UK US tell Security Council they are ready to see sanctions against

The decision was conveyed to the Council in a joint letter from both countries signed 15 August shortly after Libya informed the 15-member body of its readiness to cooperate in the international fight against terrorism and pay compensation to the families of the 270 people killed in the disaster, as demanded by resolutions 748 of 1992 and 883 of 1993.“In its letter, the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya has pledged before the Council to cooperate in the international fight against terrorism and to cooperate with any further requests for information in connection with the Pan Am 103 investigation,” the letter signed by UK Ambassador Emyr Jones Parry and US Ambassador John D. Negroponte said.“We expect Libya to adhere scrupulously to those commitments.”The sanctions, which included a ban on military sales and air communications, were already suspended in 1999 after Libya agreed to hand over two nationals for trial before a Scottish court sitting in the Netherlands in connection with the bombing. One of them, Abdel Basset Al-Megrahi, was convicted and jailed for his role.In his letter to the Council President for August, Syrian Ambassador Mikhail Wehbe, Libyan Ambassador Ahmed A. Own said he was “pleased to inform you that the remaining issues relating to the fulfilment of all Security Council resolutions resulting from the Lockerbie incident have been resolved.” read more