Quebec blogger sentenced after defrauding a man with cystic fibrosis of 125000

first_imgGRANBY, – A Quebec blogger who swindled a man with cystic fibrosis of $125,000 has been sentenced to 18 months house arrest.In June 2014, a judge found Patrick Vaillancourt guilty of defrauding Louis-Philippe Pesant in 2007.Quebec court Judge Conrad Chapdelaine, who heard the case, handed down the sentence Monday.Vaillancourt, 36, who is a tattoo artist, must reimburse the victim.Granby La Voix de l’Est reported that Vaillancourt promoted a product he told Pesant would improve his condition.He also told him any money he invested would be used to import pills that would be sold in health clubs.The court heard that Pesant transferred sums of money ranging from $15,000 to $50,000 to Vaillancourt’s bank account in March 2007.Evidence presented by the prosecution showed that Vaillancourt used the money for his personal expenses, notably to rent his house for a year, buy a truck that was registered under his partner’s name and also to purchase furniture and electrical appliances.During sentencing arguments last week, Vaillancourt admitted lying on social media about two arrest warrants issued earlier this year for not showing up in court.“Yes, I embellished things and changed my story,” he told the court. “That doesn’t make me a liar … it makes me someone who entertains 70,000 people.”He also told the hearing his only income now comes from the tattooing he does out of his home.Crown prosecutor Valerie Simard-Croteau said Vaillancourt’s tendency to alter reality says a lot about his character.“He admits to having knowingly lied in his role as a public entertainer,” she told La Voix de l’Est.When Chapdelaine found Vaillancourt guilty three years ago, he described the accused’s version of events as “far-fetched” and laden with implausibilities.Since losing an appeal, Vaillancourt has reimbursed Pesant to the tune of $75,000 and has six months to repay the remaining $50,000.The Crown had been seeking a jail sentence of nine to 12 months, while the defence had asked for a suspended sentence.The Criminal Code provides for a maximum sentence of 14 years in fraud cases involving more than $5,000.(Granby La Voix de l’Est)last_img