AFC will finally be placed to rest

first_imgDear Editor,It is quite an absurdity that the AFC is now concluding that, ‘votes can’t be forged on elections day’, when the Party has forged signatures on the ‘backers form’ which has allowed the AFC’s candidates acceptance to contest on elections day.The learned Judge’s decision not to disallow the signatures on the backers forms due to ‘fraud, trickery or force’ can do nothing to eradicate the fact that 50 persons from the Whim/Bloomfield LAA signed affidavits demanding that their names be removed from the AFC’s list. However, this will not deter them from voting for the Party of their choice which is the People’s Progressive Party. Therefore, it is the PPP who have the right to pontificate that, ‘votes can’t be forged on Elections Day’, not the AFC. The affidavits did not lie-it is a sworn statement witnessed and certified by a Commissioner of Oaths to Affidavits and Justice of Peace. Has the AFC subsequently contacted these 50 persons to inquire why they have signed such affidavits?These people wanted their names removed before the deadline on Wednesday, September 26th, 2018, but the trickery and deliberate obfuscation of the GECOM Officials ensured that these people are denied access to their legal rights. More than 150 persons in Region 6 claimed that their names should not have been on the AFC’s backer list since they are PPP supporters and have sworn to affidavits to attest to their claim. Clearly I cannot see why these people should be denied the right to back the party of their choice which is clearly not the AFC. In the investigation conducted by the Guyana Police Force, this fact was reiterated and echoed with deep conviction. Whether these people were subjected to ‘fraud, trickery or threats’ should not be the focal point of any argument. The conclusion is simple: ‘I do not support the AFC and I want my name removed from the backers’ lists’. They should not have been denied that right, the people gave evidence on their behalf and no one from the AFC was even in court to deny the fact. The Prime Ministers’ relatives could not be located!The police investigation team revealed that at the persons from Whim/Bloomfield stated that they did not know that they were signing an AFC’s backers list and one person claimed that he did not sign at all-his signature was forged.Why was this forgery not properly investigated and taken into consideration in the Court? At #51/Good Hope, eighteen persons claimed that they never signed the AFC’s backers list, nine persons lived abroad, one woman is dead and one could not read and write but yet purportedly signed the list. Affidavits were also signed to that effect.An investigation is badly needed here. Even APNU and AFC members admitted to this fraudulent occurrence at No 51/Good Hope!I have written a letter to the press months ago with regards to a group of AFC con-men going around deceiving people to sign on a list for certain favors such as repairs to streets and street lights.This is fraudulent misrepresentation. This matter was raised at our RDC Statutory since April this year and the REO had promised to investigate the matter since it is the NDCs and the RDCs function to make budgetary proposals for these works and not some AFC members. The AFC boys have, indeed, done a lot of preparatory work to get their ‘backers’!It leaves no doubt in my mind from the very inception that the case will be dismissed, given the recent trends in our courts and the fact that the GPF, which is under the directive of an AFC Minister was called upon to investigate. The flag raising ceremony at Corriverton in February this year is still fresh in our minds.However, this case should never have reached the Courts in the first place, but GECOM’s farcical comedy and deliberate procrastination sanctioned this electoral fraud perpetrated on the voters who have been denied the right to back the political party of their choice. Fortunately, they will be granted reprieve on November 12th to vote for the Party of their choice.The AFC has tried to field candidates through fraudulent means to create an impression that they are ‘alive’ or should I say ‘fit and proppa’, but this is short-lived and all the ranting and raving about emerging with a majority at the LGE is an infinitesimal existence in fool’s paradise.Undoubtedly, the AFC will finally be placed to rest.Yours sincerely,Haseef Yusuflast_img read more

Picketing exercise continues outside Public Health Ministry

first_imgDeaths of 3 children at GPHC…employees being investigated sent on admin leave — MinisterFor the second week in a row, activists on Wednesday picketed the Public Health Ministry as they lobbied for transparency and accountability in the health sector, following the deaths of three children at the Georgetown Public Hospital.The protesters vowed to continue their picketing for a third week if the ministry does not provide some information on the deaths of the three children.A picketer, Sherlina Nageer, “We’re gonna be out here for at least one more week and we are hoping people who have been affected, who have negative issues in the public health sector come out and join us to stand up for their rights. Health care is a human right, it’s in our constitution (and) we deserve improvements.”Nageer told Guyana Times that Red Thread have contacted a lawyer who is ready to lend service to the parents who lost their children and by extension, persons who have had bad encounters with the Public Health Ministry.Some of the picketers outside the Public Health Ministry on Wednesday“There needs to be more accountability, people need to pay more attention, especially when you are dealing with poor people because poor people who cannot afford private care or can’t afford to fly out are often the ones using the Public Health System and so we need to have more confidence,” she argued.She added that there is a grave need for improved services being offered by the Guyana Medical Council.“The (Guyana) Medical Council also which is responsible for investigating situations that are questionable needs to do a better job. A lot of the public may have an issue and don’t know where to report it, sometimes they do report it and they wait for months and months and months and they never hear back from the Medical Council, so those people give up and move on with their lives,” the picketer posited.Minister within the Public Health Ministry, Dr Karen CummingsAnother activist from Red Thread, told this newspaper that nurses and doctors who are found culpable after a probe should be held accountable.“I want to see better health care…I need to see more stricter penalties for those persons who have defaulted,” she said.ProbeMeanwhile, the Minister within the Public Health Ministry, Dr Karen Cummings when contacted informed this publication that the investigation into the deaths of six-year-old Sharezer Mendonca, three-year-old Roshani Seegobin and Curwayne Edwards is progressing well.Cummings explained that the investigation is likely to conclude this week as most of the parties involved have already been interviewed.“We should wrap it (the investigations) up this week I think according to what I gathered from the persons who was in charge the DCMO (Deputy Chief Medical Officer) Dr Karen Boyle. I think there is one other person from Region Eight (Potaro-Sipuruni) the mother she had to be interviewed I think this week,” she said.In addition, the minister noted that the ministry is optimistic of receiving the report by next week. The minister added that the persons who were involved in “whatever mishap” occurred have been sent on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.Meanwhile, a senior official at the GPHC told this publication on Wednesday that the investigation has been going well, “but the team has been combing through the cases with caution as the lives of three children were lost.”Major public outrage was sparked recently after the three children lost their lives under questionable circumstances at the Georgetown Public Hospital.While in Opposition, the now governing coalition parties had heavily criticised members of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic for seeking medical treatment overseas, instead of utilising the nation’s facilities.However, now in Government, A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change Ministers have been flying to Ireland and other overseas territories in a bid to access medical treatment. It has also been disclosed that a health insurance policy has been prepared for Government officials.last_img read more