Throne Speech criticized over budget concerns, unmentioned topics

first_imgHe noted the Liberal speech didn’t once mention farmers, ranchers, or agriculture, and pledged the Conservatives will strongly defend farm families.On the subject of spending taxpayer dollars, Mr. Zimmer said the Trudeau government is a month old, and the tally so far is six spending announcements totaling $2.8 billion — none to be spent in Canada.The government did get a qualified thumbs up for an initiative targeting the still unresolved Northern BC ‘Highway of Tears’ case, by pledging to move ahead with the first mandate steps for an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women — leaving aboriginal leaders saying they’re hopeful the Grits can ‘close the gap’ in the quality of life between First Nations people and other Canadians. The new Trudeau government’s first throne speech sounded like a replay of its winning campaign leading up to victory in the October federal election, citing the same openness and diversity themes and promising a new spirit in Parliament.However, it did little to reveal how the Grits will achieve their objectives, and there was nothing which could be termed a major surprise, including a middle class tax break, which the Canadian Tax Payers Federation calls a speech positive.Federal Director Aaron Wudrick cautioned however, ‘a throne speech is not a budget and the devil will be in the details,’ adding, ‘it’s easy to make promises, but much harder to pay the bill for them.’- Advertisement -Paying the bills is viewed as the major speech negative by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, with Mr. Wudrick noting, “They’ve made a lot of big promises and the government will be hard pressed to find a way to pay for them all.”He also expressed concern about the government’s assertion that carbon pricing will go hand-in-hand with economic growth, noting, “We need look no further than the province of Ontario for a sobering lesson on the consequences of well-meaning but failed policies geared toward creating green jobs.”Meantime, in some weekend social media comments, Prince George – Peace River – Northern Rockies MP, Bob Zimmer, took the Grits to task not so much for what the speech said, but for what it didn’t say.Advertisementlast_img

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