Martin wants greater respect for referees

first_imgWESTERN BUREAU:Head of the Western Confederation Referee Group, Nakassa Martin, has expressed shock and outrage at the callous reaction by the response of some supporters to the unfortunate injury suffered by referee Raymond Bogle, during Thursday’s Red Stripe Premier League football match between Montego Bay United and Waterhouse.Bogle collapsed in an accidental collision with Waterhouse midfielder Evan Taylor in the second half of their pulsating match at Wespow Park.The FIFA referee, who lost consciousness momentarily, had to be rushed by ambulance to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where it was revealed he had sustained a broken rib.The match, which ended in a 3-1 victory for MoBay United, was completed by fourth official Danion Parchment, who took over duties in the middle.Bogle’s injury has thrown the role of match officials into the spotlight, as according to Martin, constant and often unwarranted verbal abuse, while commonplace in the sport, must not be confused for partisan support of any team.”There a plenty hazards out there on the field for referees. He is the most hated man at a football game, even though his job is perhaps the most significant,” noted Martin.”As a referee, charged with being fair, holding no personal bias one way or the other in the officiating of whichever match he or she is assigned to, we work under very stressful and oftentimes violent conditions,” added Martin.Injuries to referees while conducting their assignment, he said, does happen, but reasoned that the way it is treated cannot be ignored.The reluctance of the Wespow management to have the waiting ambulance traverse a section of the playing surface, while being standard, cannot be at the expense of a life, argued Martin.”A life, any life, is far more important than anything else. Bogle could have died right. I gather he lost consciousness for a while and had to be rushed across the expanse of the field. I think sometimes we could be a little more caring,” reasoned Martin.Moments before the incident, Bogle was bundled over when a clearance out of defence by an MBU defender struck him. That brought some laughter from spectators, but the more severe injury he suffered did not change their outlook.”It goes to show how little regard referees do get while on the job. We are not expecting an easy ride, but respect and knowledge of the game on the supporters’ part must be addressed. Referees are humans too,” declared Martin.last_img

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