speaking nation over other countries in Europe and North America.In late August 2015, the “Brazilian Senate approved the creation of a Parliamentary Group Brazil-Morocco in the Brazilian Parliament” which will examine both countries’ “political, legal, social, technological, environmental, cultural, economic, and financial” sectors, the report notes.Moroccan French journalist, Wafaa Essalhi, visited Brazil and produced a video interview in which Moroccan nationals express their satisfaction living and working in the South American country.In the video, one of the Moroccans who works at a restaurant says that the majority of Moroccans have a job in Brazil. He reiterates that the situation is better than in Europe and he foresees great development in the next 5 years. The young Moroccan also feels safe in the South American nation and attempts to clarify the negative image of violence associated with the country.Another advantage according to MRE in Brazil is the ease of learning Portuguese. Essalhi interviews another Moroccan immigrant who raves about Brazil’s weather, its beauty, moral values, and how he has been treated with respect and not felt discriminated. In his opinion, secondary education in Brazil is still lacking strength and foreign immigration aids its development. He also indicates the interest in Moroccan cuisine at Brazilian hotels, which becomes a source of employment.As far as social adaptation, Moroccans feel welcome in Brazil despite the differences in religion. According to those interviewed, even though they live comfortably in Brazil and are grateful for their success, they miss Morocco, their homes and traditions.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission